Must Read: Best Blogging Tips Before Starting Blogging in 2022

Best Blogging Tips before starting blogging in 2022? Understanding blogging is a long-term successful career that takes time to grow but once you become successful in blogging then believe me you cannot even imagine where blogging will take your life.

Here is Name, Fame, Money, Freedom after a while blogging is a very big career and the best thing is that you do not need anyone to do it, you can make your blog sitting at home and many more. can achieve great success.

But for that, you have to do your blogging career in the right way, many new bloggers do not know the right process of blogging and they go on doing what they understand and after failing many blogs, they understand from their mistakes. What was to be done and what was not.

Best Blogging Tips
Best Blogging Tips

Therefore, being a member of the blogging course, we do not want this to happen to you as well, we want you to be successful for the first time itself.

It is not necessary to learn by making mistakes every time, sometimes to save our time, we should also learn from the mistakes of others.

That’s why in today’s article, we will tell you the mistakes that new bloggers often make, which you should not do and we will also give you the best blogging tips for how to do blogging right.

Let’s start and know blogging tips? And best blogging tips?

Must Read: Best Blogging Tips Before Starting Blogging in 2022

In Best Blogging Tips, we are going to tell you many such things which will help you to achieve quick success in your blogging career. Let’s start:-

Incomplete Research, Planning, or Hasty Decision

The biggest mistake of new bloggers is that they start creating their blog without knowing much about blogging. See, the second name of blogging is research and experiments.

If you want to be successful in blogging, then first of all you have to understand blogging, blogging is like an online business, to start which you have to do proper planning.

A properly planned blog in which all the steps are taken after careful consideration and research, then that blog never fails.

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Pro Tips:- So if you want to make your own profitable and money-making blog in 2022, then you have to do research, for this, you read more and more blogs, watch YouTube videos and follow pro bloggers on social media according to your blogging niche. Doing it will help you a lot.

Blogging Niche

Blogging Niche decides whether you will get safety in your blogging career or not and if you will get it then how much time will it take. A right Niche can earn you millions a month if you have selected your Niche with the right research and planning.

Pro tips:- If you want to be successful in blogging in 2022, then you should create a Micro Niche blog because such blogs rank quickly in google and you can beat the competition too.

To understand about the blogging niche and to know how to suck a profitable niche,

Free Domain or Free Hosting

Blog _ _ _ _ _ _ -2000 to save Rs.

If you do not have money, then do one thing in blogging, then you have to publish by writing SEO friendly content, that means you have to learn how to write articles for your blogging career, only then you will become a successful blogger.

So until you do not have money, you should learn content writing and do content writing work for other bloggers, which will give you the practice of writing content, you will also earn a lot of money by doing content writing and from bloggers whose For you are writing content, you will also get to learn a lot.

With the money you get from doing content writing, buy a good hosting and create your WordPress blog because now you also know how to write content and by spending some earned money, when you create your WordPress professional blog, then will work very hard on that and that blog will be a success.

To know which is the best hosting for creating a WordPress blog,


If we talk about Blogging Tips, then this is also a big confusion where people make mistakes. Because both these platforms see and hear the same name but are completely different from each other.

If you want to be successful in blogging and want to become a professional blogger then you should start WordPress blogging that too with

Use Lightweight or Mobile Responsive Theme

Google also believes that your blog should be mobile responsive because in today’s time mobile internet user is the most, so you should make your blog mobile responsive.

Mobile responsive means that your blog and its content should be seen properly in the user’s mobile and he can read your blog comfortably on mobile.

Many bloggers use different types of themes to make their blog mobile responsive, but those themes and their heavy coding increase the load on your blog, due to which the speed, design, and user experience of your blog are bad.

If the user is returning from your blog or is not getting the right experience, then you can never be successful in blogging, nor will your blog’s ranking in Google be maintained.

To be successful in blogging, you have to take care of your user experience, for this, you have to use the right theme in your blog, most of the popular bloggers use the Generate Press theme in their blog, it is very good lightweight and mobile responsive theme.

Write Unique article

See, if you are a new blogger or you have a new blog, I would like to tell you in Blogging Tips that in the beginning you have to write a unique article in that blog, such articles which no one has written yet or it is very little on the internet.

If you want to bring your blog to the eyes of Google and want to be indexed quickly, then from the beginning you should adopt this strategy in your blog.

For this, you help google, in google question hub you will find many such questions according to your blogging niche which people search through google on the internet but Google does not have their answer.

