How to improve the ranking old blog posts (full information)

How to improve the ranking old blog posts – Hello, as you all know that during blogging, we have written many blog posts and over time those posts become old and the traffic on them decreases and slowly. – Slowly it ends. In such a situation, whether that post is on our blog or not, it does not benefit our blog.

How to improve the ranking old blog posts
How to improve the ranking old blog posts


Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about how to improve the ranking old blog posts so that traffic starts coming to those posts again.

How to improve the ranking old blog posts

The first rule of blogging is that always up-to-date posts are ranked on search engines, so if you have not updated your ranking old blog posts, then there is nothing new on your post in the eyes of Google and other search engines or such. Say that the information that is available on your post is out of date and it keeps going down in Search Ranking.


The treatment for which you will have to write updated things in your post and again your ranking old blog posts will start ranking on Search Engine. Now here also some questions come that what things you have to update in the old post, which will make a difference soon, then we tell you about some important factors in this post, which you can improve and update your old post too. And you can get traffic on it again.


01. Rewrite Blog Post Title

Many times when we write the title for our ranking old blog posts, we write the year in it, which helps a lot in search ranking, but after the year has passed, that post is of no use to anyone, so you are in such a post. First, change the title and fix the year. So that post can become useful for Search Engine again.


For example- Suppose we publish an article on our blog- Top-10 SEO Techniques in 2020 than in such case our post was only for the year 2020. Now, whenever the user searches in the year 2021, he will mostly search by writing 2021, so in such a situation, our post will never show, then that post has become useless now.


But if we replace 2021 in the title of the same post, then that post will now easily rank in the search engine even in the year 2021, so you must change the title of such post.


02. Post Publish Date

When we publish a post on our blog, then our post has a publish date which is shown in the search result, so if you update your ranking old blog posts and do not change the publish date, then User Search Seeing the post publish date in the result, you consider it as fake, so when you update the post, then select the publish date on Just Now, so that when you have updated the post, then only the date is shown in the search result.


For example- Some time ago we searched such a topic on Google, to know that if any latest update has come, then we should also update it on our blog. But in the search result, a blog told us that 2021 was written in the title of the post but Post Publish Date 2020 was written.

In such a situation, we immediately assumed that that post is old and we are not going to get any special information on it, whereas a very popular blogger had done this, then people would have made such a small mistake and their post would be faked by people like us. understand. Therefore, do not make any such mistake, you must change the Post Publish Date.


03. Post Image

Many times we also write the year in the available images on our blog, in such a situation, suppose you have updated both the Title and Post Publish Date and the year 2020 is written in the image, then in this condition you should think about what the user will think about you. So, pay special attention to this too and change the image.


Along with this, if you design Professional Looking Images according to your post, then you will know that there is always a trend in the image, so if you keep Trending Images or Design then it will be even better for your ranking old blog posts.


04. Internal Links

Many times it happens when we have written an article on a topic and say after some time or in the present, we again publish some other articles related to that keyword on our blog, but the link of that new blog post We never update the ranking old blog posts. This is very important, so you must check Internal Links and External Links.


Because many times the external link you have used in your post is dead, so it is very important to change it too, it is very good for the User Experience. So check once all the links are available in your ranking old blog posts and add new links as well.


05. Update Post URL

It is not necessary to update the post URL, but if you have also added the year to the URL of your post, then change it, otherwise do not do it at all. We would suggest that if you write the year in the URL of your post, then do not do this at all from now on. Because if you change the URL of your post, then all the links you have interlinked with that post will be dead.

Due to which the work will increase a lot for you, so always write the target keyword in the post URL, so that your focus keyword is available in your permalink and you never have to change it.


06. Re-Write Content

If you review something or write a tutorial, then you may need to rewrite such a post because over time many things keep getting updated, such as see Blogger, first all bloggers, blogger Used to update related posts, but now Blogger has completely changed and a lot of changes have been made in the interface as well.


In such a situation, out of all the things he told earlier, more than half of the things have become useless, so if there is such a topic available on your blog, if you change it completely, then it will be better for you and your users.


07. Social Sharing

When you update your post, then share it on social media after 2 to 3 days, do not do it immediately because sometimes things take some time to update, so we do not want you to be on social media at all. Troll happens, so after 2 to 3 days you must share your post on social media so that your post can get a little boost and it can rank quickly in the search result.


We told you this because many people again ask how many days after updating the old post it will rank again, then brother it will take some time but if you pay attention to the things which we have mentioned above, then that’s why a little Be patient and keep blogging.

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08- Get More Backlinks

Many times it happens that one of our posts is on the top in the search result and with time it comes down, due to which there are two reasons – 

  1. ranking old blog posts
  2. More backlinks to our blog on other blogs.

Now because you are re-optimizing your old ranking old blog posts, then in a way, the available content on your blog is now modern or has been modified, but the second problem is that there is more backlink than your blog on the other blog.


Here we do not mean the main URL but the URL of that post, so now you should create some more backlinks for this customized post, for which you can use Techniques like Social Bookmarking Sites, Blog Commenting, and Review / Guest Post. can do. Instant Approval DoFollow Backlink Site List 2021


So that some new backlinks can be created for your ranking old blog posts and your post can again rank in the top on Search Engine.


Important Tools That Will Help You Update Old Posts

  • Grammarly
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Copyright Free Image Sites
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites

In Conclusion

Hope you have liked the article How to Improve the Ranking Old Blog Posts and if you have liked the information shared by us, then do not just read the article and apply it to your blog. Apart from this, if you feel any other point that we have missed in this article, then tell us a comment.


Because we write the article according to our experience and if you have experienced something, then share our share, if you tell the right thing, then we will update it in our blog post and will also give you a backlink.

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