What Is The Cost Per Click? How To Increase AdSense CPC?

CPC (Cost Per Clicks) The biggest metric to earn money from Google AdSense. If you are a blogger and are earning money by monetizing your blog or website with Google AdSense, then you must know what is CPC.

If not then today you have come to the right place, today we will tell you what is CPC and how you can increase the CPC of your Google AdSense.

CPC means the value of your content, your audience, and the ads coming to your blog, which means how much you will be able to earn from the content of your blog website.

Increase AdSense CPC
What Is The Cost Per Click? How To Increase AdSense CPC?

It all depends on the CPC, now many types of questions must have come to your mind such as:-

  • First of all, the question is what is CPC?
  • Do all bloggers have different CPC?
  • How to Calculate Google AdSense CPC
  • What are the minimum and maximum CPC a blogger gets
  • How to Increase CPC in Google AdSense
  • What should I do to get a high CPC?
  • Can high CPC be taken in an English blog?

Some bloggers are earning millions of rupees from their blogs, while some bloggers are nothing special, it all depends on the Ad’s CPC being seen on their website.

Google AdSense CPC is dependent on many factors of blogging which we are going to discuss further in this article.

Let us know from the beginning what is Google AdSense CPC and how to increase it

What is CPC?

CPC stands for (Cost Per Click) full form. When you get your blog approved with Google AdSense, then Google sees the ads of their advertisers on your blog.

Google sees an advertisement in your blog in two ways

  • On One Keyword Bases
  • On other Cookies bases

Meaning that the kind of keywords that have been used in your blog post/content, those ads will come in your blog.

The kind of things that the second user searches regularly from his device, that kind of ads will be seen by that particular user.

And when the user clicks on the ads shown on your blog, then the amount of money you get for that one click is called CPC.

The more you get CPC, the more you will be earning from Google AdSense.

If you get a good CPC, then you will earn a lot of money even in low traffic, let’s know how to increase AdSense CPC.

How to Increase Google Adsense CPC

Today we will talk about how you can increase your AdSense CPC.

High CPC Keyword

As we told you above AdSense CPC depends on your blog content, the kind of content keywords you will use in your blog, and the same type of ads that will be seen in your blog.

So if you want to increase the CPC of your AdSense then you should do high CPC keyword research.

If you want to do keyword research for free, then Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner can do it through these tools.

When your earnings will start you can use Paid Tools. Because there is no limit for keyword research in Paid Tools.

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User-Friendly Blog Design

Your blog design has played a big role in increasing Google AdSense CPC, if you have created a good blog and you have a good user experience on that blog, then from this also high CPC ads will be seen in your blog.

Proper Ads Placement

At present, you get Adsence Approval by working very hard on time. But in the pursuit of earning, many bloggers do ad placement anyway. Meaning the user lands the website, and Pop Up Ads start showing. This spoils the User Experience and increases the bounce rate of the website.

If you will do Ads Placement in your blog in the right way so that the user experience is not bad and your AdSense CTR is also maintained, this also increases the CPC RPM and CTR of your blog and your AdSense Earning also increases.

Blog Speed

You have to pay attention to website loading speed. When the user clicks on the website but it opens in 5 to 6 seconds, the user goes to another website before the website is opened.

This will also increase the bounce rate, increasing the bounce rate too much, and there are chances of your website or blog ranking down.

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In today’s article What is Medium CPC? And you must have come to know how to increase CPC, hoping that we have told you all the ways you have to apply. CPC will not increase immediately but will increase gradually. Many Hindi bloggers earn up to $ 2000 per month. That’s why you will get as many CPC as there are Hindi bloggers but you will have to do blogging work daily. If you like this blog post, then definitely share it on WhatsApp and Facebook.

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