How to send schedule messages on Whatsapp

Today we are going to tell you how to send schedule messages on Whatsapp if you also want to know about how to do a WhatsApp message schedule, then you are reading the right post, in this post, we will give you complete information about it. Hope you will like our post.

In today’s post, you will also get to know about how to do sans schedule, about which we will tell you in very simple language, hope that like all our previous posts, you will like our today’s post about which you will get complete information.

Today almost every Smart Phone User must be using the WhatsApp Application, you all know how much popularity of WhatsApp Messenger has become in the world. It keeps on bringing new features to its users and there is also a feature in those features, with the help of which you can schedule your WhatsApp messages.

Although the option to schedule messages on the original WhatsApp is not available yet, you can get this facility by downloading GBWhatsApp, the clone version of WhatsApp. Not only this, but many advanced extra features will also be available on it, which is not present on the official WhatsApp.

How to send schedule messages on Whatsapp
How to send schedule messages on Whatsapp

It is known from its name that what is WhatsApp Schedule Message, sometimes we want to send a message on WhatsApp at a specific time so that it is scheduled only when we want to show it but there is no such feature on WhatsApp. So that we can schedule a message.

So if you also want to know How to Schedule WhatsApp Message then for this you have to read this post of ours from beginning to end, only then you will be able to know how to schedule messages on WhatsApp, we hope that you will follow this post of ours. From this, you will learn to schedule Whatsapp messages.

How to send schedule messages on WhatsApp

There are many such applications on the Play Store, with the help of which you can schedule a message on WhatsApp at a specific time or date, some of them are apps like – WhatsApp Scheduler, Do It Later, SKEDit, etc. It is very easy to use the features of these apps.

Apart from this, you can use some of its features in the free version. To schedule some advanced features like photos, and videos, you have to take its premium version. The most important thing about these apps is that you can use them on non-rooted Android devices as well.

So if you also want to know about scheduling the message on your WhatsApp, then you can schedule the message by following the steps given below.

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Step 1: Download the Application

First of all download the Skedit Application from Play Store, you can also download it Direct by clicking on the button given below.

Skedit Application from Play Store
Skedit Application from Play Store

Step 2: Open Application

After downloading, open it on your phone.

Step 3: Sign In With Facebook

Now you will have the page show Sign In in front of you, you have to click on Sign In With Facebook.

Sign In With Facebook
Sign In With Facebook

Step 4: Select Add Services

After signing in, the Add Services page will open, you have to select WhatsApp there and click on Done.

Add Services
Add Services

Step 5: Select Contact Or Group

Select the contact or group on which you want to schedule the message on WhatsApp.

Step 6: Select Date And Time

After that, the date has to be selected next to the schedule, on which date you want to send that message. After selecting the date, you have to select the time at what time you want to send that message.

Select Date And Time
Select Date And Time

Step 7: Type Message And Send

After selecting the date and time, write the message in the message box that you want to schedule, after that you will see the right sign above, and click on it.

Type Message And Send
Type Message And Send


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