150+ Good Morning Quotes in English

Starting the day with a motivational good morning quotes can fill you with positivity, enthusiasm and inspiration for the whole day. There is no better way to wake up in the morning. Because Good Morning Quotes gives you the power and ability to change your thought process.

good morning quotes for him
good morning quotes in english

If you are feeling down, or want to start your day with a different enthusiasm then you need some inspiration. Here you are provided with top 150+ Good Morning Quotes which will help to relax and encourage your mind.

Good Morning Quotes


“If the time is bad then work hard, and if it is good then help someone.”


“Happiness by speech, cause of sorrow by speech, pain by speech, and ointment by speech II


“Your morning every morning depends on you, how good you want to be.. – Good morning


“Get up and see the view of this morning, the wind is cold and the weather is also lovely,
the moon has fallen asleep, and every star is hidden, accept you good morning.
Good morning….”


“Those who believe in themselves know that their dreams will surely come true if not today or tomorrow. – Good morning


In the morning you have to give this message, you have to give the first salute of the morning, you have to live the
whole day happily, to give a beautiful name to this morning.
Good Morning…


If you want to be successful, tie a knot for one thing, even if your foot slips.
But the tongue should never slip.


If you want to make it, then make your own identity. What is the use of being a shadow of others? ……have a nice day.


The beautiful weather of every morning and your sweet memory,
this intoxicating wind and the thirst for hot tea,
the sweetness of friendship in the gathering of friends,
start this day with our best wishes.
Good Morning….


Do what you expect from others and start a new life.


Do what you expect from others and start a new life.


First don’t trust anyone blindly, if you believe then never doubt again, if you are
deceived, then karma keeps the account of the person moment by moment… have a good


Those who know how to walk on the path, they can reach any destination.


Never feel sorry for your life,
maybe the life you feel is
like a dream for someone else…
Good Morning


Never feel sorry for your life,
maybe the life you feel is
like a dream for someone else…
Good Morning


Paper flies by luck, but kite flies with ability,
you too will touch the heights one day, if you have ability with you…
🙏 good morning


What color is there in Fijao today too, today the sun has come out again in the blue sky,
you smile once again today to meet you, today a new morning has come again.


The richest person in life is the
person who
wins the hearts of others by giving them his smile.


Conjecture may be wrong, but experience is never wrong
because guess is our mind, imagination and experience is our
life lesson..!


In the morning you like to be harassed, it feels good to wake up from a lovely sleep,
when we remember someone, we like to remind him of myself.

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positive good morning quotes


Struggle in difficult situations develops
a valuable asset, which is called “self-confidence”. Good morning


The water drops are soaking the flowers, the
cool waves are awakening a freshness,
get you involved too,
A lovely morning is waking you up!


The heart said that someone is remembering,
I thought that the heart is joking,
then the hiccups came, I thought, I am
waiting for my message. Good morning


Keep beautiful not only your body but also your words,
people may forget your appearance but don’t forget your words…
Have a nice


If you want to help someone,
then you need a true and good mind, not money


Nothing will happen by sitting silent, make a new beginning this morning. – good


There is so much power in prayer, God that makes me see you every morning. – good


Where you are not there your virtues and demerits represent you… Good


The more you remain pure in your mind,
the closer you will be to God, because
God always resides in purity.
Good morning have a nice day.


Strength grows when we dare,
unity grows when we unite,
love grows when we share,
and relationships grow when we care!
With this positive thought, you
say good morning!


Always try in life, get
“goal” or “experience”
both are invaluable!


When thoughts, prayers and intentions are all
positive then life itself
becomes positive.

beautiful good morning quotes


Try that every
moment of life goes well because
life does not last but good memories
are always alive!


To live a happy life
it is important to accept that whatever
we have is the best!


There are many reasons to be sad,
but less than to be happy, then there is one advice, be
happy unnecessarily, life will look beautiful. – good


May your new morning be so pleasant, May
all the things of your sorrows become old, May
this day give you so much happiness,
that even happiness becomes addicted to your smile.
Good morning!


The kuhu of the cuckoo is in the kuhu, which is sweet
in the water of the river, the sound of chirping is in the water of the river,
it will be so melodious yours today,
from the heart say good
morning to you….


