How to Change PhonePe UPI PIN in 2022

Does reading this post mean that you want to know How to Change PhonePe UPI PIN? Then there is no need to worry because today we will know only about this topic. Phonepe has become quite popular in a really short period. Along with this, it has also become a very easy medium to make payments digitally in India.

In such a situation, if you want to make a payment to someone through Phonepe, then you have to set UPI PIN. Because UPI PIN has been made mandatory. Therefore, without UPI PIN, you cannot complete any transaction.

So let’s now know how to change UPI PIN in PhonePe yourself? Here I have explained the complete information step by step so that you do not have any problem understanding it easily.

What is PhonePe UPI PIN?

Before changing the UPI PIN, let us understand what is UPI and UPI PIN after all

The simple answer is that UPI, which is a short forum (Unified Payment Identification Number), is a 4-6 digit secret code that allows you to transfer money. You can also call this a final security check of the UPI payment system.

 It is linked with your bank account. Once you enter the correct UPI PIN, the fund transfer is completed successfully in a jiffy.

Change PhonePe UPI PIN
How to Change PhonePe UPI PIN

In the same way, UPI PIN is also very similar to ATM PIN. You also have to fill it out while making the payment, so that you complete the payment successfully. Next, we will know how to create a UPI PIN in PhonePe.

How to Change PhonePe UPI PIN

Now let’s know how to make PhonePe UPI PIN?

  • Step 1:  First of all you have to open your  Phonepe app, then tap on money on the home page.
  • Step 2:  By doing this a new page will appear in front of you, where you will see all your bank accounts which are linked with your PhonePe.
  • Step 3:  Now on the new page, select the bank account for which you want to set UPI PIN. (Here you will see only two options)
  • Step 5:  If you want to reset the UPI PIN, then tap on RESET BHIM UPI PIN.
  • Step 6:  A pop-up will appear in front, here you have to fill in the last six digits and the Expiry date of your Debit / ATM  card and then click on Continue.
  • Step 7: Now an OTP  will come on your registered mobile number. You do not have to enter this OTP, it will be auto-detected by the Phonepe app.
  • Step 8:  Now you have to enter a new UPI PIN,  then confirm the new UPI PIN  and click on OK.

Your work is over.

You have successfully set UPI PIN for your bank account. You can easily exchange money from your bank account through the PhonePe app. All you need to do is to authenticate the UPI PIN at the end of the transaction.

What is the phone customer care contact number?

PhonePe Customer Care Company has introduced two customer numbers for its PhonePe users, with the help of which you can call customer care and get any kind of information.

Those two numbers are as follows 080 – 68727374 or 022 – 68727374.

In addition, PhonePe allows you to mail at, and you can also contact customer care via message.

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What did you learn today?

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about how to change PhonePe UPI PIN and I hope you have understood about PhonePe customer care contact number. I request all of you readers that you also share this information with your neighbors, relatives, your friends so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me without any hesitation. I will try to solve those doubts.

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