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Best Image Size for a Blog Post & Thumbnail

Best Image Size for a Blog Post- Hello Friends In today's article we are going to talk about how many size images we should upload inside a blog.

Best Image Size for a Blog Post- Hello Friends In today's article we are going to talk about how many size images we should upload inside a blog, so that our Blog Post Image also has the quality and our Blog Fast Speed.

Best Image Size for a Blog Post
Best Image Size for a Blog Post

Best Image Size for a Blog Post

Hello, as all of us when we start blogging, we have many questions, out of which a very common question is that what size image should we use in our blog post and thumbnail. Because according to Google's Search Algorithm, if you use a low-size image, then Google does not rank your post. That's why you can say that the size of the image also contributes a lot to the ranking of the blog post.

That is why today we are publishing a particular article on this topic so that you can get all the important information related to this topic and you do not have to search this question again on Google.

Blog Post Image & Thumbnail

First of all, let us understand that what is the difference between the size of Blog Post Image and Thumbnail Image on Blog, so when it comes to Blog Post Image then you will know that the more images you upload to your Blog Post, the more your post will be. It will be slow to open because images take a little longer to load.

But recently Google has made some updates in its search algorithm, according to which the images available on your blog will be open only when the user scrolls the page. That is to say, suppose you have uploaded an image after the 1st paragraph and uploaded a second image after the 5th paragraph, in such a situation when the user opens your article.

Then first of all he sees the 1st paragraph so only the first image will be loaded while the rest of the image will not be loaded so that your page will open at fast speed, and when the user scrolls down the page as if going to the 5th paragraph then your second Image will be loaded.

In this way, if you keep the size of the Blog Post Image right, then your Blog Post will open faster and now when it comes to Thumbnails, it does not make any difference to Blog Post. But the difference of Thumbnail is shown to you on the home page.

Here let us tell you that the more blog posts you show on the home page, the more time it will take for your home page to load, so try to put only 5 to 6 posts so that your blog will be loaded at a fast speed. And your new posts will be shown to the user, due to which there is not going to be any problem in traffic.

Best Image Size for a Blog Post

First of all, we talk about the size of the image to be uploaded in the blog post, related to this topic we read many blog posts and most of the bloggers say that you should upload 650 weight images. But recently we saw an error in the webmaster, according to the webmaster, the weight of the image used in your blog should be 1200 pixels.

If you keep the size of your blog post image less than 1200Pixel, then you can also get an error in the webmaster. So now we got the idea of ​​weight that we have to upload 1200Pixel images for our blog post but the webmaster has not given any specific information about the height.

This is because, in the case of height, you can keep the height of the image according to your content, but we all always design the content according to the size of the image, so according to us 630Pixel and 720Pixel both are best for the height of the image.

To understand this, you should use 1200PX * 630PX image for your blog post or use 1200px * 720px, both image size is fine for your blog post.

Best Image Size

After this let's talk about how many KB your image should be, tell in advance that the image size will not be taken in MB, otherwise it will take a lot of time to load. Now talking about KB, if your image is between 80KB to 180KB, then it is best. Because if you make an image of less than 80KB, then the quality of your image will deteriorate, due to which the User Experience on your blog is going to be very bad.

And if you tell an image of size more than 180KB, then a problem will be created in loading. Therefore, if you try to keep the size of the image in the middle, then it will be better for your blog post.

How to Create Perfect Shape & Size Image

Now the question comes that how can we create the image of Perfect Shape & Size, so there are many tools online but we would suggest that you use Photoshop because with Photoshop you can design the image of Perfect Shape & Size. And also you can control the size of the image.

So that if you design an image of 1200 * 630 pixels, then using online tools, the size of your image will be between Approx 200 to 250 KB, which is not perfect for your blog post. But when you use Photoshop, you can control the size.

As seen in the above image, we have kept the quality of the image as maximum, so the size of the image is showing 135.6 KB, now if we want to increase this size a little, then we increase the Size Scroller given just below the Maximum Option a bit. 

If we give, then the size of our image will increase and if we reduce it, then the size of the image will decrease.

In this way, you can design the perfect shape & size image using Photoshop and get the best Image Size for a Blog Post.

Thumbnail Image Size

Talking about Thumbnail Image Size, it depends on your theme that the theme you are using supports or shows how many pixel images. Now when it comes to size, if you use an image between 80 KB to 180 KB in Blog Post here too, then it will be better for your blog.

But on the home page, you should only show a maximum of 6 posts so that the loading speed of the home page of your blog is right, your blog should be fast loaded.

In Conclusion

Inside Best Image Size for a Blog Post, we have tried our best to tell you only about the specific shape and size so that you do not get confused at all, and easily design the image of the right shape and size by using it in your blog. Can you So that the loading speed of your blog is also correct and the User Experience is also better.

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