5 Pro SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Google 2021

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you to be on top of Google. If you all like to understand and need to find out, then all of you today read this text carefully. With this post, I will be able to tell you all Pro Advanced SEO Tips For Google 2021 Friends, all of you people should have read this article thoroughly that each of you people should not make any mistakes and get right. 

Friends, I always ask people how our blog website can be placed on the front page of Google, so today I'm just going to tell people about this. you will bring high traffic from there to your blog website. If you all want to understand, read this text so carefully that you know it well and do not make mistakes.

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5 Pro SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Google 2021

Friends, it is not very easy to rank on Google, but I can tell you five conditions that if you are all followed, then you will be ready to rank Google easily. and the traffic that will come out of there, you'll all get tons of money.

How to measure yourself on Google

So Friends, Now Let Me Tell Everyone How To Rank Higher On Google. If you all don't understand anything in this article, then all of you who want to comment and tell me below, I will be able to answer all the comments you all have. Friends, rating on Google, you all need to take care of a lot of things, anything important between them, I will be able to tell you everything in the middle of this article.

And if there is anything I tell you everyone there, everyone is following it well, then you will all be ready to count within Google's top page, from there you will find tons of traffic and all you will have a reliable morning. We will find out

5 Pro SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Google 2021

So, Friends, I Will Now Be Able To Tell Everyone How To Rank Higher On Google. So here I am telling you all five great Google SEO tips that can help you with tons. If you continue to misunderstand anything in the middle of this article, then all the people comment below and tell them.

1. Find the keyword for your article

Friends, First of all, you should get a personal keyword when you all want to post your article on any topic you write about. so the first thing you need to do is try it.

Now friends, next to this main keyword, all of you people need to find two related keywords so that if your blog posts are not placed in a personal keyword you will be placing your posts in 2 related keywords.

2. Search the keyword on Google

Now friends, after doing all this work, all you people with the keyword solution, go to Google once and search for it as if you are all going to search, all the content of that pixel drag will be found in front of you. All people who add colour to the Topper 3 story in your contacts need to analyze all three articles.

How many ward essays he has written, what part he has done to measure that essay, he has to analyze everything and everything people and everything people have to need to include in their essays. Add content to your article.

3. Write Article

Then you friends, when you all analyze these things, now all of you people need to write this article on your website, as I told you all you people who wrote those articles for yourself. you should only write a reliable article then you will all be ready to meditate.

And this article you are all going to write about guys to use proper SEO in the middle of this article so that all of you guys will get more help within the level, then you all should try this job.

4. Increase CTR

Friends, after doing all this work, all of you people need to find out if your article is listed on Google and where you will all be making an article on Google, then all of you people need to increase your CTR article. If all you people are raising, then your traffic will be increased by tons.

Friends, to extend this, all of you people with your topic needs to change the topic in such a way that if anyone sees that topic there, click on your topic as soon as you see it. If you do, your traffic will increase exponentially.

5. Increase Audience Retention

Friends also where you will all do all this work and get your article listed on Google and can also increase CTR after rating, and then after doing all this work, when the user submits your website, and then to you Which site should I take care of so it does not recover, so So this is what you all need to increase audience retention.

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To increase audience retention, all of you will provide a query from the main section of your article, so that when a user asks that question, you provide feedback to everyone or to any people, who can increase audience retention on your website.


Friends, through this text, I told you all the way to rank higher on Google, so if all of you guys liked this text, then definitely share this text with your friend, aside from this, everyone If there's any confusion, then all of you guys can tell me within the comment box below, I will be able to surely answer all the losers.

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