How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021 | Step-by-Step Guide | Beginner Blogging

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Introducing a step-by-step guide for blogging, including domain names, choosing the most convenient blogging platform, is standard on Google, and avoiding common blogging mistakes made by beginners.

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One of the easiest ways to improve is to choose anyone who can ever suck a life to find a way to start a blog. Yes, I have my job, but I made this decision to find a way to start a blog alike and start making money online. Today, I'm going to share with you over the past 10 years your blogging experience including how to make a free blog on google as well. will talk about how I got started and how it was my blogging journey. My blog now has thousands of subscribers. But don't worry, I used to be a newbie like you guys. Just following some steps leads me to become a well-known blog owner. and that I wish you would just be confident enough to go there and start your blog during this blogging industry. 

how to start a professional blog 2021 -Newbies are always interested in asking these questions on Google such as; how to build a blog on a blogger's site? What blogging forums have been used? how to make money with a beginner blog? how to start blogging in India? how to start a blog and make money? how to make a free blog on Google? how to start a blog on Facebook? how to start a blogging business? how to start a WordPress blog? how to start a blog on Instagram? how to build a free blog? Where can you find a list of examples for blogging? then ...

Wait guys, I will be able to answer all those questions and many more you will have. But first, I would like to ask you a few questions. then you will find out how to start a blog.

Before proceeding, like the following questions and get serious answers;

  1. Why do you want to start a blog?
  2. How much love do you have to start a blog?
  3. Do you want to make a living from blogging?
  4. Are you interested in launching your product?
  5. Do you have a sense of unity that should be shared with the net?

If I buy constructive responses from you to all or all of my other questions, you will surely become the owner of the most popular blog and you will have as many readers as the top blogger publishers. No worries, I even created this last guide and help that took your time to do. Also, it is because there is always something new going on in the blogging industry. But the key to building a foundation for your blog is extremely easy to find and straightforward to find.

I know your voice needs to be heard, your writing must be in the audience and your thoughts need to be shared. And building a blog is one of the easiest ways to make this a reality. While starting a blog can be very dangerous, it will improve your life to the next level in the personal and professional world. Starting a blog allows you to attach more talented, incredible, passionate, enthusiastic, and empowering readers each year. Not only will you learn a lot about other things through blogging, but you will also learn about other fashion trends around you.

Ahh, I know I've talked about tons now and look forward to starting a real guide on how to start a blog. Am I right? Yes, I'm out ...

How to start a blog and work effectively | beginner's guide 2021

As I said, I used to be a newbie blogger again in the old days. I too faced many challenges during my first trip. But still, I started my blog back in 2009. At the time, I knew nothing about blogging and that I was always trying to find a way to create a free blog on google or a way to start a blog. Instead, at first, I think it was one of the most important and challenging.

Now, I know a lot about it and yes, my blog is now working well. I have exactly 47,000 students. This makes me think that I am someone else who will hear and learn from him. I'm not "Gugu" here, but yes I do know what important blog posts will be shared with newbies like you people. and I promise you, this blogging guide will be simple, easy, and relatively quick to learn.

Before proceeding, you should know "why" you would like to start a blog. Below are a few reasons to build your blog.

Make Money With Blogging: have you heard or seen tons of | that "many"> that many people now make a lot of money by just blogging. Yes, it is possible to make money with your blog and gain some benefits.

Promotion: The blog is one of the leading platforms where you will be introduced to your ideas, your products, your services and much more.

Grow Your Business: The more you grow your blog, the more business growth you will have.

Meet New People: With your blog, you will be edited by a larger audience. all your students will be your friends or acquaintances or business contacts.

These are the reasons for the sample after why you should have a blog. But many other reasons can motivate you on your next blogging journey.

Here it is, just follows the steps below that explain how to start a blog and you will have your professional blog in your pocket. For simplicity, I have even reduced this guide to simple and quick learning sections. I would say, you should bookmark this page so that you can come back later and start the goal where you left off.

Listed 15 steps on how to start a detailed blog to know what you're blogging for:

Step 1: Choose a simple blogging platform.

In the world, you have to face the most reliable and powerful platform to start any journey. Likewise within the blogging journey, choosing the simplest blogging platform is the first step in getting started. There are many blogging platforms you will find on the web. But Blogger and WordPress are the top-2 favourites on the blog by many professional bloggers. Now, you can see them both getting closer.

1.1: Blogger platform

Blogger is one of the best and free social blogging platforms and this is often why it is so hot in the blogging industry. Please keep this fact in mind, designing a blog and/or website is easy with a reliable social blogging platform.

Also, the success of a blog depends not only on how you publish it but also on the platform you publish. The quality of your blog/website can only be measured when it is published through a high-quality social media platform.

