What is D.Ed – Full Form of D.Ed, Eligibility, Exam, Subject.

D.ED Full Form is Diploma in Education. It is a certified teacher training program to prepare candidates to teach in primary schools as well as government schools. Are you also interested in teaching, and also want to make your mark as a teacher, then D.Ed can prove to be a good option for your career.

Before proceeding in this course, get the complete information of this course (D.Ed Course Details) like- what is D.Ed and what is the full form of D.Ed, eligibility for it, examination, etc. D.Ed is a diploma course, in which the candidates are trained to become a better teacher so that they can give the right knowledge to the children. After doing this course, you can teach the students of classes 1 to 8 in any government or private school.

What is D.Ed – Full Form of D.Ed, Eligibility, Exam, Subject.
What is D.Ed – Full Form of D.Ed, Eligibility, Exam, Subject.

This course is best for candidates who wish to make a recommended career in the field of education or who wish to train students through the school. That’s why this post has been specially made for those people. In this, you will get various information about what is DEd , D.ED Full Form, what is the subject of D.Ed, etc.

what is D. ED

A diploma in Education (D.Ed) is a certificate-level training course in which candidates are trained to become teachers. It is a two-year diploma course that can be done both full-time and distance learning. After doing this course you can teach students from class 1st to 8th. After the D.Ed course, you can work as a teacher in any government school or private school.

In this course, you are taught both theoretical and practical subjects. This course enables a candidate to become a nursery and primary school teacher. This course aims to provide good primary education in government schools of India. Along with this, it also gives good employment in the field of education.

Till now you have known that what is DEd now knows what is DEd Full Form.

D.Ed Full Form

D.ED is Full Form – “ Diploma in Education ”, while DEd Full Form – “ Diploma in Education ”.

Now you know what is the meaning of D.D.? OR What is D Ed Full Form? Now know how long is the course of D.Ed and complete information about how many subjects are there in D.Ed.

D.Ed Course Details

To do any course, it is necessary to fulfill the prescribed eligibility for it, so next, you have been told about what the DEd qualification is required.

  • Eligibility for D.Ed – To do this course, first of all, you have to pass the 12th class from any Steam (Science, Commerce & Arts) with at least 50 percent marks.
  • What is the duration of D.Ed course?  – This is a two-year course, in which an entrance examination is conducted in many colleges for admission, while admission is also given based on the merit list in a college.

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How many subjects are hot in D.Ed

DEd is a two-year diploma course with 2 semesters covering the core concepts. In which one semester is theoretical and the other is practical.

d ed subjects

Now let’s see the subject list of D.Ed. The subjects of this course are based on behavioral skills. Below you have been given the names of all the subjects of D.Ed –

  • Child Development And Learning
  • Curriculum And Pedagogy
  • Regional Language
  • Environmental Science Teaching
  • Mathematics Teaching
  • Art Education
  • Physical Education
  • Literature
  • Social Science Teaching
  • General Science Education
  • Criticism Lessons
  • Educational Psychology
  • Methods of Teaching

What to do after doing D.Ed?

After doing a D.Ed course, you can teach as a teacher in any government or private school. 

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What are the D.Ed Course Fees?

The average fee is Rs 15,000-70,000 per annum though it may vary according to the popularity of each institution and the facilities provided there.


By doing D.Ed you can become a good teacher. Because this course enables you to explain to the students. By doing this course you will be able to contribute to building the future of our country. In this article, you will know what is D.Ed, D. Ed Full Form, and D.Ed Course Details like how old is D.Ed, etc.

We hope that after getting all this information about D.Ed your confusion will have been cleared and your career planning would have become easier. Tell us in the comments below how useful this article was to you.

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Is D.ED a degree-based course?

No, it is a certificate course which a candidate can do after passing his 12th class.

What is the difference between B? ED and D.ED?

B.ED is a three-year bachelor’s degree course while D.ED is a two-year certificate course.

What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a D.Ed course?

The minimum educational qualification for this is a 12th class pass with at least 50% marks from any recognized board.

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