What is Captcha Code complete information – Captcha Meaning in 2022

Because of the increasing online hacking in the world, nowadays new ways of increasing Internet Security are being tried. One of these securities is the Captcha Code (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart), which helps protect against spam and password decryption. There will be very few people who will know well about Captcha Meaning or what is Captcha Code. 

Captcha code is a kind of computer program, by which it is checked whether the input is given by a human (person) or machine ( computer, mobile, laptop ). Nowadays, before accessing many websites, we have to solve the captcha code, which is in the form of images, numbers, and crooked letters. That’s why many people find it difficult to solve the captcha.

Captcha Meaning – What is Captcha Code
Captcha Meaning – What is Captcha Code

Although this is an easy task, the difficulty comes when we do not understand Captcha Solver and we are not able to move forward. Many times, by writing the wrong captcha code, the information written on the website or page also goes away so that you have to repeat that process, but friends, after reading this post today, how do you write the captcha code will know about it very well.

Captcha Meaning

Many times you must have seen that before accessing any website, or before filling up the online registration form, we see some strange crooked characters i.e. codes in the form of Numbers or Alphabet, which we can identify or solve by giving below To be filled in the given box, these characters or codes are called Captcha or Captcha Code.

what is Captcha Code

Captcha code is a program that can be solved only by a person/human, no computer or machine. Captcha is used while registering on Google site or commenting on Blogs/Websites.

Captcha codes are in the form of Letters, Numbers Images, etc., which can be solved and registered online on any website and can be used. Apart from this, there are many other things for which a captcha code is used for security.

What is the full form of Captcha Code?

The full form of CAPTCHA is ” Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart “, ‘Fully Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. The captcha code was first created in the year 2000 and was first used by the Yahoo Company.

The motive behind developing the Captcha Code Number was to detect spammy traffic on the website. Because at one time hackers used Spam to create traffic on their website. Because of this, a link to your website could be sent by commenting on any blog. Disturbed by this, this wonderful technique was adopted.

You must have known this Captcha Meaning or what is Captcha, now let me tell you how to enter file captcha code or Captcha Code on any website or page.

how to write captcha code

Solving Captcha Code is not a difficult task. Whatever captcha code number will appear on your screen, you just have to enter the same captcha number in the box given below.

But still, if you are facing a problem in solving a captcha, then do not panic. you can solve the captcha by following the easy steps given below.

1. Identify the captcha given on the screen of your device by looking at it carefully. If it is in ‘Captcha Text Form’ then write it as it is, and if it is in ‘Captcha Small Letter’ then put it in Small Letter only.

2. If ‘Audio Captcha Code’ comes in front of you, then you have to enter the same code which is heard in Audio Sound, just listen carefully to it.

3. If you are in ‘Captcha Image Form’, then select the image you are asked to select.

For example- if you come across the captcha code of 9 photos and you are asked which is the bus out of it, then you click on the photos of the bus itself.

4. In Math Solving Captcha some numbers come in front of you which you have to add or subtract.

5. Whatever text or number will come in 3D Captcha, you should see it with a little care that according to what is written in the image, enter the captcha only.

6. Ad will come in front of you in Ad Injected Captcha, out of which you will have to write Captcha Code. Don’t worry, you will easily get Ad Injected Captcha, it is inside Inverted Comma (“ “).

Hope it has become very easy for you to solve Captcha. Now you will be able to solve any type of captcha in a few seconds.

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Why Captcha Code is used

  • Captcha is also used to avoid bots, it prevents spam on the website because no machine or bots can create their account.
  • Captcha is used so that hackers cannot misuse online services.
  • As we all know that Captcha is a security tool, so it is also very useful to avoid invalid traffic on the website.

Types of Captcha Codes

Whenever you visit any website, you are mainly faced with these 8 types of captcha codes mentioned below, let us understand one by one how to solve these captcha codes –

1. Text Captcha:

Text Captcha
Text Captcha

In this type of Captcha, you have to solve Captcha by typing Alphabet.

 2. Audio Captcha

You will hear the audio in Audio Captcha. You have to type that audio in the given box.

Audio Captcha
Audio Captcha

3. Images Captcha

This captcha is also in captcha image form. In this type of Captcha, you see a Captcha Image from which you are asked to select one of the pictures.

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4. Math Solving Captcha

When Math Solving Captcha comes in front of you, then you have to add or subtract some numbers, so fill it only after calculating well.

5. 3d Captcha

In this type of Captcha, you are shown the image in 3D which looks very strange in appearance. There is often a mistake in identifying the image, so fill it in the given box only after looking at the image carefully.

6. Ad Injected Captcha

In this type of Captcha, you see the code through Ads. You have to fill out the Ad whose name is given to you on the screen. It can also contain the name of a brand.

7. Jquery Slider Captcha

 This is a plugin that allows you to add Captcha. It is also easy to use it. This plugin is very useful in keeping spammers away.

8. Tic Tac Toe Captcha

 Some Gamification is included in this Captcha, which is designed as Fun. In this, the field asked from you has to be stored in a row pair. This is a very easy way for humans to interact with the website.

These were some of the popular examples of captcha that you have to solve when you visit a website. If you want to try it once, then you can try it by going to the Captcha Test Page and seeing Captcha Solve.

what is ReCaptcha

Recaptcha is a free service run by Google . This Captcha Key Generator protects the website from spam and misuse on it. It is similar to Captcha Code, by this it is detected whether a person is using a website or Internet, or any other m


Advantages of captcha code

  • Increases the security of the website.
  • Minimizes spamming.
  • Blocks extra traffic to the website.
  • Explains the difference between humans and Machines (Bots).

How to add captcha code?

By the way, it is necessary to know a computer programming language to add Captcha Code to the website, but if you do not know to program and you use WordPress, then you can easily add Captcha code to your website through Plugin also. can do.

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After reading this post ‘Captcha Meaning’, now it will be very easy for you to solve Captcha. No matter what the Captcha Code is, now you will be able to solve it in a pinch. What is the expected captcha code number and how to write it? All your Doubts and Queries related to it would have been cleared, if there is anything that we have missed in this article, then you can send your suggestions to us by commenting in the Comment Box.

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Captcha Code FAQ

What to put in the captcha?

Captcha codes are in the form of Letters, Numbers Images, etc., whatever you are asked to enter in that captcha image, you have to write or select it in the Captcha Box given below.

Can we use CAPTCHA in the mobile app?

reCAPTCHA Android Library provides an easy way to display a CAPTCHA as an Image View in your Android App, helping you prevent bots from abusing it.

Can the CAPTCHA be copied?

No, Captcha cannot be copied.

Are CAPTCHAs Safe?

Yes, it is safe, using this you can protect your website or blog from hacking and spamming to a great extent.

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