Get [Unlimited Traffic] 2022 from Google Question Hub

Today we will know what is Google Question Hub? And how can you gain Unlimited Traffic in your blog from Google Question Hub, that too for free?

The biggest problem of 2022 that every blogger is facing is where to bring traffic to your blog? Because until the traffic will not come to your blog, you will not be able to earn from your blog.

Google Question Hub, Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Traffic

And today we will tell you the easiest way to bring free organic traffic to the blog.

By the way, there are many other ways to bring traffic to the blog, by which you can increase the organic searches of your blog such as:-

  • On-page of your blog.
  • Doing Off-Page SEO of your blog.
  • Improving Blog’s Organic Search CTR
  • To make the design and user interface of the blog better and user-friendly.
  • Quality Article Publish
  • Contribute by creating an account on social media
  • Increasing DA and PA of Blog
  • Understanding Google EAT and more

The easiest and most effective way out of them is the Google Question hub. So today we will go that:-

What is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub is a tool created by Google for its blogger and publisher, in which any blogger and publisher can sign up and create their account.

Here bloggers get the questions and queries that were asked by the users and whose answer is not on the Internet.

It is the job of web publishers that according to our niche, the answer to those questions is to be published in our blog and the link of its article is to be given in the answer to the question hub.

Our work is just that, after that, you get a lot of traffic from Google Question Hub.

 As you can see below, I worked on this account only for a month, that too a little, and I got this much result.

Why did Google create a Question Hub account?

Google is a search engine that always wants to give a great experience to its users. Whenever an Internet user searches any of his queries on Google, Google shows him the best result by bringing it to the top pages.

But what about those questions and queries that users search through the Internet but Google does not have their answer.

To overcome this problem, Google created the Google Question Hub. In which all the questions asked on the Internet, which is not yet been answered by Google properly.

Google publishes all those questions in Google Question Hub and gives access to its publishers to see those questions and publish their correct answer in their blog and submit it as URL answers to Question Hub.

 So now you must have known what is Google Question Hub? Now we will know that:-

How to Use Google Question Hub?

To use Google Question Hub, first of all, you must have a blog or website in which you publish or do content.

After that, you have to create your account. Come let’s know how we can create an account in Google Question Hub.

How to Create Account in Question Hub?

To create an account in Google Question Hub, you have to follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:- Login To Google Question Hub.

Step 2: – After logging in, click on Sign Up in Google Question Hub.

Step 3:- Now you will be asked mail-id, then here you have to enter the mail id with which you have registered your blog in Search Console.

Step 4: – After this, you have to click on allow.

Step 5:- After this, you have to select your site on Select Sites and click on Next.

Step 6:- In this step, you have to select the language and click on Get Started.

Step 7: – Now a Dashboard will appear in front of you, which means that your Google Question Hub account has been created.

How to use Question Hub?

To use Google Question Hub, you have to log in to your account and according to your niche, you have to search thereby entering keywords.

By searching, you will get questions related to that keyword, you have to add them. 10 questions have to be added at one time and by clicking, the next 10 questions will be added.

Now you have to see whether the question that is in front of you is whether you have published such an article in your blog or not.

If not, then you can also write a complete article on it or you can update it by adding a paragraph or FAQ to a similar post.

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And after updating or publishing the post, by copying its URL, you have to paste that URL in the answer to the question you had selected.

Conclusion-What is Google Question Hub?

Today we learned what Google Question Hub is? And how you can increase Unlimited Traffic to your blog from Google Question Hub. This is a very good way to write a unique post in your blog. And to make your blog popular and famous. So you too start building an audience for your blog using Google Question Hub.

Are new bloggers get approval for the question hub?

Yes. A new blogger will also get approval in Google Question Hub very easily.

Can a blog be created to answer questions from Google Question Hub?

Yes! This is the best thing because the questions of Google Question Hub are unique and these are the searches made by the user, if you create a blog from these, then you will get ranking in Google quickly and success too.

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