Now, below are the top reasons why publishers are compliant with the Blogger / Blogspot platform:

  • It's a Google product.
  • It is completely free and usable.
  • The Blogger platform is fully supported by Google Adsense.
  • Linked to the most potential Google products.
  • No technical expertise required.
  • It's easy to edit HTML templates and codes.
  • It is very easy to find and maintain.
  • It can take the guidance of other existing blogger users.
  • Safe for hackers and viruses because of Google's security controls.
  • Customization is straightforward in any part of blog design.
  • Fast loading of all your blog/article pages.
  • Automatically target your posts by the Google system.

Now, we will continue to learn more about the WordPress blogging platform.

1.2: WordPress platform (WP) platform

WordPress is that the hottest CMS site that works well and helps to work on very simple blogging platforms for bloggers or publishers. There are many services offered by WordPress because it can be a CMS platform for content writers, online publishers, and bloggers.

I would say, WordPress-owned websites are easy to set up, easy to maintain, so it is the best choice to incorporate your content, product and services. is a platform that offers professional features that will help you customize your template and search and optimize (SEO).

Now, below are the top reasons why publishers are compatible with the WordPress platform:

  • Introduces many design options on your website.
  • Helps improve Google Rankings with SEO.
  • Easy to view, manage and store.
  • Full control of your website.
  • A wide range of plugins to encourage more exposure to WP functionality.
  • Increases site load time.
  • Provide a quick and direct way to sell options through a website.
  • It is best to fix static websites.
  • It enhances the brand by gaining the trust and respect of many viewers.

If you are a regular PBB reader, you may have noticed that under the How to Start a Blog section some pages talk about the reasons for using the WordPress platform in more detail.

1.3: WordPress Vs Blogger:

I know, you might be confused as to where to sit between WordPress Vs Blogger platforms. Which service is best and which is not? Which platform will offer the highest profit and which one does not? Do WordPress hosting sites rank better in search engines? Which site will generate the most content? and many questions create tons of confusion. No worries, I will guide you well even if they both have different but different reasons.

I will give you a comparison of the last name with the whole PROS and CONS list by comparing 2 excellent blogging platforms. Most users always invite a way to start a blog for free but I have to say, by counting the type of blog you would like to do with your blogging activity, WordPress and Blogger are great options for beginners and experienced users.

Check out the tips below that can help you make the right choice between WordPress Vs Blogger:

Comparing Blogger WordPress

What is the Best Place to Start a Blog? 

Easy to use and intuitive to know including how to start a blog, how to add more pages, write new blog posts faster, and straightforward steps to install HTML widgets. a written Content Management System [CMS] within the competition for blogging sites. But it does require a certain level of technical knowledge, which is difficult to get started with, especially for beginners.

Setting up a Blog or Blogging is very easy to set up and start a blog. Blogger does not require software installation to publish a blog, but its functionality is limited and therefore does not require technical knowledge. Allows you to request full control of the blog that has been fully implemented for the blog. As I said, it requires some technical knowledge. But with more technology, you will do whatever you want to do with your blog.

Blog Hosting - Requirements is FREE which is why BLOGSPOT is so popular because it does not require hosting costs. Blogger Blog will be hosted only by Google, you are not the owner of your site, which is wholly owned by Google. you would like a WordPress hosting provider to host your blog or website. WordPress owns all the rights to your website, then your blog is in your hands only.

Service Delivery It is not a billboard service platform. As FREE, they lacked the services they provided. no upgrades to default themes. you will need to touch the JavaScript / HTML widgets. is an ad platform. It also means their services for premium development. It's a big thank you to their premium plugins. Various WP plugins also help you with the Optimization (SEO) program.

Customization of themes Automatically provides a limited number of non-premium themes for resolution from the blogger dashboard. Since they are not premium, you will need to customize more for your blog template. It offers a variety of themes from non-premium to SEO-friendly SEO themes. helps you reuse your blog on fully-fledged static, dynamic or hybrid websites.

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Step 2: Select the appropriate web hosting.

Web hosting is the backbone of any blog or website. and choosing the right web hosting has a huge impact on your site speed, your search status, and your overall traffic.

You should choose the most powerful, flexible, secure and reliable web hosting service on your website. other than that, would you like to know your exact hosting requirements, whether you choose an online manager for your new blog or change your WordPress site into a replacement blog?

You should also ask a few questions such as who will be your target audience? Which is the best; international or local server? does the person need any additional services like custom email ID (like competitioname@yourblog.com), backups, etc? What kind of support channels are right for you; phone, chat or email, etc. and so on. These questions will help you choose the best web hosting for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing web hosting.

