How to increase domain authority (powerful Tips)

how to increase domain authority & DA is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that tells how likely a website is to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The increase domain authority Score of a website ranges from 1 to 100, in which the ability to rank is high.

How to increase domain authority
How to increase domain authority

What is DA PA?

Websites that have higher this score, the chances of them being ranked increase domain authority more, but let us tell you that Google does not accept this rating system of MOZ, but still there is a slight difference, so do not ignore it.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority can be counted on many bases which can have many factors, in which Root Domain, Total Number of Links etc. are included to count how to increase domain authority (DA). This score is seen at such a time when you are writing an article or post but a website is already ranking on that keyword, at that time we use the Domain Authority Score that what is the DA and PA of the domain and Our competitor has taken backlinks from the High Domain Authority website.

Domain Authority is not a metric to increase Google’s Search Ranking and it does not make any difference in SERPs.

(DA) What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that measures how well a specific page will rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The Page Authority Score ranges from one to 100, with the higher the ability to rank.
Page Authority (PA) is based on data from our web index and takes into account dozens of factors. Like Page Authority (PA ), it uses a machine learning model to identify the algorithm that best correlates with rankings on the thousands of SERPs we make predictions against, then uses that specific calculation. By doing this, we build the Page Authority (PA) Score increase domain authority.

How to check DA PA?, Best Domain Authority Checker Tools | How to check Page and Domain Authority?

  1. You can check Domain Authority using Moz’s Link Explorer, MozBar (Moz’s Free SEO Toolbar), or the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer.
  2. To see the Domain Authority Matrix, many tools website has given API for free, so you can check by visiting those websites.
  3. We are giving below screenshots and links of some websites where you can check directly.

Check your Domain Authority free

  1. click here to go to MOZ Keyword Explorer.
  2. Click here to go to website SEO checker Tools.
  3. Click here to go to Small SEO Tools.

So friends, here is a link to 3 tools from where you can check DA PA for free.

Best DA PA for website

Generally, a website that has taken a link to a high authority website like Google and Wikipedia and the age of that website increase domain authority, the probability of being ranked increases and the Da Pa of such a website also increases, but if there is a new website then its authority. Initially, it will start from 1 because this website is completely new and has not yet become known on the Internet. But as it becomes old, so will the authority also increase domain authority.

That’s why a good Domain Authority can always be made of a website running for many years and if you want to grow a new website, then you will have to work hard, so if you get the old domain from somewhere, then nothing is better than that.

How to use Domain Authority correctly?

You should use increase domain authority to increase the ranking of your website so that your website can get traffic in lakhs. For this, you have to create Backlinks from the High DA PA Website.

Difference Between DA and PA | Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

increase domain authority measures the ranking power of the entire domain or subdomain, while increase domain authority measures the ranking of individual pages .

How to increase DA PA

Today we will talk about how to increase domain authority of your blog or website. Before teaching how to increase domain authority, we should know why we increase domain authority. So let me tell you that increasing the domain authority increases the identity of your website and you get the most organic traffic and from this, your website earns a lot of money and google also trusts Google on your website, so now we learn how to increase domain authority of your website or blog. You will understand well the points given below.  

1- to best publish the Content good that users click

On our website, we have to publish such unique content, such content that no one has written because the content will be as good. The more the reputation of your website will increase. It is said that “Content is King”. So the better the content, the more people will see it and the traffic of your blog will increase, which will also make a difference on your increase domain authority and people google will also rank your content more and more.

2- Pay attention to on-page SEO

On the page, SEO plays a very important role to increase the DA of your blog. So you must pay attention to this. On-page SEO you do in your content in which you give h1, h2, h3, tags. Heading, subheading, minor heading, a mixture of all these causes on-page SEO increase domain authority.

On-page SEO is very important for your blog, without it in today’s date you cannot bring traffic to your blog nor how to increase domain authority. That’s why you must do on-page SEO in your blog.

