How to increase followers on Instagram (Tips for 2022)

I will tell you to increase followers on Instagram. The followers on Instagram can happen for many reasons. Whether to give a message to more people or to earn money through product promotion. If you also want to know about some tips to increase followers on your Instagram account, then I will give you tips in this post.

increase followers on Instagram
increase followers on Instagram

In this post, I will give you some tips to increase followers on Instagram which will help you to grow on Instagram today.

Instagram is a very famous social media platform. also, find the most famous people. There are too many users on Instagram.

According to reports, there are 1 billion (100 crores) active accounts on Instagram.

Social media is a great place. Or you can also use it to promote your business.

Because Instagram is very famous, all brands and people want to have more followers on their Instagram account so that they can reach more and more people.

Increasing followers on Instagram shouldn’t just mean increasing numbers. Good and active followers matter more.

Even if the followers are less but the followers are organic and active then you will still be able to earn more money with the help of brand promotion from Instagram.

How to increase followers on Instagram?

In this post, I tell you it is very difficult to increase followers on Instagram and it takes time.

I will give you information about some things that you have to do on your Instagram account and some things to avoid doing on your Instagram account.

Your aim should be to increase followers on Instagram quality followers on Instagram and not just increase the number of followers.

Whenever you go to Instagram, you will find many accounts whose followers are in millions but only a few thousand like posts come.

That’s why you focus on quality, not on quantity.

If you have quality followers on your Instagram account, then your Instagram posts will get likes, comments as well as good views on the live stream.

So these are some tips that you have to use to increase followers on Instagram.

1. Do Not Increase Spam Followers

If your Instagram profile is like a scam then you will never be able to grow well on Instagram nor will you be able to earn money from brand promotion from Instagram.

By spam, I mean two types of spam that people use to increase followers on Instagram.

People increase fake followers and fake likes by using tools or websites. You never have to do this, and here is why.

If you will increase followers on Instagram or increase likes, then it will not benefit you in any way. You will get likes, followers and comments only from bot profiles.

This will easily increase your followers and likes on Instagram but your profile will never go to real people.

This will make your account look like spam to brands and people so that you will never be able to get anything from your Instagram account.

The second type of spam people do is increase followers on Instagram people by visiting their Instagram profiles and when they follow back, they unfollow them later. Doing this is not good for your image.

Also, it is not right to ask people to follow in comments, dm etc. This is largely the same as increase followers on Instagram. He may follow you on your request but he doesn’t need to write or comment on your post.

2. Choose an easy-to-remember username

There are billions of accounts on Instagram. That is why you don’t need to get the username of your choice.

In such a situation, people keep any username without thinking which is not easy to remember nor easy to search, which makes it difficult to find their Instagram profile.

You try to get the username close to your name. Instagram usernames can only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-1), underscore (_) and full stop (.).

That’s why don’t use anything random on your Instagram.

A short and your username is best. If you use underscore and full stop then you will get the username of your name. If still not found then you can write any good number.

3. Optimize Instagram Bio

People don’t take Instagram Bio seriously. People write anything in Instagram bio but it makes it difficult to grow increase followers on Instagram.

You will need to write a professional and clean bio. Write your profile in your Instagram bio, and a business email, and a short introduction.

You can also put a link in the Instagram bio. You can provide a link to your website in the bio or a link to any other social media profile.

You must make a hashtag of your own that is in the name of you or your brand and you must write it in your bio and use this hashtag in your post.

Apart from this, don’t write much.

4. Publish High-Quality Posts

You can do many types of posts on Instagram like images, reels, stories etc. You keep the quality of every post good.

Here I am talking about two types of quality.

The first quality in which you have to keep the image or video picture quality used in the post is good.

You use a good mobile camera or DSLR to make a good quality post. If your Instagram account is a brand account, then you can use tools like Photoshop or Canva to do graphic design.

If your Instagram account is personal, then you should not use many filters in your images and do not do fancy editing.

By second quality, I mean if your Instagram account is informational then you should not put any wrong information on it. With this, your account will not be able to gain the trust of the people.

5. Be Active on Instagram

If you want to grow your increase followers on Instagram profile then your profile needs to be active. Posts from an active Instagram account reach more people than an inactive Instagram account.

Being active on Instagram means that you keep posting on social media from time to time. If you stop posting on your Instagram account then the growth of your Instagram account will stop because your account will not reach new people.

