India 5G launch Live updates: PM Modi addresses the need for 5G at IMC 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will officially announced the launch of 5G in select cities starting today. 

Airtel, Jio yet to reveal key plan details

India went from 25 crore internet users in 2014 to 85 crore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi adresses the importance of 5G in India

"Till 2014 we used to import 100 per cent of our mobile phones. That's why we decided to become 'atmanirbhar' in this particular area. In India, we now have 200 mobile phone manufacturing units now,"

AR/VR classrooms to be powered by 5G

5G to help massively in safety use-cases across industries

The next demo is by VI showing how 5G can help with safety of construction workers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will announce the launch of 5G services in India today.