[10 Kill Tips] Rank Blog Posts Without Backlinks

This is what every new blogger thinks after writing an article. I have written the article but this How to Rank Blog Post?

Do you think the same?

If yes, then you will get answers to all your questions in this article. Let me tell you, friends, I have been blogging for a long time.

How to rank blog posts?

In today’s post, I am going to tell you everything that I do to rank my blogs. Friends, let me tell you that I work on multi blogs. That’s why I can tell you.

How to Rank Blog Posts
How to Rank Blog Posts

If you read the article completely, then only you will be able to know from the details.

Do not spend much time, let’s start.

Select Low Difficulty Niche Rank Blog Posts

If you have not started your blog yet, then I would like to tell you that you should choose the Low Difficulty niche for your blog.

You should never be in a hurry to select a blog niche, you should devote maximum time to finding a blog niche.

Select Low Difficulty and Low Volume Keywords

A new blogger makes this mistake, he starts targeting high-volume keywords.

But you do not have to do this, first of all, you should work only on keywords with minimum volume when your keywords start to rank. And the traffic starts coming.

Then you can also target high-volume keywords. If you do keyword research using KGR Technique, then you will get quick results.

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Do Content Research Rank Blog Posts

The topic on which you are going to write. If you know about that, then nothing can be better than this. The way I know about blogging, I am writing according to my experience.

But a blogger has multi blogs. And a man cannot have all the knowledge. For this, you have to get topic-related information.

Now from where can I get the information of the question. Let us know where and how we can get any topic-related information.

  • Read blogs.
  • Read the answer question on Quora.
  • Watch topic-related videos on Youtube.

In these ways, you can research the content. Pay attention here that you do not have to bet in a hurry, take easy and correct information, and then write it in your own words by explaining it easily.

So that the user likes and Google ranks your post.

Create Headings

Every new blogger makes this mistake, he starts writing directly. Due to this, he is not able to write Quality and Complete articles.

But you do not have to make this mistake, you have to make headings and sub-headings before writing. By which you already know on which topic I have to write now.

If you write by making headings in advance, then you will be able to write quality content.

Write Quality Content Rank Blog Posts

It remains in the mind of New that I have to publish the content as soon as possible. They reduce the quality in a hurry.

But you do not have to do this, you have to write the content comfortably. In between, you can take tea and coffee. By which you will be refreshed and can write a good article.

When your article is completed, take a rest for one hour and then proofread the article. That is, read the article where you see the mistake, correct it.

When the user comes to read your content and he sees mistakes in the article, then there are more chances that he will not read your content.

That’s why you must do proofreading.

Use Images and Infographics

Must use images in the post so that the user can easily understand the content. If you can explain your content through infographics.

So make sure to make an infographic too. If the user likes your content, then Google will also come.

Because the content that the user likes and the same is liked by Google. You can use canvas to make good images, I use it the same way.

do interlinking

New bloggers make this mistake, they do not do interlinking, if they do, they will do it wrong. Where do I find them here?

Start interlinking from today itself. Link the related post only so that the user will not bounce back. And the user will stay on your blog for a long time, due to which your ranking will increase.

The blog should be fast load

Suppose your content is good but when the user comes to your blog then your blog takes too much time to load.

So because of this also your blog does not rank. That’s why you buy good hosting for your blog. And also use the cache plugin, which will increase your site speed.

If you want to know which is the best hosting for you, then read the post given below.

Share on social media

There is only one thing in the mind of a new blogger if I create backlinks brother, then only then will my post rank. Due to this, they start making backlinks from here and there.

When there is no ranking, they leave blogging. But I would like to tell you that backlinks are not necessary. That is when you create backlinks, whenever your post will rank.

You create pages and groups with your blog name on social media and share them on social media to get traffic in the beginning. From where you will get do-follow links and also traffic.

When your blog is liked by the user, then your blog will also start ranking.

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Create Quality Backlinks

As I mentioned in the earlier point also, the post ranks even without backlinks. If you do keyword research properly, then pay attention to your content more than backlinks.

If you are not able to create quality links, then you should pay attention to keyword research and quality content creation.

When your posts start getting ranked, then you will naturally start getting backlinks from other blogs.

Publish Article Regular 

If you want to make your blog successful as soon as possible, then post regular content.

Example: – 

Like you publish 2 posts every week. So keep doing the same and fix a time at which you will publish the post.

For example, 4:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM, you can choose the time according to you. You can also do post-schedule. By which it will be published automatically.

What will happen with this is that Google Bot will know that when the post is published on your blog, it will index it immediately.

Update Post Regular

Google always likes fresh content. Whenever your blog post-related update comes, then definitely update the post and update it on the current date, due to which your ranking increases.

Along with this, the trust of your users also increases on your blog.


I have tried my best to explain every point in detail and easy language. If you follow all these points then you can rank blog posts. According to my, now you have come to know How to Rank Blog Posts.

I hope you liked the article. If you want to read blogging-related articles in this way, then stay with us and share them with your blogger friends. Thank you.

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