How To Increase Traffic In Google Web Stories

You must have also heard the name Google Web Stories. This is one such feature of Google that changed the world of many bloggers. People have earned so much money from Web Stories that a normal person cannot even imagine.

How To Increase Traffic In Google Web Stories
How To Increase Traffic In Google Web Stories

But since Google has made some changes in the ranking factor of the web- stories, the traffic of many people’s web stories has been down. In today’s article, we are going to talk about why the traffic of web stories was down and how to increase traffic in Google web stories.

Google Web Stories

Web stories is a web-based version of the visual story format launched by Google which is mostly visible in the discover section of Google.

People earned lakhs of rupees a month only from Google Web Stories. Because web stories also have the option of placing ads on Google Adsense.

Which you can earn by making web stories and placing AdSense ads in them. People who have never seen traffic in google analytics or google search console.

Due to web stories, he got millions of crores of organic traffic visible on his blog. Yes! Due to Google web stories, many bloggers got to see millions of organic traffic to their blogs and website.

Maybe you too if you have also made web stories in your blog.

But now it has been heard from many bloggers that traffic is not coming to their web stories.

Many bloggers are making web stories, but now those stories are not coming in the google discover section and they are coming, so there is very little traffic again and again.

Recently google has made some changes in its web stories ranking factors, due to which the traffic of many people’s web stories has gone down.

Those who once used to see 1000 visitors in real-time in their google analytics, today it has become difficult even to see 10-20 real-time visitors.

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Come and know why this is happening.

Why did the traffic down of web stories happen? some reason

Even today there are many bloggers whose traffic to web stories is stable, and there are few bloggers whose traffic has become zero. Why do these disciples know?

Technical Error:-

Google AdSense Team itself has said that the traffic of web stories of those websites which have technical issues has been reduced. If you want to bring back the traffic to your blog website, then solve those errors.

This technical issue has come only because of your hosting. Web stories get a lot of traffic, so not all hosting can handle them, due to which issues or technical errors come in the website.

This happened on my website, so I shifted that website to my regular hosting and in 10 days all the errors were resolved and the traffic of web stories returned.

If you are also using a shared hosting plan of any web hosting then these problems will come.

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That’s why I would suggest that you also use good web hosting. By using good web hosting, you will never get technical issues nor will you get to see any speed issues.

Quality Content

The reason for the traffic down of many blog and website web stories is quality content. Google has always wanted to provide quality content to its users.

And web stories are interesting based, on the kind of content you see on your mobile, you will see the same type of story. Now if you read your own web stories then you will know what mistake you were doing.

Those people who did copy-paste work, click bat titles, or kept some other content of images, they have got the issue of quality content. And for this reason, the traffic to his web stories has gone down.

The traffic of Web stories can be gained back, let’s know some tips.

How to increase traffic in Google Web Stories?

The traffic on one of my websites was zero, I took some steps to gain traffic back to that website, and I share it with you.

Use good hosting:

To make web stories viral and to bring more traffic to your blog and website, you should use good hosting.

With good hosting, the speed of your website will be fast, which is a very big ranking factor, second to web stories, you will not any kind of technical issues.

Quality Content Try that you make a story with better quality content. Give credit to the images from where you take them, always rewrite the news in your words, and use high-quality images.

Work Genuine

Genuine work means the kind of content you are publishing in your blog and website, you create stories related to the same niche.

This will increase the authority of your blog and you will be able to get consistent organic traffic. You will always get the same traffic and will continue to boost

Do SEO of Web stories

When you create web stories, do proper SEO so that the crawlers of google understand what the web stories are about and who to show them.

By doing proper SEO, your web stories have more and more chances that they all come to discover because google itself has to show good content to its users.

And if you create good content then all your stories like mine will be viral on google discover

Use high-quality images

When you download images for web stories, do not compress them and apply original images so that the image quality will not deteriorate.

And if you are using good hosting then you get unlimited storage so that there will be no load in your hosting.

Way to earn more double and triple than web stories.

You create similar web stories in the niche in which your blog is and link them to your article.

Prepare the headlines or shorts headline of the article you are publishing in your blog and make their story and put the link of that article on the last page of your web stories.

This will bring a lot of traffic to both your story and website and the CTR of your AdSense will also be maintained.

If you do not want to link the story in the article, and only want to earn money from web stories aids, then you have to target high CPC keywords.


In this article, we told you how you can gain back the traffic to your web stories but if you still have a problem then you can tell I will try to help you.

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