what is Network topology – Types, Advantages, Disadvantages of Network Topology 2022

There are different types of computer networks. It is through them that any kind of information is transmitted to another device. When 2 devices of any type connect and share any kind of information, then it is called a network. The complete design of the network, how to prepare it, and what are its types, is called topology. In this article, you have been provided complete information about What is topology and what is network topology.

Network topology
Network topology

If you work in an office or do some kind of work in which you have to make more use of these networks and computers, then you must know topology. To do such tasks, it is necessary to understand Topology, Star Topology, Bus Topology, Network Topology, and Ring Topology. So now we will know completely about what is Topology, Topology Ki Definition so that you will be able to use it.

what is Topology

The shape and layout of the network are called topology. How the nodes in the network are connected and how they communicate with each other is determined by the topology itself. It is of two types Physics and Logical. The way computers are interconnected is called topology.

What is Network Topology

Network topology is how the links and nodes of a network are arranged to interconnect with each other. It refers to the physical structure between different nodes, which means a logical arrangement of network wiring. In other words, the data exchange between computers through the network makes the network topology possible.

Network Topology Definition – When different types of computers connect and share any kind of information, then it is called a Network. And the way computers are connected is called network topology.

With this, now you must have understood what is network topology, let us now tell you how many types of network topologies are there.

Network Topology

The network topology is of the following types. This type of network topology is used to build the network. Topology Ke Prakar is as follows-

  • Bus Topology
  • Ring Topology
  • Star Topology
  • Tree Topology
  • Hybrid Topology

1. Bus Topology

In this, all the computers are connected by a wire. This is also a type of network. In this, each network device is connected by a single cable. At the beginning and end of this cable, there is the main type of device which is the terminator. It keeps the signals under control. In this, all the computers are connected in a single line. Terminator is used for this. After understanding Bus Topology Ki Definition, we also know its benefits of it.

Bus Topology
Bus Topology

Advantages of Bus Topology

It also has some important benefits which are mentioned below. Let us know what are the benefits of Bus Topology.

  • This is a very cheap topology.
  • Creating a network of Bus Topology is very simple.
  • Fewer cables are used in this topology.

Disadvantages of Bus Topology

Just as this topology has some advantages, in the same way it also has some disadvantages which are mentioned below.

  • This topology works a little slowly.

Even if one computer breaks down, then its entire network gets spread.

The cable length is limited in this.

2. Ring Topology

This network acts as a kind of ring. This network connects the last computer to the first computer. In this, the device is connected to two nearby devices. Each device has two NICs (Network Interface Cards). In this way, a circle of the network is formed through which the data flows in only one direction.

Ring Topology
Ring Topology

Advantages of Ring Topology

Ring topology network has some advantages, it has been told to you further.

  • Is network speed is very good.
  • The cost of installing it is also less.
  • This topology is also easy to manage.
  • It does not require any central device.

Disadvantages of Ring Topology

This topology has some disadvantages. Those who are given below know what are the disadvantages of it.

  • In this, if one computer fails, then the whole network gets spoiled because of this.
  • If something has to be added or removed from the computer, then there is a problem in accessing this network.
  • Computers in this network are dependent on each other.
  • Troubleshooting in Ring Topology is very difficult.

3. Star Topology

In this topology, all the computers are connected to a single hub or through only one cable. If you do not know about Network Hub, then for this you can take help from this post-Network What is a Hub & How does a Network Hub work Star topology is the most commonly used. In this, the central network device acts as a server and all other computers act as clients.

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In this topology, if there is any problem in the hub or switch, then the whole network gets spread, but if there is any problem in any local computer system then there is no effect on its network.

ezgif.com gif maker 29
Star Topology

Advantages of Star Topology

Star topology also has some advantages which are explained further. Know what are the benefits of this.

  • Through this, the network can be easily expanded.
  • When a computer or network cable gets stretched, it does not affect the entire network.
  • It is also very easy to install.
  • This is the most commonly used topology, it is mostly used in offices or shops.

Disadvantages of Star Topology

  • This topology also has some disadvantages which are given below.
  • This topology is expensive to use.
  • The cost of installing this topology is also high.

If the hub gets damaged in it, then its entire network stops, and whatever node is there, works properly only because of the hub.

4. Tree Topology

Tree topology is like a tree. This topology is considered similar to star topology or bus topology. Just as there is the main computer in a star topology, it also has a main computer, and just as in a bus topology, all computers are connected by a wire, the same happens in a tree topology.

Tree Topology
Tree Topology

Benefits of Tree Topology

  • It contains Point to Point Connection of the device.
  • In tree topology, it is easy to grow the network.
  • It is also very easy to install.

Tree Topology Ke Nuksan

  • Its maintenance is difficult.
  • It requires a large cable.
  • This topology is also expensive.

If one computer or node fails, the networks of all the child nodes are also unable to function.

5. Hybrid Topology

When two or more topologies are used to form a network, then it is called hybrid topology, if one topology is combined with another topology and after that, the topology that will be formed is called hybrid topology.

Hybrid Topology
Hybrid Topology

Advantages of Hybrid Topology

What are the advantages of this topology, you are given below?
If there is any fault in the network then it is easy to find the faulty device.
Hybrid topology is good for large office networks.

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Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

  • The disadvantages of this are given below.
  • Installing this topology is very difficult.
  • This topology is very expensive.


what is topology We have tried to explain this technical information to you in a very simple way? Now whenever you use it, you will find it very easy to use each topology. If you have any other questions or suggestions related to topology, then you can tell by commenting, we must contact you.

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What are the types of network topology?

  • Bus Topology –
  • Ring Topology –
  • Star Topology
  • Tree Topology
  • Hybrid Topology

Which is the cheapest topology?

Bus topology is the cheapest topology among all topologies.

In which topology data transfer is fastest?

The data transfer is the fastest in a star topology.

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