what is Digital Marketing for Beginners

Friends, if you have a mobile then you would know what is digital marketing for beginners? And what are the advantages of digital marketing? If you do not know anything about digital marketing, then do not take tension, in today’s post, I will clear you all the doubts related to digital marketing examples.

Digital Marketing for Beginners
Digital Marketing for Beginners

Friends, first of all, let me tell you that Digital Marketing for Beginners, internet marketing, online marketing, and web marketing are all parts of digital marketing. There is a lot of growth happening in digital marketing at this time. In this corona epidemic, everyone did work from home. That’s why there has been a sudden growth of 45-55% in Digital Marketing for Beginners.

So you can imagine how big the scope of digital marketing is going to be in the future.

What is Digital Marketing?

Every company makes the most use of digital marketing to promote its business, service, products.

This is a way to spread your business and increase its brand value. That’s why today every company makes a website in the name of its business. When the company launches a new product or business. So after that, it is most important to make it successful. It’s marketing because this is the only way. By which his products or business can be reached to as many people as possible.

Before every big company has its marketing campaign the use of resources such as tv to run, newspaper, magazine, radio, posters, and banner ads! And be very client of the house all the companies to people about your products
information Used to give But with all the time the way of marketing has also changed.

Now the internet has become the largest marketplace in the world. Where even the smallest company uses the internet to do marketing, which we call digital marketing. Millions of people all over the world use the internet and this number is increasing day by day. For this reason, the growth of digital marketing is increasing.

Digital marketing is made up of two words. A digital +marketing. Digital means the internet. And marketing means market – that is, Internet market. Through digital marketing, we can reach our target audience. It is much faster than offline marketing.

Types Of Digital Marketing

Now we will know how many ways we can do digital marketing for beginners.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our first type comes – SEO. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

If you are a blogger or website owner r’s, then will you do know about it. SEO will help you rank on the first number of Google to your post by optimizing your blog or website’s much more organic traffic to your can be brought to the site. For this, you need to know about SEO.

Do you know that big company spends lakhs of rupees on the SEO of their website? If you know how to become an SEO Expert, then you can also get a good sales job.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the easiest and most popular way. Many companies resort to social media for their promotion. If you must have used social media, then you must have seen ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, telegram, etc. Ads run on every company’s social media. for your growth.

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3. Email Marketing

Number three is e-mail marketing. In Email Marketing, you can collect their emails by giving something to the customer for free. Email Marketing is very important for any small or big company. Because whenever the company launches any of its new offers, discounts, and products, it can deliver this information to its customer through company direct email. And can also get feedback from its customer.

4. Affiliate Marketing

There is a very effective way to do Affiliate Marketing, it is a part of digital marketing for beginners. Affiliate Marketing is a method by which we can earn 10% to 20 % commission by selling any products.

You can earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing. In that article, I have given complete information about how you can earn money through Affiliate Marketing. Online shopping stores and online selling websites give more offers of Affiliate Marketing. You get commission only when you sell products in affiliate marketing.

5. Google Adwords

First example: – You must have run youtube. When you play a video. So before the video is played, and ads show takes place. These ads are run by Google AdWords.

Second example: – If you need a solution to any problem or something, then you take the help of Google. Whichever website you visit. You must have seen some ads on that website, those ads are run with the help of Google AdWords.

Now you must have known that Google AdWords is such a platform. With the help of these ads, you can reach your products or offers to the target audience.

6. Apps Marketing

Apps marketing is a very attractive way of digital marketing for beginners, if you look at it, then all the big companies are there. Apps of all those companies are present on the google play store, app store. Nowadays, smartphones are available with all the people, you can give full details of your products in your apps.

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Have you noticed that all the online transactions, online chatting, video calls, meetings, study, etc. are done only through applications? So you can imagine that how big is the role of map marketing in digital marketing for beginners.

Why is digital marketing needed?

  •  Through digital marketing, we can reach our brand globally.
  •  Digital Marketing offline marketing of comparison is cheaper.
  •  In this, you get to see the result quickly.
  •  It is much easier than offline marketing.
  •  Digital marketing enhances branding.


So friends, how did you like the Digital Marketing for Beginners examples In this post, I have shared with you all the information related to digital marketing? If you have any confusion related to any Digital Marketing for Beginners. So do let us know by commenting.

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