5+ High CPC Keywords in India 2022 (Secret Tips)

5 High CPC Keywords in India – Howdy Guys, are you a blogger? Are you a full-time blogger or a part-time blogger? Have you not got even one rupee from blogging yet? Do you want to earn money from a blog? Are you in this confusion about whether money can be earned from blogging? Leave Lakh Rupees Can I Earn $100 A Month? So today I am going to answer all these questions. So do read the full article.

Especially if your blog is language or is from India, still can you earn more and more money! According to me, you can earn. And if you can earn then how can you earn?

If you implement the method I have mentioned in your new or old blog, then you will get success in blogging.

Most people say that I have a blog or website it does not have many page views, but there are some secrets that most pro bloggers tell in their paid courses.

Let me tell you a simple thing in whatever field you are blogging now or are thinking of starting, then first of all you should acquire most of the necessary knowledge of that field.

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The field I am going to tell you if you do not have your knowledge in it, you do not have any experience in it, then strengthen yourself before implementing it, because many people are working in this field and they are successful and experienced.

First of all, you should know that you have created a blog and you have to earn money from it, so do you know who gives the money? 

Example – If you only use the Advertising Model Adsense is the advertising platform of Google. So what happens in this is that Google is taking money in it and Google also gives it to you and who is giving it? These are the people or companies that are called Advertisers.

And do you know that these advertisers are also of many types – one is a very low budget advertiser and but one is a very high budget company, which are already crore husbands and they increase their business further. want.

This means that the company which has more money will spend a lot on their advertisement and the one who has less money or the field which has less money will spend less and this is the formula to achieve success in your blogging. . But I will explain this thing to you in a simple way –

Tips:- Select High CPC Keywords – High Paying Keywords

A friend here is the thing to see for you, if you want to earn money only through Adsense, then the most important thing you should see is that when you do Keyword Research in the blog post you are selecting, then you should look there. This is how much CPC you are getting on that keyword.

CPC is important to earn money through advertising

So if you understand this CPC trick well, then you can earn a lot of money through advertising. In the field where advertisers pay more money, in the same field means if you have a blog in Niche, then the article you have in that category or niche will get more earnings on fewer page views. As much as people will earn $100 on page views, you will earn $300 or more on the same page views.  

So what is this Niche or Field in which you have to create a blog?

It is called Niche or Keywords in blogging, you can also call it Category or Topic to understand it. So if we talk about keywords, then the Highest Paying Keywords which means the keywords that give the most money are –

* Friends, the High CPC Keywords mentioned below are not like this only for India, if you work for the USA in these High CPC Keywords, then you will earn many times more than India.

5 High CPC Keywords in India

No 1 – Insurance

Do you know that the insurance market is a lot of money, so companies that want to buy more and more insurance, every insurance company spends more and more money advertising because of this competition? They spend more money for one click of one ad of a keyword than as compared to other companies. 

What to do?

 In this, you can raise a small topic of insurance, such as –

  •  Compare Insurance,
  •  Which plan should people choose in different insurance like term insurance,
  •  Which company has life insurance, what is the plan,
  •  What is the minimum amount we should give in insurance for the month or year?
  •  Tell me which is the cheapest plan out of the different company plans,
  •  Which is the cheapest and most profitable plan of health insurance different companies, etc.

  So search such small questions on google and you have to write a different article in your blog about what you are asked in People Also Ask, in full detail and simple description. And if you have more knowledge in this field then only you should work in it.  

No 2 – Mortgage

 If any people go to the bank to take a loan, then they do a mortgage on their land or their house or their jewelry, only after that do they take a loan. It Means Banking or Loan that any keyword pays you high CPC. Because you already know that the bank which itself earns so many crores every day, then how many lakhs of rupees will they spend in advertising for their loan or Fixed Deposit Plan or Recurring Deposit plans or Mutual Funds. 

What to do?

  So in this category, you have interest in different plans or loans from different banks, etc. People have to be told about it. Yes, many people are doing this work, but you have to tell them some different information, in a simple way.

No 3 – Health

In the health sector, you can also take health insurance.

Trending in such a topic –

  1. Hair Loss
  2. Skincare
  3. Heartburn
  4. Fatigue
  5. Reproductive Health
  6. Healthy Eating
  7. Digestive Health
  8. Weight Loss
  9. Anti-aging
  10. Diabetes
  11. Arthritis
  12. Joint Pain
  13. Back & Neck Pain

What to do?