He puts the questions in the google question hub, you have to take those questions from there, in their correct answers, you have to publish a complete blog post and publish it.

With this, your blog will rank quickly in google, your blog authority will increase and you will also get the approval of AdSense quickly and at once.

Focus on long-tail & low competition keywords

This is the most important part of Best Blogging Tips, it is very difficult to rank in the new blog and beat the competition, so you should initially focus on low competition keywords and long-tail keywords in your blog.

For the initial blog post, even if you write an article on low-volume keywords, it will work, why you need to pay attention to google ranking and authority as well.

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Always Published articles on Fixed Timing

It is difficult to maintain, but if you can, then you should make a fixed time for how many times a day your blog posts will be published and always publish your articles at the same time.

To do this, you can schedule your blog post by writing, then it will be published automatically on the same day at the same time.

Always Be consistent

Best Blogging Tips – The biggest role in blogging is your consistency, you have to take your blogging career seriously and publish articles regularly.

If you publish one article in a day, then you have to publish one article daily, then you can publish one article in two days, then publish one article in two days but keep the time you have created.

Pro tips:- But remember that you have to focus on the quality of your blog article not on the quantity, why should you not publish only two articles in a month, you have to publish those two articles in very high quality.

Use SSL Certificate

You should use an SSL certificate in the blog. By using an SSL certificate, your blog is open on HTTPS:// because of HTTP:// which means security. So you should always use an SSL certificate in your blog. But keep in mind that you should never use free SSL and self-signed SSL certificates, it is not right for your blog.

Increase your Blog Speed

The speed of your blog matters a lot in the success of the blog, any website that takes time to open, often users leave them without reading them, due to which your blog has a very negative impact in the eyes of Google and Due to which the ranking of your blog also goes down.

That’s why you should always try that your blog and blog post should be open within 3 seconds, if it is getting open late, then you should work to increase the speed of your website.

On-Page SEO

SEO means search engine optimization, you should focus on-page SEO of your blog from the beginning, then later you will not have to load its work, as well as Google will be able to crawl index, and rank your blog properly.

Keyword Research

Keyword research has a big role in blogging, whenever you publish an article in your blog, you should always do keyword research for it. If you write what no one searches on the internet, then your blog post Who will?

Keyword research helps you to write articles in your blog post by focusing on those keywords which people search on the internet, on which advertisers put maximum bids, only then you will be able to earn good money from blogging.

Convert visitors into Blog Audience

When a user visits your blog for the first time then we call them blog visitors but when they become regular readers of your blog then we will call them your blog audience.

You should always focus on making your blog’s audience. 

For this you:-

  • Branding and promoting your blog
  • Use subscription or push notification in your blog.
  • Keep publishing quality articles from time to time
  • Take care of your users and publish user-friendly articles for their

 social media accounts

To be successful in blogging, then you will have to promote your blog everywhere, you will have to create all the social media accounts of your blog and there you will also have to give a link to your blog, from which you will also get a profile backlink and people from there your blog.

Best blogging Tips- Content marketing

There is a proverb that what is seen sells, no matter how much good content, the article you publish in your blog, how will you know its value until someone comes to read it.

To make your content accessible to your blog and people related to your niche, you have to join groups in social media platforms, join forums and publish information related to your content there. Also there you can tell about your blog and website.

SEO friendly images

Images are what can make and break your blog, if you use images of very heavy size in your blog or use low-quality images, it will spoil the speed of your blog that your User’s experience also you should always use SEO images in your blog like this

Best Blogging Tips- Author box 

Often bloggers do not make an author box in their blog, but you should also create an author box in your blog, if you see below this blog article, I have made an author box in my blog, it makes a lot of difference in Google SEO on the authority of your blog. If possible, you must create an author page in your blog.

Optimize Database

When we create a WordPress blog, many times we install many plugins in it, after that we also deactivate, many times we use many themes, and then remove them.

In such a situation, in our WordPress blog, a lot of unused data, JavaScript, all such files are collected which are of no use.

So that the speed of your website is good, these things increase a lot of load in our WordPress blog, so you should optimize the database of your WordPress blog.

Content Strategy 

After creating a blog, you will have to create a content strategy to publish the article in your blog, nothing will be done by publishing the article only by doing keyword research.

You will also have to create a Content Strategy for the article, at which time you have to publish the article, how many supporting articles do you have to write on the main focus keyword?

How to Promote Articles As soon as you write articles, you have to plan the entire content strategy for how to rank on the first page of Google.

