Blogger vs WordPress 2021||Best blogging platform to make money

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You are cursed with Blogger vs WordPress 2021, right? this is often one of the foremost important and popular topics you encounter once you are confused about the choice between WordPress and Blogger. within the field of blogging, your goals are well-positioned from writing quality content to monetize online. But choosing the proper blogging platform is additionally a crucial part of establishing yourself as a product within the blogging market. At first, they asked how they started the blog on the other hand they often got trapped within the WordPress Vs issue. Blogger - Which is better? Which should I use? Which is best for beginners?

WordPress Vs Blogger -
Many newbies are used for search; what's the difference between WordPress and Blogspot? is that the WordPress website free? Blogger or WordPress which is that the best thanks to making money? what's the simplest blogging platform? what's the simplest tool for building a website? Blogger Vs WordPress - what is going to cause you to earn more money? what's the simplest place to start a free blog? then on.

They want an entire comparison and an entire list of advantages and comparisons by comparing the 2 best WordPress blogging platforms with Blogger. counting on your blogging career and therefore the sort of blog you would like to urge started, both WordPress and Blogger are great options for beginners and experienced users.

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Blogger vs WordPress
I would wish to means that; therefore you'll let yourself fail to form mistakes in choosing the proper platform counting on your needs. And it's vital as there's no easy choice to return once you've got selected your best blogging platform. So before you create a choice, it's best to understand and rethink Blogger vs WordPress comparisons with key features like what works best in SEO, the way to manage your blog, with a custom blog template and their support systems which will assist you to archive your favourite goals. tomorrow

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Blogger Vs WordPress: A final guide

There are many options once you want to start a blog like BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad, Joomla, etc. But Blogger vs WordPress is the foremost popular blogging platform for developers and among new bloggers.

One thing I would like to form clear first is that blogging has its advantages and drawbacks, advantages and drawbacks to every other. Some bloggers will choose BlogSpot due to the interface, while others will accompany WordPress for security and high flexibility.

Everyone has their idea of choosing their blogging platform for his or her blogging needs and thus the work. But this guide will explain the way to choose the simplest blogging platform for all of your special needs from sharing your knowledge and making money online.

1. Blogging Platform: What are the simplest places to start a blog?

Blogger has been branded as an excellent blogging platform - as easy to use and straightforward to know including the way to start a blog, the way to add more pages, write new blog posts faster, and straightforward steps to feature HTML widgets. This field doesn't require technical education. it's better for the blogging platform of the one who wants a hassle-free setup and to start a blog simply without using special skills. BlogSpot builds your blog quickly without paying one cent for blog hosting. So it's better to settle on your blog for free of charge.

WordPress may be a well-known Content Management [CMS] program within the competition for blogging sites - this is often sort of a high-end version of blogging. It requires some technical knowledge, which is difficult to start with, especially for beginners. it's better for those that want to grow their blog to a subsequent level and make it for business use.

Create your blog website but you ought to know one thing that; Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com are two different websites and both use an equivalent WordPress software that needs blog hosting, but Wordpress.com is that the most suitable option for people that want to start free blog sites.

Blog Setup: the necessity for Installation

BlogSpot is extremely easy to line up and begin a blog. BlogSpot doesn't require any software to put in and use the blog, but it's limited functionality which is why it doesn't require technical knowledge. you do not need to have good code coding to start a blog with a blogger. Easy to line up at no cost - that is the main reason why some people choose BlogSpot over WordPress. in only a couple of minutes, you'll start composing your post. At first, he began as a blogger, but over time, he became a ProBlogger and most of the opponents soon saw the restrictions and moved to a personal site.

BlogSpot is straightforward which doesn't mean that WordPress is difficult to line up. But yes, it requires some technical knowledge. WordPress allows you to completely control a blog set to completely customize a blog. And with more technical knowledge, you'll customize anything you would like to try to do together with your blog. to take care of your blog and found out WordPress, you would like to put in WordPress software on your hosted server. If you want to plug yourself as a product within the online marketplace and choose to start a web monetization expert blog you'll need to accompany WordPress.

