Amazon streaming Thursday Night Football games on Twitch for free

When the Los Angeles Chargers meet the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, it will mark the first time a National Football League (NFL) regular-season game isn’t broadcast on traditional or cable. 

Thanks to a multi-year deal between the NFL and Amazon, Thursday Night Football games are exclusive to Amazon’s streaming platforms, which means most viewers in the United States will watch the game. 

But that’s not the only way to legally stream Thursday Night Football: Each Thursday game will also be available to stream for free on Amazon’s live gaming platform Twitch as part of the tech company

No account is needed to watch Thursday Night Football on Twitch: Simply go to the Prime Video account on Twitch, hit play and start streaming.

Thursday Night Football games will also be streamed for free on Twitch through the service’s various apps on different streaming platforms

including Apple and Android phones and tablets, on XBox and PlayStation game consoles and on Apple TV, Android TV (Google TV) and Amazon Fire TV devices. 

There is also a native Twitch app for LG’s smart TV users.

Twitch is not available on Roku, but Roku users with an Apple phone or tablet can cast Twitch feeds using Airplay on supported Roku devices.