Easy ways to earn money from Quora

How to earn money from Quora – Hello, in this article we are going to talk about how we can earn money from Quora.

earn money from Quora
earn money from Quora



First of all, let’s talk about what is Quora? Quora is a Question – Answering Site. Where you can ask your questions to people and answer the questions available on Quora. Apart from this, you can create your group on Quora which is known as Space on Quora, or you can join the space of others.

Along with this, Quora supports many languages, so you can create your Quora account in that language in which you are an expert. But many new bloggers and YouTubers always make some mistakes due to which their account gets suspended.

Quora is very active in the matter of Monitoring, if you are doing anything that you should not have done, then Quora deactivates your account and all your hard work goes in vain. So if you want to earn money from Quora, then you should know the right way and you should work accordingly. So that you can keep your account safe and earn money from it.

How to earn money from Quora

Here we are not going to tell you about 1 or 2 but 5 such ways by using which you can earn money from Quora very easily. But let us tell you in advance that you must read the entire article because if you skip anything, there will be a lot of chances that your account will be suspended.

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Apart from this, the other important thing, many people think that it is very difficult to earn money from Quora and you cannot earn more money? If you also have this question in your mind, then let us tell you that the five things we are talking about inside this article, if you use these five things properly, then you will be able to earn good money from Quora.

01. Create your Space and Earn Money

Quora provides you the facility to create space, which you can call a page or group. Now according to the latest update of earn money from Quora, Quora provides you the facility to monetize your space.

This means if you grow your Quora Space by following the Guidelines of Quora, then you can monetize your space, and then advertisements will start coming on your space and you can very easily make money through your space. Can earn

Apart from this, you can also earn money by publishing Paid Post. Many companies, bloggers, and YouTubers always look for such a space that has a good number of followers, after that, they want that they can promote themselves there.

Because the space is yours, you can charge them to publish the post and earn money. By using Space in this way, you can earn 2 ways from Quora.

02. Promote your Blog

If you want to do Seriously Online Earning, then it is very important to have a blog, because a blog gives you complete freedom to publish your content accordingly, along with this you can earn good money by placing Adsense advertisement on your blog.

Now the question comes that how can I promote the blog on Quora and how can I send traffic there? For this, you can use some methods-

You can promote your blog on Quora through Images. With which you have to maintain a blog related to the topic, create related Professional Looking Images from that topic and update those images while answering the question on Quora, so that people who will see your answer will see your image and Will visit your website.

You can also put a link to your blog or blog post with your answers on earn money from Quora. But we would suggest that when you put a link with an answer, then keep the link in the footnote itself.

Because Quora never supports Direct Link and if a user updates the link in Direct Answer many times, then Quora also suspends his account. So don’t make such a mistake at all.

Put the link of your website in your profile, the accounts that put most of the links on Quora are suspended, so it is better for you that when you answer a question, then write it there for more information as given in the profile. Click on the given link.

Now the question comes that where to put the link in the profile so that the user can get it quickly and also be effective, then you must put the links of your website and your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the description of your profile, so that User not only visit your website but also follow you on social media. [16+ Ideas] How To Make Money From Facebook

03. Promote YouTube Videos and Earn Money

Like Blog, you can also promote YouTube Channel on Quora. For which you find related questions on Quora from the topic from which you create related videos and update the link of the video with their answers.

By which users can watch your video by clicking on that link and you can easily grow your YouTube channel and earn good money.

04. Affiliate Marketing

On Quora, people often ask questions related to products such as which is Budget Friendly Mobile, which is the best PC Mic, etc. You can target such questions and by joining Amazon’s Affiliate Links or any other Affiliate Program, remove the link of the product from there and share it on Quora.

By which all the users who are searching for that product will buy the product by clicking on the link given by you and this will start your affiliate income. In this way, you can also earn good money by doing Affiliate Marketing on Quora.

From this the best option would be to add an Affiliate Link to your blog or YouTube video and update the link of your blog or video on Quora, this will increase your traffic on your blog or will grow your YouTube channel.

Along with this, you will be able to earn a good income from both Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing.

05. Promote your Social Media Accounts

You can also grow your Social Media Account very easily through Quora. But for this, you have to work on the latest topic because most of the people on social media follow you only when you update the latest or trending things.

After this, you search for things according to you on Quora, such as search-related questions on Quora, whatever is trending at the moment and add 1 line with your answer there, For our Latest Updates Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc. or put the name and link of the social media account you want to promote.

Because today most social media sites allow you to earn and you do not even need to write much on social media, you can share things accordingly. This will be useful to you in future also and will help in increasing your earning in present also.

Because today more sponsorship is found on social media than Quora as well as a quick response is also available.

In Conclusion earn money from Quora

Quora is very popular in India today and if you are not using it properly then you are making a big mistake. Along with this, we would personally suggest that when you work on Quora, keep one thing in mind.

Try that you must promote your blog or YouTube videos, so that your social media accounts will also grow and at the same time you will have to add only 1 link to do affiliate marketing, due to which the chances of spamming will be negligible and Your account will continue to run in Safe Zone and you will be able to earn easily.How to earn money online from Telegram in 2022

Now, what is your opinion about this information and which of the five methods do you like more, tell us by commenting about it.

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