3. Blog Hosting: Requirements

The BlogSpot platform is purchased by Google. So there's NO got to worry about BlogSpot hosting because it is FREE which is why BLOGSPOT is so popular because it doesn't require hosting costs. It's fun enough and reliable and to start a blog to publish your articles online on the web. you would like to remember the vital fact that; Your BlogSpot blog is going to be hosted exclusively with Google, you're not the owner of your site, Google is that the owner of it; Google has all the rights and authority not only to get rid of all of your index pages from the program but also to ban your entire blog if it makes spam on the online.

As you enter the sector of blogging you not only share your knowledge with the planet but also make money online and reception. you would like to be committed as a brand and appearance at blogging as a source of revenue where WORDPRESS is that the best choice. you would like a WordPress hosting provider to host your blog or website. This hosting provider service not only allows you full access to your blog [such as FTP, .htaccess file] but also successfully manages 'online visibility of your site effectively. WordPress owns all the rights to your website, so your blog is in your hands only. And compared to free blogging, a self-made WordPress blog made an enormous impact within the online marketplace. a number of the foremost popular WordPress hosting sites are Hostgator, BlueHost, GoDaddy.

4. Services: Offered to users

BlogSpot isn't a billboard service platform. it had been provided by Google for free of charge in 2003 but remains lagging in terms of the services they provide and therefore the services offered by other platforms now. However there's no upgrade to default themes, an equivalent JavaScript / HTML widgets you would like to possess albeit you've got chosen your custom blogger templates.

WordPress.com is purchasable. It also means their services for premium development. per annum, WordPress is up so far with its premium plugins. the varied numbers of WordPress plugins help not only in writing your blog post but also in using search engines [SEO].

5. Customization and themes

BlogSpot offers a limited number of non-premium themes automatically to settle on from within the blogger dashboard. additionally, you would like to customize your design, template layouts, colours, typing consistent with your requirement. There are a limited number of blogger templates and you ought to put in enough effort to customize those designs. Blogger has its tools [Blogger widgets] to customize and optimize your theme with step-by-step instructions but it doesn't cut it consistent with flexibility and customization which suggests it's hard to form your site to look different. But definitely, BlogSpot offers the simplest user experience with automated widgets or custom widgets for brand spanking new users to form masters create a superb visual interface that helps keep their brand consistent.

WordPress offers a spread of themes starting from non-premium to SEO-friendly SEO themes. WordPress allows you to convert your blog into fully-fledged static, dynamic or hybrid websites. WordPress has many tools for using advanced blogs [Wordpress plugins] that allow you to vary the layout of your template or customize your existing blog template. It makes the planning of your blog much easier and improves the layout, colouring, and typing of the blog - the sky is that the limit for personalization and efficiency. And in fact, WordPress templates and plugins are very rich in functionality. WordPress offers tons of features like an SEO plugin, responsive themes, and a high-quality support community, so it's far better.

WordPress Vs. Blogger PROSPROSPROS

1.WordPress Details

  • FREE. No ads. 
  • you've got complete control over every aspect of your blog.
  • There are excellent WordPress plugins that allow you to expand and customize your blog from scratch.
  • There are a tremendous number of plugins and themes to settle on from.
  • there's no got to buy the acquisition of WordPress software. Open-source software for Linux.
  • you'll show your ads, and you'll earn money by using Ad network programs like Google Adsense, Media.net, Ezoic.
  • Specialized SEO plugins increase the listing of your site within the program - ISERP.
  • you'll easily turn your blog into an E-commerce website.
  • WordPress gives you excellent flexibility, especially when designing an internet site template.
  • the foremost talented developers are there if you've got questions on using your blog effectively.
  • you are doing not need any third party websites to make your own custom domain email IDs.
  • For any queries, you'll get help not only from the active community support forums but also to get premium support from your hosting provider.
  • you'll use free CDN networks to load your blog very quickly.
  • you'll easily create a custom URL [valid links] for every post.
  • the utilization of WordPress plugins will automatically share all of your blog posts on social media sites.
  • you'll also control the loading of a page with a lazy load.
  • you're the right commenter again, and you'll edit them.
  • all of your guests will have an excellent commenting experience.
  • you'll edit all of your posts published in tags and categories.
  • The themes look beautiful, clean and more informative.
  • within the case of Indexing, PageRank, program optimization features free plugins to assist increase Google's visibility or fight spam, etc. Webmasters recommend it quite anything within the market.
  • you've got FTP access.
  • a customized WordPress blog proves how committed you're to blogging.


