How To Adsense Fix Low-Value Content Error – 2022 (easy Now)

Google Adsense Is Such An Ad Network That Every Blogger Wants To Get Approval, But Many People Do Not Get The Approval Of Google Adsense And They Get Frustrated Or Leave Blogging But You Do Not Have To Do This, You Have To Complete This Post.

Today’s Post Is On This Topic That How You Can Easily Fix Low-Value Content Error In Google Adsense And Earn You’re Earning Easily By Taking Google Adsense Approval But How? 

How To Fix Adsense Low-Value Content Error
Fix Low-Value Content Error

Let’s Know How You Can Fix Low-Value Content Error

First Of All, You Are Facing Problem In Getting Adsense Approval, This Article Of Today Is Going To Tell You How To Fix Adsense Low-Value Content Error, But Before That You Have To Understand Low-Value Content In Simple Language, So Let’s Know

What Is Low-Value Content Error ? 

Friends, Low-Value Content Means That There Is Some Such Content On Your Blog Website Which Is Not Providing Value To The Users Or Else There Is No Content On Your Website And There Is Less Content.

If You Have Sent Your Blog For Adsense Approval And You Have Got A Fix Low-Value Content Error On The Blog, Then Google Sms You In This Way Which Is Done To You Through Email.

In This Message, You Have Been Given Some Instructions Which Need To Be Implemented On Your Website And Only Then You Can Get Adsense Approval But Whenever You Click On These Links You Get Some Content Which You Do Not Understand Easily.

In This Article, All These Instructions Have Been Explained To You In A Very Simple Language, So That You Can Easily Fix Low-Value Content Error In Your Adsense And Get Approval.

Why Does Fix Low-Value Content Error Occur? 

 This Error Comes On Your Website In Some Three Or Four Ways, Which You Can Fix, Those Errors Are As Follows

Webmaster Quality Guidelines

To Fix Low-Value Content Error, You Have To Upload Some Such Content On Your Website Which Is More In Trend Nowadays, But You Have To Write The Content According To Your Low And Do Not Do That Your Low Is Someone Else And You Are Someone Else. Writing Content On The Topic

And You Have To Keep One More Thing In Mind Here That All The Articles You Have Written On Your Blog, You Should Manually Index All Those Articles By Going To Google Search Console. 

And You Have To Check Whether Your Article Is Indexed In Google Or Not, For This, You Can Adopt This Trick, You Have To Write Site: your domain In Google

In Place Of Your domain, You Have To Enter The Url Of Your Website, Such As Hinditechtub.In, This Is The Url Of My Blog, You Have To Enter Your

By Doing This You Will Know Whether All Your Posts Have Been Indexed In Google Or Not, If They Have Been Done, Then You Can Apply For Adsense.

Minimum Content Requirements

This Error Is Coming To You Because Of Those Pages Of Your Website Where You Have Not Written Any Content And On That Page You Have No Content Or 404 Error, You Have To Fix It, Whatever Errors You Have In Your Website. You Can Find Out By Going To Your Google Search Console

You Do Not Have To Keep A Single Page On Your Website, The Pages Of Which Such Errors Are Coming, Either You Remove These Pages From Them Or Upload Some Content On Them.

Thin Content 

It Means That Google Has Detected Some Such Content On Your Website Which Is Not Working At All Or You Have Auto-Generated Them, Google Never Gives You Approval On This Type Of Content.

You Have To Keep One More Thing In Mind That Whatever Kind Of Content You Are Putting On Your Blog Or Website, That Content Should Not Be Plagiarized Content At All Because It Has A Wrong Impact On Your Website.

In This Way, You Get To See Some Errors Inside Fix Low-Value Content Error, I Too Had Given Similar Errors On One Of My Websites By Adsense And How I Fix Low-Value Content Error Them, Let’s Know.

How to fix Low-Value Content Error 

To Fix Low-Value Content Error, You Have To Follow Some Steps, With The Help Of Which You Can Remove This Error From The Website And Get Approval.

You Have To Make Some Changes On The Post Of Your Website, What Are All The Changes, Let’s Know And Take Approval.

Fix Low-Value Content Error


  • Check Plagiarism Of All Your Posts
  • Write Articles On Trending Topics
  • Write At Least 25 To 30 Articles
  • Add Pages To Website
  • Customize The Website Uniquely

If You Apply All These Steps Correctly On Your Website, Then You Will Definitely Get The Approval Of Google Adsense And Know All These Steps In Detail.

Check The Plagiarism Of The Article 

If You Have Written Some Kind Of Content On Your Website Which Is Somewhat Copied, Then You Will Have To Remove All These Articles From Your Blog.

If You Do Not Want To Remove These Articles From Your Blog, Then You Can Keep All These Articles In Draft For A Few Days And When Your Blog Adsense Is Approved Then You Can Post These Articles Back.

There Are Many Tools Available Online Using Which You Can Check The Plagiarism Of Your Article And If Any Of Your Article Has More Than 30% Plagiarism Then Put That Article In Draft.

Links Of Some Plagiarism Tools Are Being Given Below Which You Can Use Which Are Free Such As

  1. Quetext
  2. Duplichecker

How To Find Trending Topics 

If You Write An Article On A Trending Topic, Then Your Chances Of Getting Adsense Approval Increase, Even More, But From Where Will You Bring This Trending Topic?

Google Trends Is The Best Tool To Find Trending Topic, With The Help Of This Tool You Can Easily Find Trending Topics For Any Niche.

And When You Write Articles On Such Topics, You Will Not Have Any Problem In Getting Adsense Approval, Fix Low-Value Content Error And You Will Get Adsense Approval Soon.

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Write At Least 25 To 30 Articles 

Friends, If You Want To Get Success In Blogging And Want To Earn Money From Blogging, Then You Will Have To Put 100 200 Articles On Your Blog Only When You Will Be Able To Earn Well.

So Why Don’t You Write 25 To 30 Unique Articles Before Taking Google Adsense Approval So That You Can Have Some Great Content On Your Website And Easily Approve Your Blog Or Website With Adsense?

You Have To Write All These Articles In One To Two Months And Then Apply For Adsense And You Have To Write The Article Till You Get A Reply Fix Low-Value Content Error.

Add Some Pages To Blog 

Friends, If You Do Not Add Pages Like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy On Your Website Or Blog, Then Your Website Cannot Be Considered As A Professional Website.

After All, Google Adsense Has Not Said That Any Website Or Blog That Has Pages On It Will Get Approval, But I Believe That If Such Pages Are On Your Website.

So Google Adsense Team Will Be Very Easy To Understand You And Your Website And If You Make Adsense Work Easy Then You Will Get To See Only Positive Results In Return.

You Can Create These Pages Online With The Help Of Many Tools But You Should Create About Us Page By Yourself Because This Is The Most Main Page Of Your Blog.

Customize Blog Uniquely 

Customization Of Your Blog Can Cause You To Get Adsense Approval Or Not If Your Website Is On WordPress Then You Can Easily Customize Any Template

But Whose Website Is On Blogger, Those People Have To Use Such A Template Which Is Adsense Friendly And Is Different In Your Niche Which You Can Easily Find.

So After Improving Your Website In This Way, If You Send It Again For Adsense Approval, Then You Will Easily Get Adsense Approval, And You Will Be Able To Earn.

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