UPI Full Form – What is UPI ID and how it works.

UPI Full Form is a “Unified Payments Interface” through which you can transfer money between any bank account. This means you can shop, pay bills or send or receive money at any person, merchant, or mall, and scan QR codes for quick payments. At present, most smartphone users will know what is UPI ID, but if they do not know, then it does not matter, because today in this article we will give you what happens UPI, UPI Meaning and complete information about it in detail.

Many changes have happened in our country during the tenure of the Modi government, which were done for the benefit of the people. One of these is the facility that has proved to be very useful and that is the facility of online payment or which we also call digital payment. The purpose behind starting this service was to bring the digital revolution to the country. The trend of online payment has increased a lot since demonetization. Through UPI, we can easily do money transactions sitting at home, that too in a very secure way.

UPI Full Form – What is UPI ID
UPI Full Form – What is UPI ID

Many people have a smartphone and internet but they are not fully aware of its convenience and utility, one of which is the UPI facility. If you do not know What Is UPI ID and how we use it, then today through this post we will give you what is UPI Id, UPI Full Form, and UPI Pin. Will provide information, just read this article completely.

UPI Full Form

 UPI stands for UPI Full Form – “ Unified Payments Interface ” which is known as “ Unified Payments Interface ”. It is a digital banking system through which money transactions can be done through online payment applications. However, to add a banking account on Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc., your bank must provide the facility to transfer money through UPI.

What is UPI ID?

the meaning of UPI id stands for “Unified Payment Interface”. UPI is a new method of the online payment system, which has been started by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) for the convenience of the public. This is an application that helps you to transfer money between two bank accounts through mobile UPI is a type of new digital technology, which is playing an important role in the present time.

UPI allows its users to link accounts of multiple banks through a single mobile app. Like a bank account, UPI ID is also unique for every person. Through this, we can transfer funds safely and easily.

People often keep asking what is UPI ID or Who is called Upi id?, so we thought that why should not you be provided with this information, then with this you know the meaning of UPI ID (UPI) Id Meaning) and what is UPI Id would have known about it.

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UPI information

When you will open the profile of your UPI ID, then you will see the option like yourname@bankname, it is called UPI ID. UPI ID is your ID, through which we can transfer money to others’ IDs. There are many apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, etc., with the help of which UPI can be used. You will have to link any of these apps with your bank and you can use your UPI account only after giving your ATM details to it.

After knowing this What is the meaning of UPI id, let us now know further what is UPI Pin and how it works.

What is UPI Pin

UPI PIN stands for or UPI PIN full form ‘Unified Payments Interface Personal Identification Number (UPI PIN)’. It is a 4 or 6-digit number set by the users themselves at the time of registration on the UPI application. To complete any type of online transaction, UPI PIN has to be entered here, only after which your transaction is completed.

UPI PIN allows confirmation of the transaction by the user, so we advise you not to share it with anyone at all to avoid the possibility of fraud.

Now you must have understood what is UPI PIN or UPI Number and what is its utility. Let us now know further how it works and how to create a UPI ID.

How does UPI work?

To use the service of UPI, first, you need to create a Virtual Payment Address or VPA and link that VPA with your bank account. Now you just have to enter the UPI ID of the person to whom you want to send money while transferring money. And the amount of money you want to transact. That’s all, and after entering the UPI PIN, your money will be transferred from your account to another’s account, that too in a few seconds. UPI works even on holidays.

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how to make UPI Id

If you want to know how to create a UPI ID, then you have to follow these steps to create UPI ID:

  • First of all, you have to download BHIM App or any other digital payment app.
  • After that, you will see the option of UPI in the app, click on it.
  • Now you will get the option of ‘Link With Your Bank Account’.
  • Then you have to select your bank, and after that, you have to enter the registered mobile number, which is linked with the bank.
  • After that, the option of ‘Verify Your Mobile Number’ will appear in front of you. Then here you have to select the SIM to which your bank account is linked.
How to make upi id
How to make upi id
  • Now SMS will come on your registered mobile number, it will be automatically sent to UPI and your number will be verified.
  • Once the number is verified, your UPI ID (VPA) will be created.
  • Then you have to enter the bank details and generate the PIN.

Finding Your UPI ID

Follow these steps to find your UPI ID on the Google Pay app –

  1. First of all, open your Google Pay app.
  2. Then at the top right, tap on your photo.
  3. Then tap on the option with Bank Account.
  4. After this, select your bank account whose UPI ID you want to see.
  5. You will see the pre-connected UPI ID in the option by “UPI ID”.

Features of UPI

  • UPI allows us to transfer money to anyone, anywhere, anytime during the day.
  • We do not need to provide all our details to make any payment. This saves a lot of time and money transactions are done very quickly.
  • The transaction limit in UPI is 1 lakh per month, which is very high as compared to other mobile wallets.
  • Through this, you can also request money.

Which are the Best UPI Apps?

Many applications provide the facility of UPI banking system in India, their list is given below –

  1. Google Pay
  2. Paytm App
  3. BHIM UPI App
  4. PhonePe
  5. Amazon Pay
  6. Airtel Payments Bank Apps


After the advent of the Digital India campaign, the world’s cheapest internet service has started in our country and all the work is being done online. UPI is a very good medium for online payment, with the help of this, we can do any type of transaction at any time of any amount.

So, friends, this was the UPI information. Hope you have got the answers to all the questions related to UPI. Now if someone asks you what is UPI and what is the UPI full form, then you will be able to tell easily.

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If you liked reading the information about what is UPI and where to get UPI PIN, then definitely share this article with your friends and if you have any questions, then definitely tell us by writing them in the comment.


How to know your UPI number?

First of all, open your Google Pay App, then click on the Profile given at the top right. Click on its bank account, then click on the bank account whose UPI ID you want to view.

What does UPI mean?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, which is a banking system. Through this, we can send and receive money online to anyone.

Is it safe to provide my UPI ID?

Yes, UPI is a secure way of doing transactions. You can send your UPI ID without worrying that someone is misusing your bank details.

Can I change my UPI ID?

When you create an account on Google Play using your banking details, it will automatically generate the UPI ID for you. However, to change the UPI ID, you have to go to your mobile banking app and delete the old UPI ID and create a new ID by typing it.

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