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Every computer has some input and output devices. You must also be using these devices, but if you do not know what is the input device these, then for your information, let me tell you that an input device is such an electronic device through which we can send data to the computer.

explain it to you in simple words, then when you input anything into the computer through a hardware device, it is called an input device. Like keyboard and mouse come under input devices, apart from this, if we talk about other input devices, then it depends on which devices are included and connected in your computer or laptop.

What is Input Device
What is Input Device

If you also feel so far that the computer starts working just after switching on, then it is not so at all. The computer cannot work without an Input Device and Output Device.

If we talk about the output device, then the output device is the hardware device that displays the instructions or commands given by the input device in the computer as its output i.e. result. If you are not fully aware of the names of input and output devices and what is the difference between input and output devices, then today in this article what is an input device, you will get all this important information. Apart from this, if you also have this question that Input Tatha Output Device Ko Udaharan Sahit Samjhaie, then I have told you further about this too.

 What is the input device? 

Input Device is such an electronic device, through which we input data or instruction into the computer, it is called Input Device. Input devices transmit the instructions given by us to the computer, the computer understands it and then gives us the result. Input devices are keyboard, mouse, light pen, scanner, trackball, etc.

There are many types of input devices, and they all have different functions. Through these, we can give instructions to the computer and can operate it. For example mouse, with this, we can select different icons of the computer, click on them and open them.

Often users ask in the comments that Scanner is an Input or Output Device, Keyboard is an Input or Output device, so let me tell you that both Scanner and Keyboard are input devices.

Do you know what is the input device with the help of which we give input to the computer if you do not know? then you will know about the various input devices of the computer.

examples of input devices

Touch ScreenOCR Reader
ScannerWeb Cam
MicrophoneBar Code Reader
MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)Light Pen
OMR ReaderSpeech Recognition System

Types of Input Devices


It is the main input device of the computer. We use the keyboard to enter data into the computer and it is used to input text and characters. Whatever we write on the computer, it is done by it only.


There are many keys on the keyboard. In which letters, numbers, and symbols are included.

Control KeysHome, Insert, Delete, Page up, Page down, Ctrl, Alt, Esc keys are also included.
Function KeysThere are 12 function keys in the computer, they are in the form of F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 in a line above the keyboard, all of them have different- There are different tasks.
Numeric KeysIt comes with Digit Keys (0-9).
Special Purpose KeysThere are also some special keys in the computer, such as Enter, Caps Lock, Num Lock, Shift, Tab, Spacebar, Print Screen etc. All have different special functions.
Typing KeysThese keys include Letter Keys (AZ).


It is also the main input device of the computer. It is also called a Pointer Device. With the help of the mouse, we can move the arrow icon which is called the Cursor appearing on the computer screen. The mouse has 3 buttons called Left Click and Right Click and a Middle Key Roller in the middle.


Left Click

Using Left Click, you can open it by selecting Icons on the computer and clicking on any file, or folder in the menu.

Right Click

Using Right Click on the computer, the Sub Menu opens.

Scroll Button

With this, the screen can be scrolled up and down.


It is a pointer device that is similar to a mouse. There is a ball on it. Which is used by fingers or thumb. It is used to point at the computer. You can also use it to play games.


It directly inputs the photo or information already made on a page into the computer. It saves any document in the form of a photo to the computer. You can also edit the scanned document in it. In this, the user does not need to type information.


Light Pen

It is like a pen. It is used to create a photo or graphics on the screen of the computer. It is a Pointer Device.


It is the input device of the computer, which detects the sound and then transmits it as a digital signal.

Friends, this is the name of the input device from which you give any kind of input to the computer. Let us now know about the output device:

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what is the output device

When we give any input to the computer through an input device and after that, the data processing happens and then the output we get is received by the output device.

You have known that the output device is Kise Kehte Hai, but you will know further how many types are there.

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Types Of Output Device 

We get the input given by the Output Device as a result, we know the Name and Function of the Output Device of those Output Devices.

Monitor: If there is a question in your mind that which device is the monitor, it comes under the category of Output Device. It is the main device of the computer. A monitor is a device that looks exactly like a TV. Without it, it is difficult to do anything on the computer.


It is also called the Visual Display Unit. We use Monitor to view videos, Images, and Documents. If there is no monitor then we cannot do anything on the computer. There are 2 types of Output Device Monitor.

  • CRT Monitor
  • LCD Monitor

Printer: This output device is used to print the information given to the computer and we get it in the form of a hard copy. This Output Device converts Soft Copy to Hard Copy.

Plotter: This also works like a printer. But it prints something in large size. With this, Graph, Drawing, Chart is printed. It is used for making large drawing or photo and photo is made on paper with the help of a Pen, Pencil. It is used for maps, Constructions Plans, etc.

Speaker: Speaker is also an output device of the computer. You can also listen to music from Speaker through Computer. The sound we hear through the speaker is generated by a part of the computer itself. Which is called a sound card.

 Projector: This is also an output device. It is used to show photos or videos on the big screen. The projector is used on a white color screen. On which the light is projected.

On this, you can give any information to many people at once. Which you can show through photos or videos. It is used to watch movies, slideshows, and Videos.

So these were the names of the output devices through which we get the output.

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difference between input and output devices

Input and Output Devices are the most important devices of the computer. We can say that the internal and external devices of the computer. Let us now know the difference between input and output devices-

Although it is the device of both the computers, the work of both is different, due to which there are many differences between the two.

Input Device helps the computer to take data from the user and enter it into the computer system.Output device helps the computer in displaying the data and helps in displaying the result after the process is completed. These were the differences between Input Device and Output Device.
Input Device includes Keyboard, Scanner, Joystick etc. Devices.Output Device includes Projector, Monitor, Plotters etc.
Input device takes data from user and sends it to processorThe output device does the work of processing by taking data from the processor and after the processing is completed, it sends it back to the user.
The device from which the user sends input data to the computer is an input device.The device which converts the input given in the computer into output is called Output Device.


So friends here you got complete information about Input Device Kya Hai. Now you must have understood how the input devices and output devices we use in using the computer work. What is the output device, what is the difference between input and output devices, and what is the example of an output device, you also learned today?

So friends, now you must have understood very well what is Input Device and Output Devices. You got to know the detailed information here about those whom you have been using till now.

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