Below are five key factors to consider when choosing Web Hosting:

  • Need for space and traffic load.
  • Web security and leverage time.
  • Technical support.
  • Check out previously installed applications.
  • Offers and discounts.

Don't worry, I have explained these things in detail to specify how to start a blog with a special article so that it is easy to understand: decide on 5 things when choosing the easiest Web Hosting for Your Blog?

Previously, you bought an understanding of what the features of WordPress and Blogger platforms are. for a few people, WordPress seems to be brighter on the platform thanks to more plugins, full control, and helpful SEO features that are good. Not only these, but you will also find that there is a good list of themes provided in WordPress; free and premium. you will choose one of those according to your needs.

See the table that will clear you about free Vs Premium themes that will suit your needs:


  1. Free Website Template
  2. The most important benefit of choosing a free WordPress theme is HOW. it's free.
  3. Anyone can start blogging through the use of free themes.
  4. These themes have high-quality standards too.
  5.  We went through all the stages of quality testing.
  6. they offer limited support options.
  7. do not support most quality or high-quality features.
  8.  Limited customization. No comprehensive customer support.
  9. Themes are common, so there are no exceptions within the website.

Premium website template 

  • Paid versions of WordPress offer visual features and functionality.
  • WordPress paid themes to offer many customization options.
  • You can find a new theme that will fully link to your website.
  • You can get support and updates from time to time.
  • Premium themes have an excessive amount of HTML code in the template.
  • Plenty of features can lead to reduced page loading speed.
  • Switching between themes is not easy due to plugin integration.

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Step 3: Customize the custom domain.

If we look at blogger platforms, it will give you a free or default name that often looks like-is-my-blog.blogspot.com. But if you get a custom domain, you'll see it-is-my-blog.com. If one of your readers sees a default name (e.g. This-is-my-blog.blogspot.com), they may think you are just an expert and it shows that you do not take your blog seriously. Therefore, in making your site brand, you should consider customizing the custom name.

You will find many word registrars on the web and GoDaddy is one of them. Blogger lets you request a link and link to the registrar of such a website name. 

Why GoDaddy? because GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registration companies and is the most reliable website hosting company. Also, once you have purchased a website from them, they usually assign the IP address of the domain you purchased into the account. you only need to make your Godaddy name point or redirect to Google servers.

Now, I will be able to guide you step by step with screenshots on the side of how to get a custom name and domain purchased from GoDaddy.

Here are the steps to fix a blogger's custom name on GoDaddy:

Step 3.1: Enter the purchased name in the Blogspot blog.

1. Sign in to your Blogspot account.

2.Visit your Blog> Settings.

3. Click on "Basic".

4. Search the "Publishing" section.

5. Now click on Edit and edit "www.your-domain-name.com".

You will see an error in RED if you say "We're not ready to verify your authority on this existing domain. Error 12.". Ignore that mistake, take a page summary. Also, copy every single article and save it while writing a newsletter [You may need to change your mind from WordPress to Blogger platform next time]

Step 3.2: Set 'CNAME' records in GoDaddy.

1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account

2. go to your domains.

3. Click All Domains.

4. Select your required domain and click on "Manage".

5. Click on the "Manage DNS" link displayed at the bottom of the page.

The "Records" table will be displayed on the screen.

7. Click on the ADD button.

8. Enter www under "Host" and ghs.google.com under "Points to" text fields.

9. Click the ADD button again and do the same thing but this point includes the details of the CNAME you found in the previous step.

Step 3.3: Set location records 'A' in GoDaddy.

You will need to set A-zone records where sub-IP addresses need to be properly maintained provided by the Blogspot server. These IP addresses are common to all blogger users.

Now, we'll see how we can add them to GoDaddy:

1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account.

2. go to your domains.

3. Click All Domains.

4. Select your required domain and click on "Manage".

5. Click on the "Manage DNS" link displayed at the bottom of the page.

The "Records" table will be displayed on the screen.

7. Click on the ADD button.

8. Enter @ under "Host" and under "Points to" text fields.

9. Click the ADD button again.

10. Do the same thing but this is to get the rest of the IP addresses.

This is how you will set the domain IP addresses that now point to your Blogger server addresses. the final table for CNAME & A will be as follows;

Step 3.4: Publish your Blogspot blog.

I hope you have completed all of the above steps. And now, is the time to publish your blog.

Sign in to your Blogspot account.

Go to your blog> Settings.

Click on "Basic".

See the "Publishing" section.

Click the Save button. [Be sure to check your redirecting option for your "domainname.com" at "www.domainname.com"].

Now you will need to wait a few hours (say 2 to 4 hours) for the changes to take effect because the settings made on DNS in both A-zone and CNAME etc. It often takes time to recruit everything available around the world.

Step 4: Build your blog in style.