Life tries only
those who know how to walk on difficult paths,
victory in life belongs to those
who are never afraid of hard work.


It is very beautiful, this prayer
smells like our flowers, this life is
yours, what do I want and this friendship
will never end in our life !
Good morning!


Smile what is sorrow,
who has less tension in life, whether
good or bad is only an illusion,
the name of life is
sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow!


There is a morning after every night, it is dark under every burning lamp,
people are scared to see trouble, but behind every trouble lies the dawn of truth.


You will find love, love, relationships and friendship everywhere,
but it will stay where you will get respect…
Have a nice


Without the sun there would be no morning,
without the moon there would be no night,
without the clouds there would be no rain,
and without your remembrance friend,
the day would not begin.
Good morning! friend

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Love Good Morning Quotes


There is separation in love, there is
also infidelity in love,
by looking at my hand,
you will know
that there is truth in love too! Good morning!


Respecting everyone is a
good thing,
but living with self-respect is one’s
own identity.


May your new morning be so pleasant, May
all the things of your sorrows become old, May
this day give you so much happiness,
that even happiness becomes addicted to your smile.
Good morning!


No power in the world can beat the one who has good friends, good relatives,
and good thoughts . Good morning!


Be happy on every decision of God,
because God does not give
what you like,
but God gives
what is good for you.


Another morning of life is going,
another day of life is coming,
don’t think how many moments are there in life,
think how many lives are there in every moment.
Good morning!


The happiness of your life
depends on the quality of your thoughts.
So think positive and be happy.
Good morning! Have a nice day friend.


A Rose for
those who do not meet everyday,
but are remembered everyday.
Like you good


Relationships, love and friendship
are found everywhere,
but it stays only
where they are respected,
sometimes health
is cured not by taking medicine, but also by asking the condition!


What happened yesterday was not good,
the bad dream that you saw was not true.
The new dawn has brought a box of hopes,
hard work will change the whole of life.
Good morning!


Life is big without sorrow, the festival
of desire is decorated for you,
just smile once and see,
is standing outside to meet you.
Good morning!


O my master,
keep showering blessings, keep
filling empty bags for everyone,
have already bowed your head at your feet,
forgive sins and keep away sorrows,
thank you master, thank you, thank you.
Good morning!


It is a flower bud, look,
bathing in dew,
what a smile it is in the morning,
everyone is in it. –


How long have the birds been chirping on the branch,
the waves of the ocean are making noise like this!
How long will you wait for our message,
this lovely morning is calling you!


The golden morning has started,
we have talked to you with great difficulty,
now don’t forget it like before, we
have met again after a lot of prayers.


May your memories be with you in the morning, May
the sound of sweet birds, May
you always have a smile on your face,
And only you in our life.


God says don’t be sad, I am with you,
closing your eyelids and remembering from
your heart, I believe in you no one else.


What difference does it make
, how many lakhs, how many crores,
how many houses, how many vehicles we have,
food is only two breads,
living is only one life,
the difference is in
how many moments we spent happily,
How many people lived happily because of us.
Good morning!


Keep the cord of love, keep
the heart united,
what to take with you,
from this world , maintain
the relationship by speaking sweetly .


It is written in every school, it is forbidden to break the rules, it
is written in every garden, it is forbidden to pluck flowers,
and in every game it is written, breaking the rules is forbidden, I
wish in relationship, family, friendship too,
it would have been written that someone It is forbidden to leave.


If you want success in life
then rely on hard work not on luck…
Good Morning


There is no use of returning midway
because on returning you will have to cover the same distance
as you can reach the goal after covering the distance.


Let’s make a new beginning,
write a history this morning,
it’s enough to be a stranger, let’s become our own now. –


Some people are so
special to us that even remembering them
brings a smile to the face
like you!
Good morning have a nice day.


The world is engulfed in the rays of the sun,
let us also see in it! – Good

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Good Morning Thoughts


Be so happy in life that
seeing you make someone else’s
morning happy!


With the noise of birds, with a
lovely feeling, with
a true belief,
start your day with
a sweet smile!


With the blossoming of the buds, with
a lovely feeling, with
a new confidence, with
a sweet smile, start your day
… Good Morning!


Time is the greatest teacher of life,
because no one can learn what time teaches.
Good morning!


