20+ Most Important Free SEO Tools for Bloggers

SEO has a very important role in the world of blogging. If we talk about Free SEO Tools , then there are millions on the Internet today, but here the question arises whether all SEO Tools are useful!

So today we are going to talk on this topic in this article, which are the best free SEO tools that can help us a lot in Content Marketing / Search Engine Optimization.

Here we are going to share with you the list of Best Free SEO Tools.

Which will help a lot in increasing Organic Traffic for your blog/website.

Some of these SEO tools are free, but some tools only give you the Trial Version [7 Days, 14 Days, or 30 Days].

Free SEO Tools for Bloggers
Free SEO Tools for Bloggers

Premium SEO Tools provide you with information in detail, while Free SEO Tools do not provide as much deep information as compared to them.

Well, still Guys!

 For a new blogger, these Free SEO Tools are not less than a diamond mine.

I Hope these SEO Tools will be Useful & Helpful for you. So let’s start without any Time Waste and write on the topic of Best SEO Tools in 2022, which comes first in the post.

20+ Best Free SEO Tools in 2022

1. Google Analytics.

There is no question in this that there will be no other best tracking tool for bloggers apart from Google Analytics.
Let me introduce you to some of the facilities of Google Analytics.

  1. It’s free.
  2. Users can check Behavior.
  3. Which of your articles is being liked the most by the public?
  4. This is a service of Google, so it can be trusted.
  5. How much time visitors are spending on your site or any particular article.
  6. Through this, you can check how many daily visitors are coming to your website/blog.
  7. You can find out your audience, from which particular location visitors are visiting your site.

This will help you a lot in writing the next article.

Because when you will know which article is liking your audience, then it will be easy for you to automatically write the next article.

It is a simple funda.

Google Analytics can help you a lot in growing your online business.

Isn’t it interesting!

Now, in a post written on the topic of SEO Tools in 2022, let us know further which SEO Tool is at number two.

 2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a Brilliant SEO Tool for Bloggers.

It helps you to track the status of the website. Let’s give an overview that Google Search Console

What facilities does it provide to you:-

  1. With this, you can find out how many articles and which pages of your blog have been indexed.
  2. With which other website is the link of your blog associated?
  3. Which articles on your site are mobile-friendly or not.
  4. Apart from this, you can also get the Position, Clicks, and Impressions of your articles through this tool.

Despite all these features, you get it with more services. Therefore, optimize your site through Google Search Console.

3. Google Keyword Planner

You know every single service of Google, how much Advance and Correct is there.

Google Keyword Plan is also a part of Google’s Thousands of Services.

Which works for us to do Keyword Research and comes on the list of one of the best SEO Tools.

To use this SEO tool, you have to create an account on Adword. Because Google Keyword Planner is a part of Google Adword.

In this tool you get the following facilities:-

  • Volume Searches
  • Competition
  • SEO Difficulty
  • How much CPC is there on any particular keyword. Meaning how much cost per click you are going to get.

Now, in a post written on the topic of SEO Tools in 2022, let us know further which SEO Tool is at number four.

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 4. Ubersuggest

Like Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest is also a Keyword Research tool.

Which gives you the Best Keyword Analysis.
You can make On-Page SEO Strong by adding to your Post / Article and you can rank the post higher.

Some features of Ubersuggest:-
If you search by entering any keyword in Ubersuggest.

For Exp:- [ Best Free SEO Tools in 2022 ]

So Ubersuggest gives you full valuable information related to this keyword:-

1. Search Volume:-

Search Volume Means Monthly Searches are happening on Google or YouTube on that particular keyword you have typed.

2. SEO Difficulty:-

With this option, you will be able to know whether you can compete with big websites on that particular keyword or not.

My Advice For You!
If you are a beginner then select such keywords. Whose SEO Difficulty is less than 20.

3. Paid Difficulty:-

If you want to rank at the top on this keyword by paying Google Adword, then the option of Paid Difficulty is for you.

