Best 6 Backlink Checker Tools, (Free and Paid)

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Getting the Best Backlink Checker Tools to your site is an extraordinary method to raise your page rank and get greater permeability in list items.

One approach to show signs of improvement backlinks is to look at your opposition and see where they are getting their connections. You can without much of a stretch discover what backlinks your opposition has by utilizing the numerous instruments available.
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Backlink Checker Tools

There are both free and paid choices to assist you with keeping an eye on your opposition.

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best 6 backlink checker Tools 

1.Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker: Recommended for connecting detox 

Ahrefs is an ongoing expansion and a well-known backlink checker apparatus. They are a superior device yet you can Ahrefs backlinks checker Tools with the expectation of complimentary utilizing their free arrangement.

You can see the top 100 backlinks to any space or page utilizing these free tools.

You can likewise enrol for a record and get a total backlink examination alongside a grapple text investigation of your site.

Ahrefs offers a definite investigation of backlinks to any area or a site page. The motor is mainstream and you can see information like:

Stay text distributions follow-Nofollow link domain rating
New or lost backlinks

Following the Penguin update, on the off chance that you are hit with negative SEO, this will be an efficient apparatus for your site, as you can get all the connection subtleties alongside a rate breakdown of anchor text pointing to your site.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush is our top recommendation for backlink testing. It is one of the easiest keyword research tools on the market, and many powerful tools allow you to analyze backlinks.

To use backlink features, log in to SEMRush, select 'Backlink Analytics' and edit within the domain name you would like to research. You will then see more details about the domain and its return.

If you would like more information on any of the sections of this view, just click the link below that section to view the full report.

You can use SEMRush to find out what your site's links are, which can help you identify any issues such as low-quality links. SEMRush makes this easy for you by letting you see what percentage you link to a page that links you. If the page has too many links, it will show that the website is spammy.

If you include competitors' profiles, you will use SEMRush to find out which top sites you are linking to, what keywords they have set for you, and much more. this will give you a whole list of websites to focus on building your backlink.


SEMRush costs range from $ 99.95 / month, although you can reduce this to $ 83.28 / month if you pay up for a year.

You can get a free 30-day trial by browsing our link to SEMRush. If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to get this job, check out our SEMRush coupon code.

3. Linkminer

Linkminer is another amazing software that helps check backlinks. this is often another useful gizmo that helps in checking backlinks for the other websites. This works even as well as other free backlink checker tools available within the market.


Easily analyze backlinks and supply an entire report provide SEO step-by-step guide to what you'll consider to marketing a far better visually appealing site.

4. Neil Patel’s Backlink checker Tools

This is one of the most recent players within the industry. Neil Patel's backlink checker Tools (Ubersuggest) may be a powerful SEO tool with many excellent features.

Among its features is the ability to work out who is linking you to your competitors. the simplest part is that this tool is liberal to use immediately.

To use the tool, visit the house page and enter your website or your competitor to see their return:

When you click "enter," here is what you'll see:

You will be ready to see the domain or page points, the entire number of backlinks it's, the entire number of empty links, the targeted domains, etc.

And then, you'll also see all the backlink information, like title, anchor text, URL, authority, link type, and when the link first appeared.

And with filters, you'll drop in continuing to urge a customized result:

Once you've got all the knowledge you would like, you'll be ready to post the knowledge used later.

As you'll see, Ngeink's Neil Patel Tool can assist you to determine more about your website's linking profile. you'll also see where your competitors get their links.

5. Google Search Console

A free backlink checker Tools with great data permissions, but limited possibilities for backlink analysis.

Search Console maybe a Google tool designed to assist webmasters to improve their websites. It's completely free, but it can only be wont to analyze your websites. Once you've got verified your identity, you'll tend access to varied site dashboards, the list of which is backlinks drawn directly from the Google index. regardless of how long the list is, you'll view the top 1,000 results. There are not any additional metrics and no analytical features provided on the location, but you're liberal to extract and analyze data using other tools.

The unique thing about Search Console is that its backlink is usually much shorter than that from other backlink checks. this is often because Search Console removes low-quality backlinks from the list and only ranks what matters. this sort of vetting means you can't use the tool to capture the backgrounds and take away them from your profile. But, on the brilliant side, it also means you get a group of backlinks that are very different from other tools.

The unique thing about Search Console is that its backlink is typically much shorter than that from other backlink checks. this is often sometimes because Search Console removes low-level backlinks from the list and only determines what's important. this sort of vetting means you cannot use the tool to seek out domains and take away them from your profile. However, on the brilliant side, it also means you get a bunch of very different backlinks from other tools.

Best of all: The Google Search Console is best used as a raw backlink data source, which may be sent to SEO SpyGlass for further analysis and understanding.

Free data authorization: up to 1,000 backlinks, but you'll only check out your sites.

6. Seobility

An ideal tool for a fast review of your backlink or your competitors' profiles.

Seobility allows up to 3 backlink checks per day and limits the number of backlinks you'll view up to 400 per check. The list of backlinks is ranked from the very best link to rock bottom, so albeit the amount of links you'll view is restricted, you get the simplest view.

Links are subject to a couple of additional parameters, like anchor text, counter / countless attributes, link types, and linked pages. At the highest of the page, you furthermore may get a fast summary of the entire backlink profile: total number of backlinks, domain rate, and number of domains to which they refer.

Best with: Seobility is often utilized in two ways. the primary is to seem at your website and maybe find some links thrown by Search Console and SEO SpyGlass. The second is to use a fast check for your competitor’s backlinks and gain insight into their strategy.

Free data authorization: 400 backlinks per check, three checks per day.

I hope my brief review of those Best Backlink Checker Tools has been helpful. Unfortunately, with tools like these, the selection becomes a setback.

One backlink tool can provide you with five free search domains, while another will provide you with useful link reconstruction details. Someone can provide you together with your full connection profile, but there are no thanks to keeping it as a report, and other good, customized reports - but you'll crawl a limited number of backlinks.

There is nobody better tool out there, but you would like to settle on the choices that best suit you must guide your efforts to create a future link. Hopefully, with this listing, you'll find a return tool that's right for your current situation.