3– Targeted Keywords

Which are the targeted keywords which you use while doing on-page SEO in your blog. Use them well because this technique of on-page SEO is very effective that how we are putting your targeted keywords in our blog or website. Put these keywords well in your blog.

4– Permalink Structure

Permalink is also very important in the on-page SEO of your blog. Permalink means when you like a blog post, then you make your link. So try to make it small enough. The smaller the permalink, the more you will benefit and your link will be visible on google. The big permalink doesn’t look complete in google and looks bad too. So make it short and do not use stop words at all.

– Take special care of  Keyword  Density 

Keyword density means that how many times you have done your targeted keyword in your blog.

  • This shows the density of your keyword.
  • If you create an article of 1000 words.
  • So it should have 2% keyword density.
  • To increase domain authority of your blog, it is very important to keep in mind the keyword density.

– Must give Heading tags

Heading tags are those tags that help Google to understand what your post is about and when you edit the post at that time-on-page SEO.

  • Then you provide h1, h2, h3, h4 tags.
  • These tags are called header tags and all the tags play a very important role in your blog.
  • When you do on-page SEO on your blog.
  • Then you use these header tags in your blog.
  • This gives a great boost to your blog and your article ranks in google.

– Image  Optimization

When you write your blog post, then definitely put images in it, the image has a very important role in your ranking factor. You put the image only after optimizing it well, like putting alt tags, and descriptions, captions in it. By compressing the images and putting your target keyword in the alt tags in the image. In this way, your images will also be optimized.

– Meta  Description in your title must enter

When you write your blog post and create your permalink. So let’s also put a meta description at the bottom. This meta description is the same description that a little bit of content is put under the link and title in google and we must put a meta description for our blog. It is very important to have your main keyword in the meta description. Therefore, write such a meta description in which your target keyword must come in it. And your blog or website should get a good ranking in google.

–  Must do Internal Linking in your post

When you write your blog post, you must do internal linking in it. Internal linking means that if there is any other post in your blog that relates to the post you are writing, then you should do internal linking, this benefits your website a lot. And when the visitor comes to your blog, then through internal linking he can also read your other blogs,

So you will also get the benefit of this, more duration will increase on your website, which can also be stay time. This also reduces the bounce rate of your site and also boosts your page views. So this increases the ranking of your website and more visitors come to your blog or website.

10- High-quality backlink to create

You create high-quality backlinks when your blog has 50 to 100 articles in which you can get the full benefit of making backlinks. You can create high-quality backlinks by guest posting on any other website of your niche.

He will charge you some money instead of your guest post or can do it for free and will give you a do-follow backlink, this will give you the full link juice of his website and this is the most effective way to create a backlink by doing this on your blog. Or you can create a quality backlink for the website. Apart from this, you can also create a backlink on the Form site.

Apart from this, comment backlinks and profile backlinks can also be created.

11- Make your site mobile friendly

In today’s time, most people use the internet from mobile and when they come to our website, we should keep the user interface of our website mobile-friendly for this. You should use your website’s theme fast loaded, and SEO optimized theme, which is mobile friendly. Our ranking increases by adding mobile-friendly themes and this is also considered a very big ranking factor. You can also use Amp in your blog.

You can adjust your loading speed very easily. For that, there are many plugins on WordPress, WP Rocket, you can take its paid version and increase the loading speed of your blog.

12- Clean user-friendly site structure

The design of our website makes a big impression on the user. That’s why we should always keep the design of our blog simple because if the visitor has come to read the article on our blog, then if he sees a very simple design he will like it better.

  • But some beginners do not have the proper information, those who will put a lot of plugins and make their blog so much designed and colourful that the speed of their blog will be so low that it will not load quickly.
  • Due to this their user experience also deteriorates.
  • Apart from this, due to the low speed of the blog, they lose more than half their traffic.
  • That’s why we should keep the design of our blog very simple and clear.