You like other people’s posts as you post on Instagram, reply to your post’s comments, and if possible go live.

By doing these things you will get a lot more reach to the profile and if people like your post then your followers will also increase followers on Instagram.

6. Post at the Best Time

*This thing mattered on the news account*

All Instagram accounts have different types of people. It’s also different from being active.

If you post your posts at a time when your increase followers on Instagram are active, then your post will get a lot of engagement from the beginning and the chances of your post going viral will also increase.

7. Instagram Post Schedule 

Being regular on Instagram is very important. Maybe you are busy someday due to which you can not post on Instagram.

Publishing the post yourself is not a good idea as it will require you to use Instagram itself to upload it on time. You don’t need to always be free and you can post on Instagram on time.

In such a situation, it is good to schedule posts for Instagram in advance. You can do this with the help of any social media planner tool.

You can do this with a tool like Buffer. This tool helps you to schedule posts. You can already create social media posts with the help of a buffer and publish them on the scheduled date and time.

8. Create Reels on Instagram

Instagram reels launched Instagram reels all over the world last year and it has become very popular after seeing it. Instagram Reels has great potential that you can increase your followers by creating reels on Instagram.

If you want to grow an Instagram account as quickly as possible, then you should make reels on Instagram. Whether your account is personal or branded, you can reach the target audience using Instagram reels.

Today Instagram reels get more reach than any other kind of Instagram post

The best topics for Instagram reels are finance, productivity, technology, short reviews, study, news, meme, art, skills etc. Overall, there is a great opportunity to increase followers on Instagram reels.

9. Write hashtag, location and alt text in Instagram post

When we post on Instagram, Instagram gives us the option to write captions and other things, but sometimes we ignore these things. But you should not ignore these things.

When you post on Instagram allows you to write three things:

  • Caption
  • Location
  • Alt Text

Caption: In this, you can write something about the post. Also, you can use a hashtag (#) in this. You must write the hashtag you get from your post in your post. Using Hashtag, Instagram knows your post so that it directs your post to the right people.

For example, if you have shared a photo of a dog in your post, then you can use #dog.

Also, you must write the hashtag of your name, which you wrote in your Instagram bio.

Location: In Location, you do not have to write your location, but you have to write the location where the photo has been taken.

If you are sharing a graphic on Instagram, you can enter the country of the brand.

Alt-Text: In this, you have to tell about the image so that one can find out what is in the image even by reading the text. For example, taking the example of a dog, the alt text for an image would be: A baby bulldog playing in the garden

In this, you can guess what is in the image by just reading the text. Just like this, you write the alt text in your Instagram post.

10. Promote Your Instagram Account

Unless people know about your Instagram account, people will not follow it. You have to promote your Instagram account to let everyone know about your account.

You may have good increase followers on Instagram on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

You can use these to tell people about your Instagram account. And maybe you have some followers to follow you on your new Instagram account

If you are using your Instagram account for business then you should invest money. You can use advertisements to reach the target audience.

This is called paid social media marketing and it is a branch of digital marketing.

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11. Use Other Ways to Be Famous

You may be famous for just posting on Instagram but you will be at ease if you use other methods as well

You can become famous on YouTube by making videos on YouTube and bringing your subscribers from YouTube to your Instagram account.

If you do not like making videos on YouTube, then you can use other things as well. Like you can podcast, help people on forum websites like quora, or write on a website like a medium.

12. Post with Others

Maybe you know someone who already has good increase followers on Instagram. You can also increase followers on Instagram by taking the help of such a person.

You can take a photo with that person or create a reel for Instagram, post it to your account and tag that person.

If a person with more increase followers on Instagram posts a post on his Instagram account tagging you, then it will be better for you.

13. Must Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are great when you want to maintain engagement on your account.

Instagram stories are much better than normal stories because the user can interact with Instagram stories in many ways.

Friends, these are some ways by which you can increase the followers of your Instagram account.

It is not necessary that after applying these things, the followers of your Instagram account will reach millions in no time.

It takes a lot of time to grow good followers in the right way and you have to always work hard on Instagram.

If you work hard for a long time and follow my tips, then you will get success.

If you like this post, then share this post “ increase followers on Instagram ” with your friends and if you want to ask me any question, then you can ask me in the comment, I will reply to it.

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