Fix Serve NextGen WebP Format images in Blogger

Serve NextGen WebP Format images file formats available in the Google Pagespeed insights for any website. Since blogger does not know the plugin or in a GUI, server, etc, to make the pictures the nextgen WebP to use. 

Fix Serve NextGen WebP Format images in Blogger blog, 2021. 

You've made the photos for the future generations to make a WordPress website with the use of plug-ins. Blogger does not support your specific plug-in, but it has the support of powerful Google image search server. Google is the Image of the server, have the potential to serve WebP images. 

Fix Serve NextGen WebP Format
Fix Serve NextGen WebP Format images in Blogger

Blogger is a useful and powerful Google image server. you will have to make almost every kind of pics as requested. 

Do you want to learn how to build a WebP Image to Blogger? 

What if I tell you that each and every picture and you can upload and download the WebP. Let's look at how you can do that. 

Now change the HTML by using the edit mode, click the edit (pencil) button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Now, select the HTML mode in order to change your photo to a Blogger, WebP gone into the format. 

You will see that the code is almost the same as the one above. you are able to change the original link to the photo or the tag. 

You've made images in a variety of sizes, and the server file formats with the help of the Google image search. In order to accomplish this operation, you need to change the size of the code, which is indicated by the letter inside the tag. In the picture, the above dimensions, the s640 is what is likely to act as a medium-sized image, change the s640 that the s320 is a small photo. you can change the dimensions to fit your specific needs. 

This is the value used in the read and write of picture that you like, served in the following webp image of the Blogger. Just have to change the s320 to-s320-rw, or change the s640 that s640-rw disc. 

Now to your posts, photos,, now rebuilt, and the services of the WebP format. if you check this, pull a screen shot of your desktop. 

You have, as described above, a step by step each and every time you upload a photo, and this photo of Bloggers and convert to WebP gone into the format. 

Your Theme does not have the support for the WebP format? 

The whole secret picture is going to be to work as a WebP image. However, your topic of the blogger are able to handle a WebP image to be? 

This would lead to a lot of trouble, along with your theme, of some gadgets may seem to be. All of this is because the blogger is the theme you are using does not support WebP gone into it. 

In order to resolve this problem, change Blogger theme, and edit the file, which is most of the theme, function, long js, the file is usually located just before the </body> tags. 

You will be able to add any updates to your model, blogger, or theme, here they are. 


replace the above code with the following code


It is necessary to observe, that is, for each of these codes to the file; the most important of the features. If you are using a free blogger theme, then, you need to read in the theme file. 

If you don't have the skills to give it a try? you are going to use the theme of the WebP image to attack the blogger is a blog hosted by blogger. This theme is going to be to work as all of the photos of the widget in the WebP format. with the exception of the photo in a message, you'll need to follow the parameters of the method for each of the uploaded image. 

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