13- How many links should be kept on the page

You can put any number of links in your blog post. If we put a great-grandfather link then it will disturb the visitor. You can do 3 to 4% internal linking in 1000 words of the content of your blog. This will not spoil your user experience and you will also benefit. Having too many links also spoils the beauty of your blog. Therefore, put the link in the blog very thoughtfully increase domain authority.

14- Share your blog on social networking sites:-

When you write your block post, do not share it on social networking sites. This increases the authority of your blog very fast and when social traffic comes to your blog, then Google gets a signal that social traffic has come to your website, the content must have been written very well.

  • Therefore, you must share your content on social networking sites.
  • Google’s bots keep roaming on platforms like Linkedin, Twitter.
  • From there we deduct your site.

15- Publish a guest post on another blog

You must guest post on your competitor’s website. When you guest post on your competitor’s website, then you get the link juice of his website and this increases your DA very fast. So to increase domain authority of your blog and DA of your blog, you must do guest posting. Instant Approval DoFollow Backlink Site List 2021

16- Old domain (let the domain be old)

After doing the same thing regularly, let your domain become old because the older your domain, you will get more benefit, but you will get the benefit only if you work regularly in your blog and post quality content. As the domain gets older, so does its increase domain authority.

17- Regular Content Publish

Write the content you write as unique and publish it daily with regularity. Content is king Whoever has said this thing is right. Apart from this, you also have to focus on your consistency. You have to post your content regularly. If a post is posted today,

So put one tomorrow as well, the day after tomorrow, don’t do it, put it today after two or three days, doing so may decrease your domain authority instead of increasing it.

  • Take special care of this that you publish your content daily.
  • This will increase domain authority.

18- Remove bad links from your site

Must remove bad links from your site. Because this can also increase the spam score of our site and Google does not like a website whose website has bad links.

  • When you create a backlink, some useless links are created.
  • Which we should remove from our website or blog.

19- on HTTPS from HTTP to Site  Move  to

Google always wants your website to be SSL secure and it is very important to have an SSL certificate on our website and for that, it is necessary have HTTPS on your website. Google has also considered this as a ranking factor and gives priority to the website whose SSL certificate is installed on HTTPS and if your website has HTTP then google does not consider that website to be secure.

Your ranking improves with an SSL certificate and website traffic also increases.

Google has started showing those websites as insecure which are still using HTTP. Due to this, whenever the visitor sees an unsafe website, he immediately presses the back button. So this also increases the bounce rate of the website which is a negative signal for the website increase domain authority .

20- Submit the sitemap for the site

A sitemap is very important for our website. There are crores of such websites in Google, how will it know which website is ours. That’s why you must submit the sitemap. Sitemap helps Google Crawlers to crawl your website’s content well and bring it to Google’s search engine. Only then does your website rank. If the crawlers of Google will not be able to crawl your site, then from where will google rank, so you must submit the sitemap of your site.

21. Consistency

Whenever you work on any new or old website, then always keep in mind the date and time so that google may have a great signal for you so that google feels that this website is always up to date.

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Quick tips on how to increase domain authority of Blog:-

  • Publish Quality Content. Post the content daily.
  • Focus on On-Page-Seo. On-page SEO also helps in increase domain authority your DA.
  • Focus on internal linking.
  • Focus on quality backlinks. By creating quality backlinks, the authority of your website is very good.
  • Post a guest, this will give you a quality backlink and your DA will increase domain authority very fast.
  • Keep Patience and let your domain get old.
  • Move the site from HTTP to HTTPS. If your site is already on HTTPS then be sure and follow further tips.
  • Make a sitemap for your website and submit it to google.


The process of increasing this domain authority is very slow, so after doing everything now you have to be patient. Your website will also rank in Google, traffic will also come on it. And your domain authority will also increase.

In today’s article, we told you how to increase domain authority,  hope you liked this article of ours. If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends so that they can also work on their blog or website and increase the authority of their blog.

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