Top 10 Tips to Generate UK USA Traffic on Your Blog

Top 10 Tips to Generate UK USA Traffic on your Blog, To increase the cups of your blog, its traffic is needed. Earnings of Adsense depends on the cpc only.

Do all bloggers want traffic from the UK, or USA only? It is not possible to bring UK and USA traffic to content. But it is not impossible either. There is no place in the world where there are no Indians and where there are Indians there are people who can read, write and speak. That is why the traffic between UK and USA is possible.

Generate UK USA Traffic
Generate UK USA Traffic

In this post, we will talk about how to Generate UK USA Traffic, Saudi, and Europe Countries in Blog. The currency of all these countries is more powerful than that of India. That’s why CPC is good here. The income of 10000 (ten thousand) India Traffic is equal to the income of 1000 (one thousand) US Traffic.

Blogging is also a business. We have Direct Customer Reader, we help them for free. But to live, you need money. Because the time has become modern as well as economic. So here Blogger earns money from Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense. In the case of Google Adsense, CPC is good on outside traffic, due to which Earning is good. CPC is very messy for Indian users. The best income comes from Organic Traffic. Traffic is divided into four categories.

  • Organic: Traffic that comes from Search Engine.
  • Direct: Some users open the site by typing the direct URL.
  • Referral: Traffic coming through backlink
  • Social: Social Media Website
  • Spam: Traffic coming from Black Hat SEO. It has a negative effect. This happens by submitting a blog URL to an unknown site in link building.

Why bring traffic from countries like the UK, USA, and other European countries or whose currency is stronger than India:

If you want to earn more than Adsense then it is very important to get traffic from these countries. The CPC of Indian Traffic is less than 0.5. If we talk about a site with content, then it gets less than 0.05. For this reason, Adsense does not make a good income.

One reason for this is also free. Indians want everything for free. If you are paid, then they do not even like to listen. There are many such countries (UK, USA, Saudi, Canada, Australia) where CPC is very good. Because of which everyone wants traffic of the same country. Here are some keywords whose CPC is more than 50 $.

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Top 10 Tips to Generate UK USA Traffic on Your Blog :

#1. Dot Com (.com) Country TLD (Top Level Domain) Domain Register :

  1. Country-wise Domain Extension is also different.
  2. .us (United State of America), .uk (United Kingdom), .au (Australia), .ca (Canada) domain Register.
  3. Google does the Geo Location Index of the domain according to Extension.
  4. .IN is the domain extension of India.

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#2. Write Post on Trending Topic:

  1. Although there are many tools for Keyword Research almost all are Paid Tool.
  2. All the tools of Google are free. Trending Tool is also very good for Content ideas and Keyword Research.
  3. By writing a post on Global Trending Topic, you get traffic from a good (High CPC) country.
  4. Write a post on the trending topic of the country whose traffic is needed.

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#3. Guest Posting on UK, US, CA, AU Blogs : 

You must have known about Gues Post. It helps a lot in generating traffic.
Write a guest post on the blog of the country whose traffic is needed.
Some blogs pay with a backlink in a guest post.

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#4. Website Hosting :

Google User sees the result according to the location. The hosting server should be taken from the country from which traffic is needed.

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#5. Submit URL to AU, CA, the UK, and US-based Business, and Blog Directory : 

  1. URL Submission is done to create Backlink.
  2. Create a backlink on the website/blog of any country whose traffic is needed.
  3. There are many ways to create backlinks. Such as Guest posts, Commenting, PDF Submissions, and PPT Submissions.

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#6. Set geographic location USA in GWT (Google webmaster tools) :

  1. This is an awesome service of Google Webmaster.
  2. Set the Geo Location of any country whose Traffic Chahiye is there.
  3. Google Webmaster > Search Traffic >International Targeting >Country (where traffic is needed) > save.
  4. Here there is also the option of language. Also, use the Hreflang Tag of the language the website/blog is in.

#7. Comment in Niche Related Blog : 

  1. A backlink is also made from Comments. But, backlinks should be made from Niche Related blogs only.
  2. Referral Traffic is available from Blog Comment.
  3. Comment on the Traffic Chahiye of this country in the blog there.
  4. Use such a word in the comment that the Admin approves it.

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#8. Use StumbleUpon, Reddit, and LinkedIn :

  1. These are all three Social Bookmarking Sites.
  2. From all these, it is easy to Generate UK USA Traffic, US, AU, and CA.
  3. Social Bookmarking also works as Social Media.
  4. StumbleUpon is the best platform.

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#9. Active in Niche Related Popular community :

  1. A forum is the best way for traffic
  2. Users keep asking questions in the forum. If his answer is in any post, then you can share the post.
  3. It is also very easy to get a Follower and Subscribers from here.

#10. Paid Advertisements :

  1. I always tell you to avoid free things.
  2. If you allow budget, then do Paid Advertisement.
  3. You can also generate traffic from Paid advertisements.
  4. There are many cheap advertising options available.
  5. Keep on distributing in Promotional Material Users.

The traffic from the UK, USA, Saudi, and Europe Countries can be brought to the blog or website by using all the SEO Tutorials mentioned above.

For any questions and confusin, you can ask in the comment. Share this post on your Social Media Profile and share this information with your Blogger friends.

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