How To Become an Amazon Delivery Boy 2022 

 Today we will tell you how much the Amazon Delivery Boy salary, as well as the Amazon Delivery Boy salary, will also tell you what documents . So Let's go

What is an Amazon Delivery Boy?

Eligibility for Amazon Delivery Boy

1. 10 th or 12 th requirement for Amazon Delivery Boy 

To become an Amazon delivery boy, you must have at least a 10th or 12th pass because the delivery boy. 

2. Must have a bike for a delivery boy in Amazon 

To become a delivery boy, you must have a bike so that you can deliver goods to people.

3. Bike Required Documents

It is very important to have the necessary documents for your bike, no matter who the bike is, some important documents are as follows – registration.

You must have a Smartphone 

how long does the amazon delivery boy work

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How to apply for an Amazon delivery boy