One freshness, one feeling, one beauty, one hope,
one faith, one faith,
that is the beginning of a good day.
Good morning!


Every day may not be good,
but there is something good in every day – Good morning!


If you want to be free, speak your language like a cuckoo, if you speak
the language of others, you will remain in a cage like a parrot,
always believe in your language and your thoughts


People listen only what they want to hear, do
n’t waste your time explaining.. Good


If you work for happiness, you will not get happiness,
but if you work happily, you will definitely get happiness.


Life is not a letter to be written by others,
you have to write your own destiny Good morning.


If someone ignores you, then remember this thing.. The
world ignores everything which is beyond its status


One who loses time, regrets it for the rest of his life,
because the time that has passed never comes back.
good morning


The crowd always walks on the path which seems easy,
but that does not mean that the crowd always walks on the right path.


What we did for others
is more important than
what others have done for us.


No one can close the path that God
opens for us, so keep faith in yourself in
difficult and bad times!


Always have patience.
When good times can’t last forever,
how can bad times last forever!


Faith is the greatest
treasure of life, because without
it neither love nor prayer is possible.

wisdom good morning quotes


There is a difference between “ego” and “sanskar”; “
ego” is happy by bowing down to others,
“sanskar” is happy by bowing itself!
Good Morning..!!


Faith is the greatest
treasure of life, because without
it neither love nor prayer is possible.


Neither struggle nor trouble, then what is the fun in living, even the
storm will stop when the goal is in the chest.
Good morning….


May the morning be a fair of happiness,
neither people care nor the trouble of the world,
the noise of birds and the weather is fine,
Happy morning to you.

Good morning….


Life is not special every moment,
the fragrance of flowers is not always near,
it was in our destiny to meet, otherwise,
such a lovely friendship would not have been a coincidence.
Good morning….


May God protect you from every sight,
decorate you more than the moon, the stars,
never know what hurts, may
God make you laugh so much in life.
Good morning….


Strength is needed only when something bad has to be done.
Otherwise love is enough to get everything in the world. …Good morning!


Those who give place to others in their prayers,
happiness first knocks on their door.
Good morning!


If God had not created a bad time,
then the hidden in the other and the hidden in the non-self would never be seen.
Good morning!


Words and thinking have an important role in increasing the distance,
sometimes we are not able to understand,
and sometimes we are not able to explain.
Good morning!


Let attachment not be so much that the evil is hidden,
and hate should not be so much that you cannot see the good.
Good morning!


Opportunity and sunrise have only one in common,
the late ones lose them.
Good morning!


Roads never end,
people just lose courage, good


You will definitely find someone in the light,
keep looking for someone who will support you even in the dark.
Good morning!


We can extinguish the lamp by blowing it,
but not the incense stick,
because who can extinguish the smell,
and the one that burns itself gets extinguished.
Good Day!


Night comes with stars,
sleep comes with dreams,
our prayer is today,
morning comes with lots of happiness for you.
Good morning!


Hey! Sun God, give this message to my loved ones, give
a happy day, an evening of laughter,
when someone reads this message of mine with love; So give them a sweet smile on their face.
Good morning!


Genuine people do not need praise, because perfume is never applied to real flowers.
Good morning!


Don’t give up, my lord. It is a difficult test,
as much as Lord, we both have respect,
because I trust you, this is my identity.
Good morning!


The circle of happiness in the new morning,
this blooming face of yours,
Happy this morning to you.
Good morning!


If you want to be happy then listen to praise and if you want to be better then condemn.
Good Morning!


If you work for happiness, you will not get happiness,
but if you work happily, you will definitely get happiness.


Life is not a letter to be written by others,
you have to write your own destiny Good morning.


If someone ignores you, then remember this thing.. The
world ignores everything which is beyond its status


One who loses time, regrets it for the rest of his life,
because the time that has passed never comes back.
good morning


If you put trust in others, it becomes a weakness,
if you keep trust in yourself, it becomes a strength.
good morning


Pride does not allow anyone to rise up,
and self-respect does not let anyone down.
Good morning!


It is useless to go where there is no value,
whether it is one’s home or one’s heart.
Good morning!


Life is not easy, it has to be made easy,
some in a way, some by a blind eye.
Good morning!


