What is Facebook marketing for beginners strategy example 2022

The present is the age of technology and especially in this epidemic, the use of this technology has multiplied. So people are turning to digital marketing to expand their business. And a part of digital marketing is social media marketing. And in the context of our country, the most widely used social media medium is Facebook. We spend a lot of time on Facebook during the day. And many people are now expanding their business around this Facebook. Through Facebook marketing for beginners, you can reach 4 crores of Facebook users across the country with your product.

Facebook marketing
Facebook marketing for beginners

What is Facebook Marketing?

Before we talk about Facebook marketing for beginners, we don’t know what marketing is. Simply put, marketing means promoting something through which one can learn about that service or product. Marketing is the process by which a person buys a product, but no one buys it unless you tell people about the product or service. And Facebook is a part of social media marketing. In the context of our country, other social media people are more active on Facebook, the number is about 4 million! That is about 28 percent of the total population! So it is relatively easy to grow your own business through Facebook marketing for beginners.

Why do Facebook marketing?

 I have already said that the present time is the age of technology. And because of Corona, this usage has increased several times more. As a result, people are moving towards digital marketing as well as banner posters and print media to promote their businesses. There are many branches of digital marketing, one of which is social media marketing and through which it is easy to reach the consumers. Facebook is a popular medium of social media marketing. You can easily reach your target audience by using Facebook.

For example, You want to sell watches. Now, not everyone will like the watch in the use of Facebook. Some may like the watch and some may not. Now you can show your watch ad to people who like watches whenever you want through Facebook. However, it is not only possible to set the target audience from Facebook marketing for beginners. If you want, you can reach other social media to reach the target audience, but in the context of our country, the demand for Facebook is higher than other social media.

Rules for Facebook Marketing

Well, before we know about the rules of Facebook marketing, today we don’t know how Facebook is benefiting from us. Just think, what is the benefit of opening a Facebook account for free? If the answer to this question is simple, they are benefiting by showing you ads. When we open an account on Facebook, we provide various information. Using this information or data, an advertisement reaches our work. Remember, If you search on Facebook by typing the watch, then you will see in a few days or a few days you will see different ads. However, by showing these ads, Facebook is benefiting. Well, now let’s come to the rules of Facebook marketing. You can use Facebook in different ways. We have discussed the types of Facebook marketing below and we will tell the details there.

How Many Types of Facebook marketing for beginners?

 So far we have learned about marketing and Facebook marketing. Now we will know about the types of Facebook marketing for beginners. Facebook marketing is divided into two parts.

  1. free Facebook marketing
  2. paid Facebook marketing.

Let us know the details about the types of Facebook marketing for beginners.

What is free Facebook marketing? 

Simply put, there is no cost to Facebook marketing for beginners that is free marketing and it can be done on Facebook. The first condition for doing business on Facebook is that you have to have a page. You can also do this through the profile. However, the most effective is to open a Facebook page and do your branding. With a profile, you might be able to reach a specific audience. But when you have a Facebook page, you can go to an unlimited audience. And the next time you go to paid marketing, this page will work for you.

 Suppose, you open a business Facebook page and there you invite your well-wishers or the people around you from your profile. And you shared a variety of posts about your service or product on your Business Facebook page. This will make it easier for those who are interested in your product or service to contact you. There are also Facebook groups. If you want, you can expand your product or service by writing details about your product and sharing it in different groups whether it is in the form of a post or picture. At present, there are various groups in our country through which many people are easily earning over a million rupees a month.

What is Paid Facebook marketing for beginners? 

So far we know some of you can do free Facebook marketing. However, Facebook paid marketing is essential if you want to reach an effective target audience or increase your sales. In other words, the process of exchanging money for a certain amount of Facebook marketing for beginners is called paid Facebook marketing.

With Facebook Paid Marketing you can easily reach your target audience. And there you can specify your needs and how long your ad will run, how many people will reach and get information of all religions.

Suppose you want to sell the same T-shirt. And for those who want to sell the T-shirt, the year of birth must be 2000. If you want, you can reach that target audience through Facebook Paid Marketing. Because we have already said that Facebook has all of us in Dhaka, when we were born, what things we are interested in, what month we were born, where is our area, and so on.

Where do I learn Facebook marketing for beginners?

Today we have tried to give you a basic idea about Facebook marketing for beginners. If you want to learn about Facebook marketing you can take help on YouTube. But it is better if you learn the job by doing a course. Because Facebook marketing is not that easy. If you want to do Facebook marketing properly, you need to know different policies on Facebook, different ad policies of Facebook, when you add, you will get good results, how to set up, how to reach the target audience, and so on. So if you want to know all these things, I think you should take a Facebook marketing course.

Ten Minute School Facebook Marketing Course by Ayman Sadiq and Sadman Sadiq  

Currently, Ayman Sadiq and Sadman Sadiq’s Facebook marketing for beginners course is running up to a 90 percent discount! Where Facebook marketing has been discussed in detail. From Beginner to Absolutely Advance.

What will I learn from the Facebook Marketing course?

  • Here’s how to put one together for use with Facebook.
  • Various relevant and proven social media marketing strategies will strengthen your online presence.
  • How to plan social media content to attract more customers.
  • A proven strategy on how to promote your content to increase followers, reach, and engagement on Facebook.
  • How to create content that everyone will talk about with your band.
  • How to reach new people and connect them with your brand.
  • Ways to Boost Facebook Posts.
  • Ad Creation and its Strategy through Facebook Ad Manager.
  •  Tips and tricks of Facebook marketing in online teaching, clothing brands, creative work promotion, stylish branding, and many more.

The course is currently purchased by over 2600 people. And the Facebook marketing course is about 35 hours long. There are also 34 videos, 34 quizzes, and 34 notes. 

Hopefully, if you want to build yourself as a Facebook marketer then doing is a must for you. And for all you need to know to do this Facebook marketing job successfully, Ten Minute School has come up with a ‘Facebook marketing for beginners’ course.


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