How to increase organic traffic on website (17+ Unique Ways)

how to increase organic traffic on website This question always goes on in the mind of a new blogger and to know about this question, new bloggers get tired of searching how to bring traffic to a blog in Google Search, yet they get the same old worn-out answer. Who gets tired of falling again and again.

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How to increase organic traffic on website

 Are you tired of bringing traffic to your blog? Are you tired of using all those effective ways to bring traffic to the blog, yet traffic does not come to your blog? Do you want to know those 17+ unique methods that all bloggers use but do not tell you?

If there is no traffic on your blog or website, then you should not worry at all because today you have come to the right article and in this article, I am going to tell you all the secrets of increase organic traffic which will help you on your blog. There will be so much traffic that you will not be able to handle it.

So what’s the delay, let’s know…..

How to increase organic traffic on website

If you are a blogger or are thinking of starting blogging and this question is always roaming in your mind, then you do not need to panic at all.

Because in this article I am going to tell you all the ways and secret hacks using which you can increase your Blog Traffic.

Although there are many methods and factors of increase traffic to blog it is very difficult to cover all those methods and factors in one article, so I am going to tell you the same methods and secret hacks which are best for increase organic traffic to blog. is used.

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You must have read many articles on Google like How to Increase Blog Traffic and how to increase organic traffic on website and you must have noticed that the same methods are told in all but in this article, I will give you those methods as well as there I am also going to tell about some advance methods.

So what’s the time, let’s start……

 User-Friendly Design

User-Friendly Design, traffic to blog plays an important role in Kaise Badhaye because you should know that 90% of the people in this world always like the most beautiful and helpful things.

That’s why you should always try to make your blog beautifully as well as user-responsive so that your user does not have any problem visiting and reading the blog.

Same if your blog is not beautiful and user-responsive then people will come to your blog only once and will never come to that blog again.

Due to which the bounce rate of your website will increase, due to which Google comes to know that there is no quality content on your website and Google will lower your blog in the search ranking.

How to make blog user friendly

  • Give the blog a user-friendly design
  • Do not keep too much light color in the blog.
  • Keep Blog Simple and Responsive.
  • Do not put broken links or unwanted links on the blog
  • Do not put more ads on the blog than necessary.
  • Keep all the blog posts category-wise.
  • Keep the loading speed of the blog fast.

High-Quality Content

High-Quality Content also helps a lot in how to increase organic traffic on website because when you have High-Quality Content on your blog then users will also take interest in reading your article and will spend time on your blog.more information improve the ranking old blog posts (complete information)

Due to which Google gets a symbol that there is high-quality content on your blog, only then does the user is spending more time on your site and Google makes your blog at the top of the google search ranking, due to which traffic starts coming to your blog.

How to write high-quality content

  • Write the title of the blog user attractive.
  • While writing a blog, take full care of the content structure.
  • Must add an internal link in the blog.
  • Use short paragraphs while writing a blog.
  • While writing a blog, definitely use 3-4 focus keywords.
  • Write only the necessary things in the blog post, do not write boring things.
  • Always write blog posts above 600 words

Proper keyword research

If you are looking for answers to questions like how to increase organic traffic on blog, then do proper keyword research and use keywords in your blog posts.

So there are more chances of getting traffic to your blog, it is your advantage with proper keyword research that you get high search volume keywords and low difficulty keywords.

And if you use these keywords in your blog post, due to not having a single article related to that keyword on Google, Google always keeps your post at the top. Due to which the traffic on your blog increases.

  • Use tools like Ahrefs, semrush ubersuggest, etc. to do proper keyword research.
  • See the analytics of that keyword in Google trends tools.
  • Search that keyword in Google and fix the keyword related to that keyword.
  • Always write articles on high search volume and low-difficulty keywords.
  • Use maximum longtail keyword in a blog post.
  • Use Chrome extensions like ubersuggest, Keyword Surfer to do keyword research.

Proper Content Structure

If you use proper content structure in your blog, then your blog has more chances to rank in Google Search Engine.

Because when you use proper content structure in a blog post, it helps Google to show your blog post in features snippet. Read Best Image Size for a Blog Post & Thumbnail

Due to which you get more traffic on your site (how to increase traffic on blog), so you must use proper content structure while writing your post.

  • Proper use of all Heading Tags ( H1, H2, H3, H4, H4, H6 ) in blog posts.
  • Use necessary images in blog posts.
  • Write the blog post in short paragraphs.
  • Use the list and table in the required place.

Use Schema Markup

Schema Markup is one such feature of Google, by using which you can attract the visitor towards you if you use schema markup in your blog.

Then your blog is shown in Google Search Result with some advanced features snippet which plays a full role in attracting the visitor, which increases the traffic on your blog.

And also with more clicks, the CTR of your block increases, which helps to rank your blog in Google.

Although Google has more than 200 schema markup types, below I am giving you a list of some special schema markup, which you must use in your blog.

11 Best Schema Markup Type Right Now

  • Organization Schema Markup
  • Person Schema Markup
  • Local Business Schema Markup
  • Product & Offer Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumbs Schema Markup
  • Article Schema Markup
  • Video Schema Markup
  • Event Schema Markup
  • Recipe Schema Markup
  • FAQ Schema Markup
  • How to Schema Markup
  • Rating Schema Markup

Create High-Quality Backlink

High-Quality Backlink has an important role in ranking any blog on top in Google Seach Engine because High-Quality Backlink increases your domain authority,

And along with this, Google also gets symbols from many places, so Google keeps crawling your blog very quickly.

You should know how google calculates your domain authority? Google decides the domain authority of your blog by analyzing the SEO profile of your blog and the SEO profile of the website from which you have taken the backlink.

Even today, Google uses the highest domain authority to rank any blog or website in the Google Search Engine.

How to make high-quality backlinks

  • Make backlinks from the same website which has higher domain authority.
  • Do not make backlinks from websites whose Spam Score is more than 10%.
  • Along with Do Follow backlink, also create a No Follow backlink.
  • Make backlinks on other blogs by commenting.
  • Create backlink through Guest Post.
  • Create backlinks through Forum and Community.
  • Make backlinks from the QnA website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is such a platform where we keep posting and sharing thousands of content every day and it can help you a lot in how to increase traffic on the blog.

Because there is so much power in social media marketing that you can make any brand famous in no time.

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That’s why you bring traffic to your blog from google organic traffic as well as social media marketing, which will increase the traffic of your blog and your income will increase.

  • Share the blog post on social media like – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Share the branding image of the blog on social media.
  • Make short videos of the blog and share them on social media and YouTube.
  • Share the blog on the bookmarking site.
  • Create a facebook page on with your blog name.
  • Make use of social boosting.

If you have any questions related to how to increase organic traffic on website, Social Media MarketingHow to write high-quality content, etc. then you can ask us in the comment section, we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.


    • If you are a new blogger and want to bring traffic in lakhs of traffic on your website, then you can take minimum 5 to 6 months ? But the same old bloggers start earning traffic in lakhs within 2 to 3 months .

    • Yes, if you create a high quality backlink , then the domain athurity of your blog increases and at the same time Google keeps getting a symbol to crawl, which increases the ranking of your website.

  • Social Media Marketing is such a platform from where you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog, for this you have to promote your blog on social media site.

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