10 best chrome extensions for bloggers free

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Starting an internet site or blog takes tons of effort. Every day, site owners are expected to take a position ton of their time and energy in organizing content, links, and traffic to make sure that their websites are effective.
best chrome extension
best chrome extension

The only thanks to confirming you cover all the explanations is to use all of your resources to the fullest.

One tool that is the backbone of an internet site may be a browser. While different users have their preferences, it's difficult to seek out a browser that's closer to Google Chrome extensions.

Chrome has become a worldwide favourite with its speed, clean layout, and good tab management. one more reason why Chrome may be a leader altogether browsers is its expansion.

Users can customize and improve their browsing experience by accessing the myriad number of extensions and apps available within the Chrome Web Store. once you open the Chrome Web Store, you'll find thousands of the best chrome extensions and applications available for download.

10 best chrome extensions for bloggers free

Once you've got downloaded these chrome extensions or applications, they're installed in your Chrome browser. you'll access these applications at the press of a button.

The sheer number of apps and 10 best chrome extensions within the Chrome web store is often overwhelming, so here's an inventory of the highest 10 useful blog extensions for bloggers.

1. Grammarly 

Making a language mistake on your web page may result in a loss of your credibility. many purchasers find language and language errors unforgivable, which is why you would like Grammarly.

No matter how good your language is, everyone tends to slide once in a while.

Grammar helps prevent that by checking your grammar and spelling. It scans the text and shows you the chance to enhance a far better English writing experience.

It works on many sites and finds an honest editor for writing a story, article, or book. Sounds appropriate to stop embarrassing program errors in your blog posts or social media posts.

2.Awesome Screen: Screen Video

Screen Awesome allows you to take screenshots of a whole page or a part of an internet page.

Once the screenshot has been taken, you'll edit the image, highlight, cut, draw shapes, remove unnecessary or sensitive details, and add annotations.

Another amazing feature of Awesome Screenshot is that it allows you to record activities in your browsers within the sort of video. you'll also edit the video, add annotations, cut it, and make changes.

When you're done, you'll save these photos and videos to your local drive or upload them to the cloud.

3. SEO vibration

Keeping your blog at the forefront of today's Internet world requires considerable effort.

SEO is vital for any site, but it is often a task to stay up with ever-changing needs. SEO crashes can help simplify SEO-related tasks.

It works as an SEO analysis suite and helps to manage SEO effectively. good selection if you would like to feature your website to urge better SEO.

4. Email Hunter Chrome Extension

Make digital marketing a breeze with Hunter.

An email acquisition tool that provides you email addresses of individuals who follow any website to contact them with their names, phone numbers, job titles, and contacts. All of this data is protected by visible social sources in search results.

5. ColorZilla

After being one of the foremost downloaded Mozilla Firefox extensions, ColorZilla was introduced within the Chrome web store for people using Google Browser.

This beautiful extension contains many sorts of colour selection tools and delightful colour-matching by customizing your browser. The extension has an eyedropper icon, which provides you access to many options like creating custom colour palettes, zooming, and pointing colour codes to chose sites.

It also gives you a Hex value of colour once you click anywhere on the screen.

6. WhatFont

If you would like to reinforce the sweetness of your website, one of the primary belongings you should specialise in is text colour and font. Visitors enjoy reading a blog with readable text.

So, how does one see the fonts used on blogs or web pages?

WhatFont tells you the font details you see on an internet page.

Easy to use!

7. what's running

If you have ever wondered what makes an internet site tick successful, you ought to install the free Chrome extension referred to as WhatRuns. this enables you to access the technology used on any website.

It also notifies you when an internet site removes or installs new technology. WhatRuns allows you to get before the sport by always knowing what your teammates or competitors do.

8. AdBlock

No one on this planet likes those annoying ads that crop up. Imagine opening an internet site and expecting content to be uploaded, but an enormous ad banner appears, blocking most of the page.

You spend a couple of seconds checking out the Close Mystery button, and once you finally find it and click on it, you're taken to a new page about something you've got never been curious about.

Yes, Google has heard your prayers, which is why you've got the AdBlock extension for your Chrome browser. With AdBlock, you'll say goodbye to all or any kinds of annoying ads.

Millions of users have installed the AdBlock extension, and you'll take their voice for a way dramatically they need to improve their browsing experience. 

9. StayFocusd

Have you ever found yourself dalliance on a viral website where you ought to be working?

Viewing Facebook posts and browsing with Reddit cable may be a good way to spend time, but not once you have promised to try to do a particular job.

Say goodbye to procrastination and grow your product with StayFocusd. This helps you to remain focused on your work by reducing the time you spend on disruptive websites.

You can put aside a while to browse these websites daily. Once this era expires, you'll not access these sites throughout the day.


Emails are still one of the foremost effective ways of digital marketing today.

If you're using Gmail, you ought to try MailTrack. Allows you to ascertain incoming messages and determine if emails you've got sent are read.

This is a superb tool for users with an outsized number of emails received daily. MailTrack gives you daily tracking reports, line tracking, reminders, and lots of other great features.


I've shared the 10 best chrome extensions for bloggers free that assist you to save some time.

However, you would like to recommend other extensions to fellow bloggers so be happy to participate in the comments section and share whether this text is useful to you or not?

Also, I might recommend that you simply try a minimum of 10 extensions on this list and let me know your preferences within the comments section.