Otherwise, you keep SEO Difficulty Option in mind and write your article.

4. CPC (Cost Per Click):-

With this option, you will be able to find out which keyword you are working on.

How much money are you going to get in one click from that keyword?

Along with all these options, Ubersuggest also gives you the best content ideas which are currently being shared more on social media.

Why Isn’t Ubersuggest the Amazing SEO Tool

Now, in a post written on the topic of SEO Tools in 2022, let us know further which SEO Tool is at number 5th.

 Best SEO Tools for Site Analysis

After SEO Tools, let us now talk about some such tools which provide us the facility to analyze the website in a good way.

5. Nibbler

This SEO Tool provides you Blog/website Reports as its benefits are written further:-

  • Is your site user-friendly or not?
  • Website is well designed or not.
  • After a full analysis of your site, your website scores out of 100.
  • The website does SEO analyzes and then gives suggestions as to which points need to be fixed.

Isn’t it a Brilliant SEO Tool

6. SEO Analyzer

Another great SEO tool that tells you how you can make your site perfect and optimize according to Search Engine Optimization.

The name of the founder of this SEO tool is Mr. There is Neil Patel, who is a Famous SEO Expert.

Best Tools to do Competitor Research

After talking about Website Analyze Tools, let us now talk about how Competitor Research Tools can help us to achieve success in our blogging.

7. SEMrush

SEMrush is a Paid SEO Tool but still, it is a favorite of Million of Users.

It provides you with information about Backlink and Keywords.

It provides information in depth so that users using it can increase their reach more in business.

If you are a New Blogger. And if you have less budget to purchase SEMrush, then you can use the tools available for free. As if:-

 8. Similar Web

Similar Web Chrome Browser Extension
It helps you in providing Traffic, Demographics, and Website Rank of any website.

The interface of Similar Web is quite Neat & Clean in which you can easily see your competitor.

Similar Web is a very helpful SEO tool. Now, in a post written on the topic of SEO Tools in 2022, let us know further which SEO tools are at number 9.

Best Tools to Check Ranking

9. Serp Robot

Through Serp Robot, if you enter your domain name or any 5 keywords related to your site in it, then it will help you to find out about their position in Google.

It is very important to know where you are ranking on which keyword.

So you must use Serplab (SerpRobot) to do Keyword Research.

Tools to do Keyword Research

10. Keyword.io

Like the name, the work of Keyword.io is to do Keyword Research.

In this, if you type a keyword, then it will give you information about that particular keyword.
Along with that, information on relevant keywords will also be given from that keyword.

Note:- This SEO Tool is also Free and Paid too.

In the free version, it does not provide you with information in much depth.

So if you want more information then you have to purchase it.

And if you do not want to purchase, then you can take the help of the following Keyword Research Tools.

11. Wordstream

Fabulous Keyword Research Tool.

It provides you the facilities to do Popular Phrase By Category Keyword Research.

You can also find out the Monthly Search Volume of Keywords from Wordstream.

However, through its free version, you can analyze only 10 keywords.

Best SEO Tools to Measure Page Speed

Speed ​​is super important for SEO because if your site speed is very low, then it puts a negative impact on your readers and search engines also do not like it.

I am going to share with you in the future some free SEO tools that will help you in fixing the low-speed issues of your website.

12. Google PageSpeed

This tool provides you with all the information related to the speed of the website.

And out of 100 provides the speed of the website.
And also tells you which points you need to fix.

It also provides you information about the speed of Desktop as well as Mobile View.

So that you can analyze Mobile Page Speed ​​and increase Mobile SEO.

14. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is ​​the most popular website speed analyzing tool.

It provides you with the result in grade percentage.

And tells what are the issues related to speed in your site and how to fix them.

[Really Guys!] [ GTmetrix is ​​one of the most helpful SEO tools out there. ,

15. Pingdom

Pingdom gives information in detail related to the performance of your blog/website.

It provides you according to the Result Grade and Percentage.

