10 Tips- How To Promote After Publishing Blog Post

Hello, in today’s article we are going to tell you that when you Promote After Publishing Blog Post, then how can you promote that blog post, so that you get maximum traffic.

Hello, as you all know that in today’s time many people have come in the field of blogging and the competition is increasing continuously, in such a situation, everyone wants that a lot of traffic comes to their blog post and hopefully That’s what you want too. Till now you have also seen many videos on YouTube and you must have read many blog posts, despite this, you are not getting any benefit.

Promote After Publishing Blog Post
Promote After Publishing Blog Post

Neither Traffic Increase is happening on your blog nor are your posts ranking. If this is happening to you, then today we are going to tell you about 10 such methods that you apply after publishing a blog post, then within 1 to 2 months, you will start seeing the difference.

But there is also some condition like you have to do regular blogging, do regular post and create Genuinely, Unique, and Informative Content, only then these tips will work. If you are doing any of these wrong then there can never be a traffic increase on your blog, no matter what you do.

That’s why you give your 100% in blogging and follow these 10 tips, you will start getting 100% results in return. Now let’s talk about our 10 tips by which you can Promote After Publishing Blog Post very easily and free and generate a lot of traffic.

How to Promote After Publishing Blog Post

First of all, before Promote After Publishing Blog Post, you should know the right way to write Blog Post, if you are new to Blogging or you have a little confusion about whether you are writing Blog Post properly or not

This can help you a lot in writing the right post, now let’s talk about 10 tips that can generate traffic on your blog post.

01. Push Notification

Today the best and easiest way to Promote After Publishing Blog Post is to add a Push Notification to your blog, because it sends a notification to your Subscribers, whenever you publish a new post on your blog.

Its best advantage is that this Plugin / Service works perfectly on both mobile and computer and the user gets notification directly on his screen, which increases the chances of being clicked.

Now talking about Push Notification, it is both free and paid, if you are new in blogging, then initially you use it for free, so that first you get a few Subscribers, after that you can use Paid Version. If you use it, you will start getting better results.

02. Social Media Marketing

In today’s time, whether people do something or not, they are active on social media in the morning and evening, you should take full advantage of this latter. First of all, you make a list of popular social media sites, after that, if you have the facility to create an account or page in the name of your blog, then create a page. On which you can publish all your latest blog posts.

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You can generate traffic on your blog post very fast by doing Social Media Marketing, but keep in mind that most of the users are online only in Morning and Evening, in which you only have to visit Social Media Sites at this time. Have to share your blog post.

Let us tell you about some popular Social Media Sites-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Koo App
  • Telegram
  • Pinterest

03. Social Bookmarking Sites

Today many social bookmarking sites provide you the facility to share the latest post, this does not increase traffic on your post at all but it tells the search engine that your post has been shared in maximum places, Due to which the search engine gets more information about your post and it increases the rank of your post.

In short, Social Bookmarking Sites are very useful for you to do a Search Ranking Increase, so you must do this work. So that you can get good traffic from Direct Search Engine. Because you can get traffic for a long time from the search engine.

04. Question Answering Sites

Question Answering Sites is a very good source of increasing traffic on Websites and Blog posts because every day millions of people ask millions of questions on these sites, you just have to find the questions according to your topic or blog post and answer those questions. As well as a link to your blog post so that users can click on it and redirect to your post.

Now Question Answering Sites are also many, so if you work on all, then you will have to spend a lot of time, so you should work only on Quora because the questions asked on Quora also show in Google’s search results.

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05. Blog Commenting

When we publish articles on any topic, we already know that there are many such websites on the Internet, which have written articles on the same topic. You just have to open those topics and make a good comment. Which you can also add your Website Address.

In this way, the owners of those blogs get information about you and your blog, and if you make an attractive comment in the right way, then obviously that blogger will definitely want to know about you and then he will visit your website.

06. Email Marketing

Normally all New Bloggers ignore Email Marketing, which is their biggest mistake. Because through Email Marketing, you can not only share the information of your new article to your users but also can be personally connected with them.

With which you can write a little information about your topic in the email and click on the button of Read More… for detailed information or you can put a link on the Anchor Text. Due to which views start coming very fast on your new topic and at the same time old users also comment on your post. Which is a very good thing for your blog.

07. Video Marketing

Today people like watching videos on YouTube, watching videos on Facebook, and watching reels on Instagram that most people spend hours in this work. Because of which video marketing has become a very big industry today, and today many people are involved and famous in this work.

Although our aim is only to increase traffic on Promote After Publishing Blog Post, then you create different videos for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and tell about your topic in them and share the link of your post with the video. It can benefit you more than you can imagine. To start video marketing from today itself.

08. Create Alternative Post / Internal Linking

We are covering 2 topics together on this point because both are almost the same, first of all, you have to look at the Analytics of your blog and understand which of your posts is getting the most traffic so that you can open those posts. Do it and put the link to your new post there. With this, you will start getting a lot of traffic and at the same time, the ranking of your new post will also start increasing.

Second, to promote your topic, create an alternative post, in which you can link your post. You will get the benefit of this that if your alternative post ranks, then you will start getting traffic from there on the second article as well. Also, Read –Instant Approval DoFollow Backlink Site List 2021

09. Web 2.0

If you are a blogger then you will have Web 2.0 Blogs too and if not, then create one today, because they are made free. On these blogs, you add some information related to your new article to the share link, this will give you Do-Follow Backlinks for the new post, due to which your Search Ranking will start improving rapidly.

10. Forums

Forums are similar to Question Answering Sites in a way, where people ask questions. You can add links to your posts with your answers in forums so that the members connected to the forums read your answer and click on the link you provided.

Here we have already told that we have personally experienced that Forums do not get you much traffic, but it provides links to your posts, which leads to Improvement in Search Ranking, so you must follow this method as well.

In Conclusion

The 10 points that we have told in this post, you can Promote After Publishing Blog Post, and most importantly, all these methods are free. Here we have already told you that you may not get to see Instant Improvement, but if you do not leave all these techniques at all, then you will be shocked to see the improvement you will get to see in 1 to 2 months.

Therefore, when there is a traffic increase on your blog, then you will tell us by commenting.

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