“One should always be happy,
because being upset does not remove yesterday’s troubles, but…
today’s peace also goes away.”


“Pain, sorrow, fear, whatever is there is just inside you. Come out of your
own cage and see,
you are also a Alexander.”


Suppose we do not meet you everyday
, we never talk face to face
, but every morning
we remember you by heart, without him,
our day would not have started!


The coming of difficulties is a
part of life, laughing out of it is
the art of living.


Always a smile on the face
does not mean that there is no struggle in life, there is
more trust in the above!


The flowers in the morning blossomed, the
birds flew away on their journey,
the stars also fell silent as soon as the sun came,
did you wake up from a sweet sleep?


Have applied , your gross is seen in the smoke rising from the cup of tea,
you get lost in your thoughts that
often my tea becomes cold!
Very Good Morning


Wake up and see the view of this morning, the
wind is cold and the weather is also lovely,
the moon has fallen asleep and every star is hidden,
accept your good morning to us.


Wishing you a lovely morning with showers of flowers and lovely gifts .
Good morning !


One freshness one feeling one beauty one hope one faith one faith This is
the beginning of a good day.


In happiness and in sorrow, in
joy and in pain,
we should have the same feeling towards every living being as we have towards ourselves.
Good morning!


Never be afraid to take risks in life, either you will win and even if you lose, you will get a Sikh.
Good morning!


True happiness is found only by sharing, whether it is victory or ideas.
Good morning!


Keeping small things in heart weakens big and big relationships,
good morning!


May every moment of yours be a rose, may
every moment
of yours be blessed, on whom God’s mercy showers,
may your name also be included in them.
good morning have a nice


To show love for flower fragrance and to
good morning to you!


If there are distances, what happened is remembered
not with the eyes, but with the heart!
Good morning ji how are you?


Don’t worry about tomorrow,
the Lord who has taken care of you till today
will take care of it in future too!

good morning quotes for him


Every morning of life
brings some conditions,
and every evening of life
leaves with some experience. Good morning!


If the destination is not found
, it is a matter of matter; We
should not even try, this is wrong.
Good morning!


It doesn’t matter how difficult your past was,
you can always start again – Gautam Buddha
Good morning!


Wake up and start living an inspirational life today. good


Learn from yesterday, learn to live today and look forward to tomorrow. good


If you want to fulfill your dreams, you must
first wake up. Good morning!


How far we have gone,
playing relationships,
we have lost ourselves, we
could find our loved ones.
Good morning!


Making someone your choice is not a big deal,
but becoming someone’s choice is a big deal.
Good morning!


No matter how precious the dress,
it cannot hide a bad character.
Good morning!


“The morning is the beginning of a new day,
if you talk to someone, then this beginning is special, the joy of saying “good morning” to your loved ones
with a smile on your face is very special.” Good Morning


“By teaching something, this phase will also pass,
then one more person will smile,
do not be disappointed, from this bad time, there
is tomorrow, today and today, tomorrow will be there.”
!Good morning!


You don’t have to
be great to start, but you have to start to be great,
get up and storm the day with enthusiasm.
Good morning!


Relationships should also be valued like money,
because both are difficult to earn but easy to lose.
Good morning!


Success is never big,
achievers are always big,
friendship is never big,
those who perform are always big.
Good morning!


Real happiness is to bring happiness in other’s
life, you can bring happiness in other’s life only
when you are happy yourself.
Good morning!


Blooming morning,
it is a fresh morning,
Flowers and springs have spread
colors for you,
Morning is saying wake up
, without your smile
everything is incomplete. Good morning.


May the happiness of the whole world come in your lap,
with this good morning
greetings. Have a nice day Good morning!


Irrespective of the meeting, but
the feeling of belonging should be done everyday.


May a beautiful day keep your
hope and your faith and may
your life be
filled with happiness, may God
fulfill all your dreams. Good morning.


Confidence is the most
beautiful morning of life, it
keeps your whole day beautiful!


The life of the mirror is also wonderful, in
which everyone is welcome but the collection belongs to no one.
Good morning!


Make two ways of living life,
one enjoys what he likes, the
other like what he achieves.
Good morning!


Even the birds that fly high do not have arrogance,
because they also know that there is no place to sit in the sky.


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