[ Step-by-Step ] How to viral short video on youtube 2022

how to viral short video on youtube:- If you have the same question, then read this article carefully because today I am going to tell you some tips and tricks to make a youtube short video viral, if you follow them, then your video becomes viral. Chances of it happening will increase.

what is a youtube shorts video

youtube shorts video is a new feature of youtube, in this, you can upload a video of 60 seconds or fewer seconds. YouTube launched this feature in the last of 2020 because as soon as the tik tok app was closed in India, people were looking for short video apps like tik to, and given this, YouTube launched the feature of youtube shorts video.

YouTube wants that the users who used to run tik tok can also use YouTube, this will increase the use of YouTube and YouTube will benefit a lot, this is just one reason why YouTube has launched the youtube shorts video feature.

But friends, you can grow your youtube channel very fast by using youtube shorts videos because friends, this feature of youtube is new and youtube supports it a lot, if we upload and make short videos, then youtube makes our videos as much as possible. It reaches more people and I have seen many channels which have made more than a million subscribers in just 3 to 4 months, that too by putting youtube shorts videos.

So you can also grow your channel by putting youtube short videos and you can also earn money from youtube short videos but with some conditions so if you also want to become a YouTuber then start putting youtube short videos because you have to do more than this. going to benefit

how to a viral short video on youtube
how to a viral short video on youtube

 Let me now tell you some tips or tricks using which you can make your how to a viral short video on youtube.

How to viral short video on youtube

Select a niche

Friends, if you are making a brand new channel on youtube, then first of all you have to select a niche on which topic you will make a video.

For example, if you make a channel of motivation, then you have to make a short video of motivation, you should not do that you have made a video of motivation and another comedy, this will bring views on one of your videos and not on the other, then, first of all, you are a Select the topic, after that start making videos related to that topic.

Keep in mind that you have to keep your video quality very good and you have to make the video less than 60 seconds and the information you give in your video should be true and good.

use tags

 Friends, you should also use tags in your shorts video, I know that when you upload a shorts video to youtube, you do not get the option to put tags there.

So, friends, you have to download the youtube studio app from the google play store and when you open your channel in youtube studio then you will get the option to tag, you can apply tags according to your topic from there. It happens that your video reaches only those people who search for videos related to your topic and this will benefit you a lot.

use #short

Friends, this is the most important thing, you must use #shorts in the title of your shorts video because unless you write #shorts in the title of your video, your video will not go to YouTube shorts features, so after writing the title of the video Must write #short. More Read Best free youtube intro maker without watermark in 2022

Pay Attention to Watch time

Friends, suppose that you have uploaded a short video of 50 seconds and uploaded it on YouTube, after that if someone watches your video for 50 seconds or 45 seconds, then it will not take long for your video to become viral, but if your video is of 50 seconds and people If you are watching your video only for 10 seconds or 20 seconds, then your video will not be viral, no matter how hard you try, your video cannot go viral short video.

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That’s why you don’t have to make boring videos, you have to keep your video quality good, you also have to keep voice quality good, you have to make your video in such a way that people can watch your video till the last if people watch your video completely So the chances of your video going viral become very high.

Write description and title correctly

Friends, you have to write the title and description of your youtube shorts video correctly, if the title of your video is “how to a viral short video on youtube”, then you have to write the same in the description as well.

This is the SEO of your video, if you want, you can use these haystack #shorts #youtubeshorts #youtubeindia #trending #viralvideo in the description of your video, you will get a lot of benefit from it, definitely watch the use.

Maintain Consistency

Friends, if you make youtube shorts videos then you have to maintain consistency, you have to fix one time, you have to put short videos every day at the same time. 

Because someone has told the truth, consistency is the key to success.

If you make time and upload videos daily, then in the coming time your video will go viral, and always keep one thing in mind the one who tries never loses.

Make a video in 1:1 or 9:16 ratio

Friends, you make your video in the ratio of 1:1 ya 9:16 like the video we see on Instagram reels video or like we used to put the video on tik tok, you have to make video like that because the video used to be on tik tok Their ratio used to be 1.1ya 9:16 and you have to make your youtube shorts video also in the ratio of 1.1 or 9: 16 this will increase the chances of your video going viral.

Create a video using Youtube shorts video features

Friends, if you go to the features of the youtube shorts video and record your shorts video from there, then you will get more benefit from it because all the people who are there, first make their video and then edit it with a third party app and have youtube short video. section and upload it.

But if you record your short video by going to the youtube shorts video section, then youtube will send your video to more people and the chances of your video going viral will increase a lot.

what did you learn today? 

Friends, if you follow the tips and tricks given by me, then believe that the chances of your shorts video going viral will increase a lot.

If you are not able to follow all the tips and tricks, then you follow only two tips. First, you have to make your video very good, and 2. Second, you must write #shorts in the title of the video, if you just keep these two things in mind, then you can make your video viral.

I hope that you must have got good information about how to viral short video on youtube, if you have any question then you can ask me by commenting, I will try to answer your every question in today’s article, only new ones are available. With articles and new information.

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