  • you've got to buy your custom name, and you would like to seek out the simplest hosting company to handle all of your website data.
  • you would like to pay more for premium WordPress templates.
  • it's a classy dashboard to start with.
  • it's very complicated when crossing foundations. If you're not knowledgeable, you'll get to choose someone who will work for you.
  • You believe in plugins, so your most up-to-date blog posts take a couple of days to be indexed by search engines.
  • you would like to see the downtime that depends on your web hosting provider.
  • With WordPress, you'll found out your blog in 5 minutes, but have more basic knowledge about HTML, PHP, CSS or FTP, SQL, etc.
  • you ought to keep all of your plugins up so far because it will damage your site uploads.
  • you'll need to pay extra for various "options" like extra space for your blog, hosting videos directly from your blog, etc.
  • With Wordpress.org, you want to buy and manage your custom domain email IDs.

2.Blogger Details

  • you only got to purchase your custom domain and there's NO got to buy hosting.
  • Start your blog in 5min. there's no installation of any quiet blogging software to start a blog.
  • you'll manage your blog from the blogger dashboard.
  • you are doing not need to worry about security because it belongs to Google.
  • you'll link to an existing or new name.
  • you'll show your ads and you'll earn money through Ad network programs like Google Adsense, Media.net, Ezoic.
  • you'll edit the template and customize the layout of the blog.
  • BlogSpot will display a simplified version of the blog on mobile devices.
  • there's no storage limit.
  • you've got the choice to feature HTML / Javascript as per your need.
  • Your blog posts will automatically send to look engines.
  • you'll add a template to an honest SEO build.
  • you'll use free CDN networks to download blogger blogs very quickly.
  • there's no limit on data transfer or bandwidth.
  • Your blog will upgrade AUTO with new features as soon as Google introduces them.
  • you'll publish your blog posts via email again.
  • you'll add Google Analytics.
  • you'll import posts from another BlogSpot blog.
  • you'll edit all of your posts published by labels.
  • there's no problem with downtime as your site is usually accept Google.

  • No full control over the blog.
  • Minimum (default) free blogger templates [less than 50].
  • No FTP access.
  • Blogspot template doesn't support CUSTOM URLs.
  • you'll upload images with size but 2048 × 2048.
  • Your page size should be but 1MB.
  • Currently, there are not any premium or upgrade plans.
  • you would like to use a third-party website to auto-share your blog posts to social networking sites.
  • There are not any special plugins for using the blog but the widget can do an honest job for you.
  • The widgets that accompany Blogspot are an honest foundation.
  • No page loading control.
  • there's no choice to import blog posts from third party websites.
  • there's no choice to edit ideas.
  • you'll NOT edit all of your posts published in tags and categories.
  • there's no choice to convert your blog into an E-commerce website.
  • you would like a third-party website to make your own custom domain email IDs.
  • Support is restricted on the BlogSpot side, instead, you'll get help from other bloggers who have posted instructions on the way to customize your BlogSpot blog.
  • The BlogSpot platform offers a couple of options to assist the SEO of your blog.
  • A limited number of widgets and themes to settle on.
  • Most Blogspot websites look an equivalent. there's no difference.
  • The BlogSpot platform features a nasty permalink structure.
  • With BlogSpot, there's no standard comment response system, so you would like to believe third-party widgets like Disqus.
  • you've got a transportable version of the location but it's not a responsive web design. you would like to figure thereon to figure better for mobile devices.


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