In this, you have to choose only one or two topics and write different detailed articles about the treatment of allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic or acupressure or acupuncture, or yoga.

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Keep in mind that only make a blog on one topic.

No 4 – Online Courses

Nowadays people who are in Digital India are taking professional courses online, so if you can work in it, then the chances of getting more income are more and every single online course company is investing more money in advertising it. So you will get more CPC on every keyword in this too. And you will also get maximum sponsorship. 

What to do?

 You can give reviews of different courses in this,
 You can write a blog post by comparing according to their prices.
 Can you tell me what are the benefits of their courses, etc?

No 5 – Search Engine Optimization

In today’s time, people are spending a lot of money on Search Engine Optimization. Why? Because the competition in this is to come to Google’s Top 10 SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In such a situation, crores of people keep reading about Search Engine Optimization on Google. Meaning if you have a blog in this category, then you can earn more with fewer page views. 

What to do?

You write every single thing about Search Engine Optimization in it in a different article. How To Do On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How To Do  Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How To Do  Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How To Do Search Engine Optimization For Free, How To Do Search Engine Optimization By Spending Money, etc. You can tell me about all these.  


So friends, today I have told you the topic and what to do about it, if you are not an expert or do not have much knowledge, then there is no need to jump into it now, in the same topic on which you are working now. do chores. 

Example –

You have studied arts and if you want to become a scientist then it will not happen, right? So you have to study like that to be a scientist. Similarly, you will have to do research on the topic I have mentioned above and gain knowledge well.

Do not go by looking at the money, you see your passion, because if you see the passion, then you may get success soon.

Friends, let us tell you one more thing if you do not have much knowledge in the blogging field, then you have to create a blog by choosing the easy category. Why? Because of the topic or keywords in which there is more money, there is also more competition in it. If you are not a Blogging Expert then you will not get any benefit from working hard for more High Paying Keywords.

And only Expert Blogger works in the Keywords or Topics I have mentioned above. Yes, there is more money on that topic, but you will have to spend money too.

You have to take a related domain name, get good hosting, use Paid Keywords Research Tools and first of all, you will have to advertise your blog. A good hosting charges $50 or more per month and Keyword Research Tool like Ahrefs charges you $150 or more per month means you have to pay.

Apart from that, you will also have to create backlinks on High Authority Websites, and in that, you will have to pay as much as the Blog Owner will charge you.

So if you want to create a blog on the same topic, then you will have to spend money. So you have to see whether you have to start with low CPC keywords and low competition keywords and reach a high CPC topic or you have to wait for 5 years starting with high competition, high CPC keywords to be successful.

So what do you have to do now?

First, you have to take a good domain name related to your topic or keywords. You have to create a blog on blogger.com itself and for the topic, you can read another article by clicking on the low CPC keyword given above. And slowly you should move forward with complete information from this blog of mine. Complete A to Z Guide will be found in this blog related to Blogging.

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What is CPC and how is it determined?

So see  CPC  means  Cost Per Click. In simple words, whenever a visitor comes to your blog or website and the advertisement is shown on your blog and those visitors click on that one ad and how much money you will get for that one clicked advertisement? And talk about how to determine this, then let us tell you that it depends on the advertisers and your Keywords Implementations. If the keywords with high CPC are inside your blog post and it should be Genuine. It should not happen that the blog post is written about someone else and if the keywords with high CPC are someone else, then you will have to earn zero rupees from your blog.

What is Page View?

Page View means how many people have come to your blog to read and how many people read your blog article in it (this page view is only for your article) and how much advertise to them in it (These Page Views are only for Advertise Dashboard. has been found).

What is Advertisement Dashboard?

This is a home page only, and in this, you are shown through the advertising company how much money you have received from that advertising company today or this week or this month or this year. It has complete details that how much CPC you got, how many ads have been shown on your blog, how many of those ads have been clicked, how much the CTR (Click Through Rate) in it, etc.

What is CTR?

This means how many ads have been shown in your blog, and what is the rate of clicks to those ads? Meaning, that after showing how many ads, people are clicking on those ads. If the ads are shown a little and clicked more times in that ad then it will be considered as high CTR and if more and more ads are shown in your blog and only a few of those ads are clicked then they will be considered as low CTR. 

So friends, how did you like our “5 High CPC Keywords in India ” today, and whether you will implement any of these keywords on your blog, definitely tell me by commenting below and sharing these SEO Tips with your friends.

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