How to promote blog on facebook in 2022

Hello friends, my name is Rahul and you are welcome to Tech series info. Today I will give you information about how to promote blog on Facebook.

Friends, after creating a new blog, the biggest challenge comes in front of us that how do we increase the traffic of that blog.

The new blog does not have authority over Google, due to which your post does not rank above Google.

If your post is not visible on Google then how will traffic come to your blog?

how to promote blog on facebook
how to promote blog on Facebook

So, friends, we should take the help of other social media platforms in the initial days.

Because if traffic will come to our blog from social media platforms, then we will get initial views and the SEO of our blog will also improve.

Friends, Facebook is the most powerful platform in social media.

More than 21 Billion monthly views come on Facebook. A similar web app tells this data.

If you promote by making the right strategy, then you can get a lot of views from Facebook.

Today I am going to share this strategy with you in this post, so that good views can come on your blog in the beginning.

Let us now start today’s article.

How to promote blog on Facebook in 2022

Friends, now I am going to share some of my strategies with you that can increase your blog traffic.

1) Create a page on Facebook –

Friends, when you create your blog, at the same time you have to create a promote blog on facebook.

The point to remember is that the name of your Facebook page should be the name of your blog.

You have to customize it properly.

By customization I mean. Complete profile, logo and banner should be everything.

Now whenever you post on your blog, then you have to share the link of your blog on your page as well.

This will give you 2 benefits. First, traffic will start coming to your blog and secondly, your blog will start becoming popular among people.

Due to which the authority of your blog starts increasing.

2) Create Group on Facebook –

Friends, along with creating a Facebook page, you also have to create a group for your blog and add an audience to your group from your other social media.

You have to give a link to the blog in the group’s bio and keep posting new and informative posts regularly.

This will increase the identity of your blog among the people and people will visit your blog to know more about the post, which will increase the traffic of your blog.

3) Share the promote blog on facebook Account –

Friends. This is the simplest way. Otherwise, you do not have to create a group nor do you have to create a page.

You can simply share the link of the post by going above your Create Post.

Your post will reach your friends.

If they are interested in your post, then they will click on your link and read your blog post.

This is also a powerful way through which you can increase the traffic of your blog.

4) Join the group according to Your Niche promote blog on facebook –

Friends, most bloggers use this strategy to increase the traffic of their blog.

You have to go to the search group and join 10 to 12 groups according to your niche.

Now whenever you post any of your blogs, after that you have to share that post within these groups.

Friends, the number of audience in groups is more, due to which there are more chances of traffic coming to your blog.

If the member is of your niche inside the second group, then the chances of reading their post are more.

5) Put the Facebook Sharing button in your post –

Friends, you must put a social sharing button below or above your promote blog on facebook.

This will benefit you. Whenever a visitor will read the post on your blog and he likes your post, then he will share it on his Facebook or any other platform with the social media sharing button.

Due to which your post will reach more people and traffic will start coming to your blog.

6) With sharing the post link, definitely write the text –

Friends, this is a Pro Tip, whenever you share a post on Facebook, before that you must write some words related to the post.

By writing text, your post will not look spammy and people will get the idea of ​​what your post is about.

Due to which the chances of getting traffic on your post will increase.

7) Use Hashtags while sharing the post –

Friends, whenever you share your blog post on Facebook, you must put hashtags in it.

By applying hashtags, the reach of your posts will increase and the chances of getting traffic to your blog will increase.

8) Run Ads Campaign on Facebook-

Friends, the Facebook Ads Campaign is a very good way to promote your blog post.

You have to set up a campaign for your post by going to Facebook Ads and you can run ads by investing some money.

The more targeted you keep your campaign, the better traffic will come on your blog.

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9) Create Facebook Reels –

Friends, you can increase the traffic of your blog by using Facebook’s new feature, Facebook Reel.

You have to create reels related to your blog posts and upload them.

You must mention your blog inside your video and in the description.

The benefit of this will be that more and more people will come to know about your blog and they will come on top of your blog organically.

With this, organic traffic will start coming to your blog with the help of Facebook reel.

Final words on how to promote blog on Facebook

Friends, I hope you have liked today’s post on how to promote a blog on Facebook very much.

Today I have given you 8 pro tips for how to increase traffic from Facebook to blog.

Guys, if you work well on all these tips, then I am sure that a lot of traffic will start coming to your blog in the beginning.

You have to apply all the tips on Facebook gradually. Hope you got to learn something new today.

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