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It has always been a difficult decision when choosing the perfect free blogger templates with thousands of options in front of you. Fast loading blogger template is one of the key things when trying to drive more traffic or rank higher in the SERP. Also, three points are always important in increasing your traffic, firstly a fast loading theme or template.

fast loading blogger template
free blogger templates

The second is to find a template or responsive theme. The third is to find a friendly SEO template. Here in this post, I have written a very fast loading blogger template.
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Many bloggers used to search for these things on Google; Where can you find simple or easy blogger templates for SEO blogger template? What blogger templates are responding? How to get blogger HTML templates? t of free WordPress blogger templates, what are the benefits of an SEO blogger template? Free AMP free blogger templates.

Most newbies are used to finding great blogger themes, especially professional bloggers who want to use the blogger news template to post technical reviews and gadget updates. Listed for blog themes that are relevant to the best blogs. If you see a blogger template style you need some technical knowledge to build a blog architecture template. In addition to speeding up page load, you need more expertise to create a blogger website template and improve its HTML component.

To make it easier for you, not only blogger templates approved by Adsense but also I have written a free portable blogger template before and here I am downloading the top instant download blogger template. free blogger templates are one of the most popular templates for Blogspot users. You should need HTML & XML free blog codes to try to include blogger template codes and blog posts for your free XML files listed below.

In addition to the SEO blogger template, consistent with Google algorithm updating your website or blog upload speed features a huge impact on the SEO of your blog. If your blog uploads quickly, Google can put your page above the search results. this is often because you'll be the primary to serve customer needs in a faster way. Your content should also help your readers solve their problems or answer their questions, etc.

Why you ought to prefer to Instantly Upload Responsive Blogger Template?

But before you go any longer, means the explanations why you ought to download faster and have a responsive blogger template for your website. help improve user-friendliness.

Improve live traffic: Google always looks for free blogger templates, so if your page is fast and responsive, you'll improve your live traffic. the template will easily fit into any screen resolutions (Mobile, Tablet or iPads etc.). 

SEO Friendly: As we've seen, a fast and responsive template features a huge impact on the SEO of your blog.

Call Huge Traffic: if your website loads faster, you'll drive more traffic easily.

Top 5 premium free blogger templates to improve Ranking

As you already know, your blog design is that the very first thing that draws your viewers. If you're a BlogSpot template user, you'll find plenty of free, paid, premium free blogger templates or themes online.

Most of you guys start your blogging journey using the Blogger platform. Also, many of you're cursed with the primary free example provided by the blogger platform. But if you turn from liberal to paid or premium templates, you will have to quickly upload a blogger template.


Fast loading blogger template

The Magento fast loading blogger template is one of the fastest downloading blogger templates with a clean and clean design. With social bookmarks sharing buttons built over Ajax script gives you excellent upload speed. this is often highly optimized for high-quality program results. It's a fully customizable template with a perfectly mobile design. it's compatible with all browsers and comes with many features like a responsive menu and social sharing buttons.

Magento is ideal for private blogs, magazines, technology and gadget-related blogs. it's the choice to share WhatsApp also to urge more mobile traffic.

Template Features: 

  • Multi-comment form location
  • Supplied upload templates
  • Respond design
  • Special comment template
  • Mobile-friendly template

Demo Template Download Template


Blogger Instant Upload TemplatesUsed with another fast upload template with a highly responsive design with nice features. Updates are an appropriate template for news sites, blogs, and magazines.

fast loading blogger template

It has supercooled Social media sharing buttons. The awesome free blogger templates which will be used consists of three columns with two sidebars and 4 columns of foot space. The awesome blogger template used is encoded with clean code with responsive designs.

Template Features: 

  • Cool Response Design 
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Ads Ready
  • FAST Loading

Demo Template Download Template

3.Tech Shadow

When it involves technology blog templates fast enough, there's probably no better template than Tech Shadow. Template the planning of your blog or website and blogger template 'Tech Shadow' and also responds alright to blogger.

fast loading blogger template

This theme is extremely easy to manage functionality and is extremely fast with the blogger comment system.

Template Features: 

  • SEO optimized template
  • Responsive navigation bar
  • Social media profiles icons
  • sharing buttons of popular social media sites
  • Related post

Demo Template Download Template

4. NanoPress

This theme is fully usable on mobile, adequate to display size and determination and supports all the newest browsers. This theme is sweet for SEO and helps to urge high program rankings on your blog.

It is an easy, easy-to-use, and effective blogging template.

Template Features:

  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Support Youtube thumbnail
  • Recent comments feature
  • Blogger news design
  • Newsletter subscription widget
  • Custom error 404 page

Demo Template Download Template

5.Takis Theme

Takis is one of the fastest, most responsive and friendly portable uploads also. The Takis theme has been developed and enhanced by playing Adsense or anything about ad publishing. this is often a high CTR, friendly and responsive blogger templates may be simple template.

This template is suitable for all kinds of blogs like news blogs, magazine blogs, photo blogs, video gallery blogs, movie blogs, personal blogs etc. Hopefully, you'll love this template.

Template Features: 

  • Navigation drop-down menu
  • More menu
  • Prepare style submission
  • Page navigation
  • Region box
Demo Template Download Template 

If you looking or Using free blogger templates, then used this updated version Top 5 Fast Loading Blogger Template to improve Ranking, For any help regarding this theme comments below or contact me.