Top 10 High DA-PA Free PDF submission sites list 2022

After creating a blog and website, the most difficult and most important thing to do is to rank your blog website in the search engine. For new bloggers, this work is often a bit difficult and many difficulties also come to the fore. That’s why in today’s article we are going to tell you the Top 10 Free PDF submission sites list , from which you can build a quality link for your website or blog.

To increase the ranking and traffic of the new blog, we have to keep in mind many Seo Tips and do many things related to Seo. Even after this , they are not able to bring the blog to the search engine quickly. All of you will be aware of one thing that quality backlinks are very important to increase website traffic.

Free PDF submission sites list
Free PDF submission sites list

Building quality links for the website becomes the biggest headache, but to reduce your difficulties, I have come up with the High Pr Free PDF submission sites list which will help a lot in the ranking of your site.

I hope you will get full benefit from this post and when you convert the web pages of your site to pdf and submit it to these high pr pdf site list then you will get a lot of benefit. To increase the traffic of website and blog, you can read my post Profile creation sites list Free This will also help you a lot in making quality links .

What is Pdf Submission?

Pdf submission is a part of content marketing. This is one of the best sources of blog’s search engine visibility . With this method, almost all the big bloggers create quality backlinks for their blog.

In pdf submission , you have to create backlinks for your site by converting any article of your blog to pdf, by submitting this converted files to the popular pdf submission site .

Why is it necessary to do Pdf submission for the website?

Friends, if you are new to a blog or website, then you must have understood very well that what efforts have to be made to get the blog indexed in the search engine. For Search Engine Optimization, we have to do many things on our blog.

After doing On Page SEO to rank the article, off page seo also plays a very important role for any article and converting the article to pdf and uploading it to the pdf submission site is a part of off page seo .

One thing you must have realized is that after creating a new blog, how difficult it becomes to create quality backlinks and often big bloggers do not even accept your guest post , so once you submit your article in these pdf submission sites Must see, you will get to see better results.

How to Create Pdf File and Get Backlinks

To convert any article to pdf, you can use MS Words or apart from this there are many online tools also available with the help of which you can convert any article or post to pdf.

By converting the article or post into pdf, we have to use hyperlink to make backlink inside it. If you know ms word then you will know how to create hyperlink .

If you use an online tool then you can convert your file to pdf by putting hyperlink in the middle of your post and after converting submit this file to high pr pdf submission site then you will get a quality backlinks |

Whenever a reader reads these uploaded files by you on these sites and when he clicks on the highperlink present in that post, it will reach your site directly. In this way, traffic to your site will also increase from these sites and you will also get quality links and due to getting quality links, the ranking of your site will also increase.

Top 10 Free PDF submission sites list in 2022

  1.     DA – 95,  PA – 95
  2.           DA – 93,  PA – 95
  3.          DA – 91,  PA – 92
  4.      DA – 88,  PA – 88
  5.          DA – 51,  PA – 59
  6.     DA – 67,  PA – 73
  7.            DA – 70,  PA – 71
  8.               DA – 87,  PA – 89
  9.       DA – NA,  PA – NA
  10.      DA – 60,  PA – 67
  11.     DA – 43,  PA – 52

You will find many pdf submission sites on the internet but but here I am giving you Top 10 Free High DA PA Pdf Submission Site List 2022 in which you can increase the search ranking and organic traffic of your blog by publishing the content. Some sites are given below, once you must check their DA and PA and also check their spam score together.

So this was something like “Top 10 Free PDF submission sites list 2022” I hope you have liked this information and you must have understood well in pdf submission. To get such new information, you can take advantage by following the blog. If you have any question related to the topic, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box below.

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