Along with the Performance Checker Tool, it is also a website Speed ​​Checker tool.

Which will help you in fixing all the queries related to the speed of your website.

Best Tools to Monitor Backlinks

16. Monitor Backlinks

On which other websites the links of your site are there.

Its Easy and Quick Information will provide you Monitor Backlinks Website.

On Monitor Backlinks, you get a limit to check backlinks, according to which you can check 300 backlinks for free.

After that, if you want to continue checking then you have to buy their premium plan.

16. Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz is a brilliant tool that you can add to your Chrome browser as an extension and I would especially recommend that you add Moz.

It gives you information about Page Rank, Domain Authority, and Inbound links which is very helpful information for a blogger.

17. Backlink Checker

With Backlink Checker, where do you have backlinks on your website?

Meaning that the link to your website is available on which other websites.

How much do-follow backlink is there and how much is no-follow backlink.

You can know all this with the Backlink Checker Tool.

18. Backlink Maker

Backlink Maker “Small SEO Tools” is beneficial for you and is also Harmful.

Let me tell


The advantage of using Backlink Maker is that it will increase the backlinks of your site.
Due to this, there are chances of Ranking Improvement.


One of the biggest disadvantages of using the first Backlink Maker is that it mostly creates No-Follow Backlinks which will harm as opposed to improving the link-building ratio of the site.

Second Backlink Maker creates Backlinks mostly from Untrusted and Non-HTTPS Websites.

My Advice!

 I would like to recommend to you that it would be better if you do not use Backlink Maker.

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19. Broken Link Checker

If you feel that traffic is coming to your website but immediately the users go back. So in this case it may be that the link of your website has been broken.

In this case, you can take the help of the Broken Link checker tool so that the User Experience of your site is not spoiled.

Broken Link is much more harmful than the vision of SEO for your site/blog.

Isn’t it that much more beneficial!

 Best Plugin for Website Speed ​​Optimization

  • I have already told you that site speed is a big part of SEO.
  • Due to Site Speed, you can easily get Articles ranked higher.
  • Other factors contribute to ranking, but one of them is speed.
  • So now I am going to share some Tools/Plugins.
  • You use them, the speed of your site will be better than before.
  • Due to this the User Experience will be better and you will be able to gain more visitors.
  • Always remember one thing!
  • If the speed of your blog website is fast, then Google will also give you priority.

20. W3 Total Cache

  • With W3 Total Cache, you can increase the performance of your site/blog.
  • And then your web pages will take the least time to load.
  • Due to this, the speed of your site will be fast and visitors will also enjoy browsing your site.

21. WP-Optimize

  • WP-Optimize tries to run your blog at Maximum Efficiency by removing the junk files of the database.
  • Time to Time Whatever Junk Files, Spam Comments, and Trashed Data is collected.
  • This plugin can remove that data in a single click.
  • So I would like to recommend you that
  • If you are a WordPress user then definitely use WP-Optimize Plugin.

22. WP Smush Image Compressor

  • This plugin was used on your blog/website,
  • Works to resize the size of the images.
  • So because of the images, your site does not consume much time to load.
  • This is one of the most popular WordPress Image Compressor Plugins.
  • So you should use it too.

My Last Thought

So Guys these were some of the 20+ Free SEO Tools we selected.

With the help of which you can make blogging easier to a great extent.

To do blogging, you must have needed these 20+ Free SEO Tools at some point or the other.

And if you are a new blogger then I would like to recommend that you must use these SEO tools.

With these SEO tools, your time will also be saved, and the performance of the site will also be brilliant.

I use all of these SEO tools, but I like Google Analytics and Ubersuggest the best.

Which SEO tool is your favorite from this list and why?

Do tell in comment.

 We will keep updating this list from time to time.

As soon as we will get information about some New SEO Tools.

And if you liked this information “Free SEO Tools“, then definitely share this information on your friends and social media.

Because sharing is Caring [ Don’t be selfish

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