How to fix there was a problem parsing the package(Parse error solution)

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About 95% of users prefer the Android system over other high-end mobile operating systems when purchasing smartphones. Android is best known for its easy-to-use, cheaper environment, open-source and many other reasons. However, there are some issues such as the "How to fix there was a problem parsing the package" Parse error solution.

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Android has a great app collection. But some Android and apps bugs ruin everything. Today we are going to talk about one of the most common “How do I fix parsing package error on android?” errors facing Android users who have trouble splitting the package.

How to fix there was a problem parsing the package

Parse error solution -Android users often search; What does the package split problem mean? what's wrong with analysis? how to fix the error of scanning for download of package download on Samsung galaxy or other Android phones? how to fix Android error quickly? Any analysis error? What are the easiest ways to download package downloads and "Parse error solution" message to the android box? there's a drag on the package kindle fire, Android box error, etc.

Parsing error meaning

Error checking from app instalment. if you are trying to install an application suddenly window hackers say "Parse error solution" which suggests that the tool cannot be installed due to apk parser i.e. packages problem.

While troubleshooting, you almost realized that issues with the story package often come up when you try to install an APK file. This browsing error occurs most frequently while downloading an application from the play store directly and repeatedly (for root users) even though you are trying to make changes to the app manifest file.


Before I get to the steps on how to fix the How to fix there was a problem parsing the package I think you should know why such analysis errors occur.

There are several reasons why this analysis error occurred and certainly one of them is responsible for your analytical error:

  • The file can be downloaded entirely.
  • An application may not be compatible with your hardware or OS version.
  • Due to security issues settings
  • Corrupted APK file.

Fixing "Parse error solution"

Follow the steps shown below to fix the android Parsing error on your mobile devices:

Step 1: View the app's apk file displayed.

Manifest application file means an apk file that is customized according to user requirements such as, another user pulls out an apk file to eliminate ads and is no longer an apk file, that file is marked as the displayed file. people who have made changes to the manifest file of the correction then this may be the reason why the analysis error occurred.

Change the Andriomanifest.xml file to the default setting and check the name of that file. If the original filename is "aap.apk" and if you rename it "app1.apk" it will again make the same mistake as How to fix there was a problem parsing the package. If you have some coding experience, check the app code if there is a Parse error solution.

Step 2: Security settings.

For security purposes, the phone has a built-in setting that does not allow installing applications from third-party providers next to the mobile apps provided by the play store.

Do not install an application from an unreliable website. which could jeopardize your phone. But if you continue to want to install it check your security settings:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down and select the “safety” option.
  • See selecting "Unknown Sources."

Step 3: Enable USB debugging.

Many people have found that enabling the USB debugging option has worked How do I fix parsing package error on android.

To enable USB debugging:

  • Go to Settings >> Scroll down where, in the end, you will see the "About device" option selected.
  • See the “number building” option.
  • Tap "Generate number" 7 times.
  • You will see the third party now you are an engineer."
  • Once you have enabled go back to the settings
  • Select “Developer Options.”
  • Tick ​​the "USB debugging."

This trick works on most Smartphones. try installing the app again.

Step 4: Corrupted application file.

PARSE ERROR can also cause thanks and corrupt file as well. in this case, download the replacement but full APK file, and then try to install it again. This can help you.

With the above resolution, I might suggest downloading to google play store and verify that downloaded file completely. Because partially downloaded file can also cause the error of "Parse error solution".

Step 5: Disable Antivirus.

If you have installed applications such as antivirus and cleanup applications, this will also prevent the installation notion of other applications. This block is for the safety of the handset. They block suspicious downloads from unreliable sites. If you want to install that app then disable the antivirus temporarily.

Step 6: Clear cache cookies in the play store.

One of the best ways is to clear cache and cookies from the play store. will help you when you drag the background from the google play store itself.

  1. Open google play store
  2. Select a sidebar and select “Settings”
  3. In normal settings, you will decide to "Clear local search history."

Step 7: Download from the play store.

Sometimes when you try to install an app directly from a website or a third party instead of downloading it from a play store, a Parse error solution appears indicating the message How to fix there was a problem parsing the package on the screen.

Searchspecified app in the play store if you can find out that this app was not created for your device and sometimes when the file is fully downloaded, then try to download it again only in the play store.

Step 8: Old version.

Perhaps the newer versions of other apps do not support your handset. try the older version of that app. you will download an older version of that app developer site, just google it.

Step 9: Reset.

This may be the last option. do not attempt to reset it, unless you have tried all of the options provided above. But make sure you simply back up all the phone memory data to the SD card.

Step 10: Compatibility.

If something did not work with the solutions shown above the error there was a problem parsing the package which means that the device is not compatible with your phone at least. This may not be suitable for your device's hardware or OS Try when installed on another Android device with the following OS and better hardware specification.

If the application is designed for one version of Android, for example, JellyBean or KitKat at times, it does not work on another version like Marshmallow due to incompatibility.

Look at all the points mentioned above. I know it is very annoying if you get a Parse error solution regularly. Don't panic with the message "How to fix there was a problem parsing the package" and try the quick solutions above. I hope this fix will be calculated along with your problems. If you follow the correct procedure as I have even told you I am sure this will help you.