Disavow Bad or Spammy backlinks

Many times, due to many reasons, many Spammy backlinks are created in your blog, due to which the spam score of your website increases, you have to remove Spammy backlinks from your website.

Bad backlinks are harmful to your website, they have to disavow all those backlinks with the help of google disavow, which will reduce the spam score of your website, your website SEO will be correct.

Best blogging Tips- Secure your Blog

We work very hard in creating a WordPress blog, so we should also pay attention to the security of our WordPress, according to research, there is a lot of risk of hackers on WordPress blog, so your hard work should not be wasted, from the very beginning you should take care of the security of your website. have to keep.

Clouldflare blog connect 

Cloudflare is a free CDN service, here you must connect your blog, you have many benefits by connecting your website with Cloudflare, from here you get security, your server does not have too much load, to get more information about Cloudflare

SEO friendly article picks

To be successful in blogging, you have to publish SEO-friendly articles in your blog. SEO-friendly article means search engine friendly so that the search engine can properly crawl index your blog post.

Home page 

Google gives a lot of priority to those blogs which make the user experience good, it is not necessary but still, you should create a home page in your blog. Can explain very well to your user about

Spam comments to delete 

It has been seen many times that there are too many spammy comments in the WordPress blog, you should delete the spammy comment in your blog, for this you can use the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin so that all your spammy comments will go to a spam folder. And now you can delete it in one click

Off-page SEO

By increasing the authority of the blog, the ranking of your blog also increases, if you have heard the name of SEO, there are three types of on-page SEO, off-page SEO or technical SEO. You also need to do off-page SEO of your blog. This increases the authority of your blog and also the ranking of your blog.

Blog or monetize 

After creating a blog, after publishing some articles in the blog, your blog will be completely designed, after that you have to monetize your blog, although there are many ways to earn money from the blog, you can earn money in any of these ways.

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Blog branding -Best blogging Tips

Make your blog a brand You can use a variety of social media platforms to do blog branding, you can go from place to place and tell about your blog, this will also make your blog’s audience, your blog’s branding too will be

Blog internal linking 

Do Proper Internal Linking in Blog Internal linking means internal linking from one of your blog posts to another blog post when a user reads one of your articles and he gets another useful article related to it, then he also reads that article With this you should do internal linking in your blog.

Due to this, your blog pageview also increases, you also earn a lot and earn from Google Adsense.

Domain or page authority 

In blogging, you must have heard DA PA, increase the domain authority and page authority of your blog, if the domain authority of your blog is good, then whatever article you publish will quickly rank on Google, you will have to work less hard.

blog colors or font 

To make your blog user-friendly, you should use the right color and font in your blog, if you use any color combination that stings in the eyes and spoils the user experience, then often the user can leave your blog. Is

If you do not use the right font, which makes it difficult for your user to read or use a font of very large size, even if you use a font of very small size, even then the user may not be able to read your blog and your blog. This can also increase the bounce rate

category or menu set 

Divide your blog post into the right category and menu. When a user comes to your blog, he should not be confused, about what kind of article he wants to read, he can read comfortably.

Create impact pages

You create all the pages in the blog It is very important to create all the pages in the blog about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms, and conditions.

Google search console

When you create your blog, after making a proper setting in it, after writing some pages and some articles, you should connect your blog to Google Search Console, this will make it easier for you to index your blog in Google.

In Google Search Console, you can also see how your blog is performing online, but how many blog posts have been consumed, how many impressions are coming, how many people are coming to read the blog by clicking on it, all the information google search Can be taken with the help of console


In the Blog, you have to do the proper setting of your permalink structure. As short and focused your permalink remains, you will get a lot of benefits both in your blog ranking and in your user experience. You should go to your WordPress blog setting and set the permalink structure to something like this.

Blog Audit- Best blogging Tips

See, according to you, you do everything in your blog correctly and well, but still, there are many such technical things that you do not know but they affect the SEO and ranking of your blog very badly.

For this you should audit your blog every 15-20 days, you can use the free ahref webmaster tool to audit your blog.

This is a free tool where you can do an SEO audit of one of your websites for free.

Check broken links

If more and more links in your blog are broken you can be very difficult and your user experience will also be very bad so you should always fix the broken links of your blog. To find out the broken links of your blog, you Use the broken links checker plugin, so that whenever any link is broken in your blog, you will know.

Conclusion -Best blogging Tips

Today we have understood some blogging tips, I hope this will have helped you a lot and for information related to blogging, you should visit our blog regularly.

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