Yes, we have now reached a point where we can see the design of the area. This step is interesting because we will be able to; how your page will be seen by your readers. Interestingly, it is equally challenging for any new blogger. we have already heard the term “First idea that the last idea” hence the interface and user experience are both important parts of online construction. you should focus on other points to maintain the interest of your readers. I will show you ways to build your blog but also trust your ideas, your style, your presentation skills, etc.

Before moving on, the key is to know the goals of planning. Most of the time, readers love a beautiful, responsive, stylish, cool website. But some bloggers keep that special functionality of its functionality and usefulness instead of an attractive interface. Your blog design should show your readers why you are different. Your blog should be unique, creative, responsive, fast-paced, catching attention and moving forward.

Step 4.1: Select the best website template.

This is very difficult to figure out which template looks promising. it becomes more difficult when you have thousands of options. However, it is completely reliable what you see first after visiting any website. I feel that the participatory aspect of any website has a very important impact on the psychology of its readers.

Please consider a few basic principles to consider when choosing a simple template for your website:

  • What type of structure suits your needs?
  • A set of customization options
  • Cultural support available
  • A well-designed website template
  • Amazing typography

Step 4.2: Separate your blogs from competitors.

As I said above, your blog should be unique, catchy, collaborative, responsive, etc. This can help you stand out from the market. Your readers should have different skills whether you are one of the publishers or blog owners. If you search on Google, you will find that many sites have similar results. But a page that ranks higher in search has replaced it because of the Uniqueness feature. you should also make your space completely different and different from the others.

I have listed the top tips for designing a blog and the features that will stand out in the competition:

  • Easy navigation
  • Post photos
  • Enter a quote section
  • Put on a promising foot
  • Next-Previous post feature
  • Insert a slide into the inserted post
  • The "About the Author" section then continues.

Step 4.3: Responsive web page design.

What does this responsive web design mean? It means the site must upload to any screen resolution. Previously, everyone used our desktops or laptops to search. Now, most are using smartphones lately. So your site should load properly on the mobile screen again. the website should automatically distinguish between device types or browsers or screen resolutions etc. It should fit the screen size properly.

These are the benefits of Website Design Responsive:

  • The same page for multiple devices.
  • Save time and money.
  • Lots of attractions and lots of travel
  • Help improve SEO
  • Easy statistical reporting
  • Lowering the beat rate
  • Offline promises

Step 5: Essential resources and blogging tools.

Now, you've read tons of blogging and will now start and publish your first blog for your readers on the web. However, there are some useful resources and tools on the blog.

Step 5.1: Follow the successful blogging tips.

I know you will be new to this blogging industry. But you should believe in making money by blogging. you will need to be an experienced blogger by growing blog viewers, increasing or building a blog reputation, improving domain authority, blog revenue and much more. you should learn the techniques of building an effective blog website. Also, publishing new, new, unique and attractive content is important and a necessary part of better SEO and building live and targeted traffic.

Step 5.2: See SEO tips and tricks to rating more.

The owner of an online site should learn a lot about SEO and its strategies. Best SEO practices help you grow and improve your online presence. this is often nothing more than a search engine management process where your audience will be placed on your website. Applying a few tips and tricks will lead you to a higher ranking in the Google Program (SERP) results.

Step 5.3: Test and friendly mobile tools.

In addition to this, many sites or tools can help you explore mobile friendships and responses to your website's web designs. Because, these days, building an easy-to-use website plays a big role in building your online identity. As you can see, mobile traffic grows faster than desktop traffic. Therefore, you should check whether your site is user-friendly or not. And by using these tools, you will monitor and speed up your page loading time.

Step 5.4: Avoid common blogging errors.

Doing the right thing is all right. But NOT doing the wrong thing is equally good. you have now learned what you are trying to do but you must learn what not to do again. At first, it is especially challenging when you are about to replace it. don't let your challenges control you, they will recover as you progress. Mistakes will be made, but you should use them as an opportunity to learn and how to avoid them.

Step 5.5: Online meta tag generator.

This is one of the easiest online metatags tools and is essential for any site or blogger blog to find meta tags. Why meta-tags? Meta-tags are often used in almost every system. All online search engines visit any website using meta tags, meta keywords, and meta tags description, etc. Also, the code generated by keywords helps in the use of SEO which leads to you requesting a better position in the SERP [Search Results Pages].


And this is usually ... !!!! Now, I’m more confident that you’ll just get your first blog and ready to launch. Everything you have now is very simple. However, if you are having difficulty, do not hesitate to contact me. enjoy using the comment section below. I'm happy to listen to you guys and face any more questions you may have. this can help you as well as others. But I would say, you should be enthusiastic and dedicated to starting a blog.