How to create a blog on blogger 2021– Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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How to create a blog on blogger 2021 is usually a great idea because with the help of blogging you will express your thoughts and share anything on the planet. And if you are smart in the middle of this field, then you will get a decent income from it.

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Each day, more articles/posts/stories are published on the web, and 200,000 new blogs are created. It means that new blogs are published every second. Isn't that amazing? many blogs appear daily with their various titles, and many of them are world-famous. So, now is your time!

So if you are blogging new and starting a blog for free, then you are in the right place. In the middle of this article, I will show you How to create a blog on blogger (Google's free blogging platform).

Before we get started let me tell you an interesting fact about Google Blogger / B

What is Google Blogger?

Blogger.com is a free Google platform where How to create a blog on blogger subdomain (for example, yourblogname.blogspot.com) or you can purchase a website (always recommended) to have your complete website (for example, www. yourdomain .com).

Benefits of Starting a Blog on Google Blogger


  • Starting a blog with Google Blogspot is very easy, and you do not need any technical skills to use your blog.
  • Google is the owner of the platform, so you can be trusted and trustworthy.
  • Blogger is free for everyone, and they never invite a penny.
  • While there are many free blogging platforms available online (such as WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Tumblr, and others), Blogger.com is the winner of all when it comes to giving you freedom and therefore the features offered.
  • You can get your custom domain with the free .blogspot.com domain.
  • You can set up a free SSL certificate for your blog (simply by opening HTTPS). Blogger now offers the HTTPS version for both types of sites, so even if you use a subdomain.
  • They offer simple and responsive free templates and allow you to upload your theme. within the web there are many free blogger templates available for free, so you will install and customize them as you wish.
  • Other cool features like template editor, template designer, and architect, are very useful. With the help of a template editor, you edit your theme code and you can customize it. Template Designer tends to design highlights for your blog and add custom CSS to your blog. The layout helps to place different widgets in different places on your blog by dragging and dropping.
  • The blog publishing and posting system are very easy to use.
  • The communication system is fun too. you will use its comment system or you can easily find Facebook, Disqus, and Google Plus Comments.
  • Blogger Post Editor provides all the essential tools for writing the best blog posts. Allows you to edit or modify your article, search description, labels, location, custom permalink, custom robots tags, photo tags, blog editing, errors and redirections, etc.
  • You can monetize your site with Google AdSense and other programs like affiliate marketing easily unlike other platforms.
  • Like CMS (a content management system), Google Blogger also lets you back up your data. So, if something bad happens with your site, then it will restore you and your backup.
  • And over time, if you like to navigate to other platforms (like WordPress, Wix, Weebly) and use their plugins, you'll switch to it easily without losing anything.


So, I hope now you will understand, why starting a blog on Blogger.com is useful for you.

OK, now let's see how you can get started with your blog with a blogger using our step-by-step guide below.

How to Create a Free Blog with Blogger.Com

Sign up for a Google Account

You need a google account to access your blogger dashboard. So just sign up for Gmail or another Google product to continue. If you already have an account then skip the step and log in to your account.

Sign in to your Blogger account

Go to the blogger.com homepage and log in to your account using your Google account information.

Choose a Blogger profile

Once signed in to your Blogger account, for the most part, it will ask you to edit your Blogger blog profile. you will choose your Google Plus profile or blogger profile (BlogSpot) restricted. So choose any of them and move on to the next step (I would recommend you stay on google plus profile).

Create your blog

You will now be ready to see the blogger dashboard, and like my given image, you will select the “New blog” or “CREATE NEW BLOG” option to How to create a blog on the blogger

Choose your blog title, address and theme

After clicking on the 'new blog' or 'create a new blog' option, the replacement window will open like the following screen below and where you would like to fill in the details. Now enter your blog name, address, and select a title. then, you may want to click the "Create a blog" button to complete your initial blog setup. Don't worry about your choice; you will change/change them later.

Lunch your blog

Once you have completed the initial blog setup process, you are ready "> you will be able to see your blog dashboard as the screenshot provided below. Your blogger blog is now live and ready to start blogging. blog (URL) in any browser.

Good! you have completed your google blog creation. Now your blog is active and lives for all.

However, just create a blog is not enough. There are many changes you need to make after creating your blog setup. Now it’s time to prepare for more system visibility and a better user experience.

Steps to Improve Your Blogger Blog

In your left blog dashboard, you will see the "Setting" option. Now click here to edit some items.
Enter a draft of your Blog

Add a Description for your Blog

Adding an outline to your blogger blog is very necessary, it helps to explain to your reader and search engines what your blog is about. you will set it by selecting the “default” settings under the settings panel.

Edit your posts, comments and sharing settings in blogger

This section will help you improve your blog homepage, and you'll find the comment rules for your blog readers. These settings are self-explanatory, and if you have trouble knowing, then you will click on the help icon (question mark) to ask for more details about it.

Edit and Modify Blogger Search Options Settings To Use Your Blog SEO

In this section, you will expand your blog into search engines. With the help of those setups, you will be able to find a position in the program.

Edit meta tags: A meta tag can be a very short summary of your blog or website. Consider installing the back of the page title. The search engine user focuses on the outline of the post after reading the post title. Therefore, keep in mind that your meta description must be associated with what you have written on your blog. The description of your meta tag must be written within 150 characters.

Custom page not found: When someone comes to your site with a missing URL, you will set a message to them that this page does not exist. you will place any custom text or HTML message that instructs them on what to try next.

Custom Redirect: Using this feature you will redirect your full-length permissions to shorter and redirect your broken links to your site. Blogger custom redirects support redirect within the URL of the equivalent blog, so this is not appropriate if you have changed your blog name.

Crawlers and indexing: These features are necessary because doing the right setup there, the opportunity to promote better system configuration and incorrect configuration can damage your SERP (search engine position) otherwise you may lose the visibility of your program. So get up in this part, if you are not an expert.

However, if you are interested in adding header tags to your robots.txt robots and Customs, then you will read the post below.

You have just completed an important SEO setup for your blogger blog. Now is the time to customize your blog.

How to customize your blogger blog?

In your left blog dashboard section, you'll see the "Theme" and "Layout" options. There you will do all your customizations such as adding a new template or modification, editing or deleting blogger widgets, logo set, text colour, and beauty editing and much more.

Customization is allowed in the blogger theme and the Editing Section


  • You can select a template to collect existing templates, otherwise, you can upload your theme.
  • Also, you can backup or restore your blog template at any time by clicking on the Save / Restore button on the far right side of the theme dashboard.
  • By clicking the Customize button, the replacement template editor will open when ready "> you will be able to make some changes such as changing the background, changing the font layout and colours, adding Custom CSS, making a selection, etc.
  • You can edit the template HTML.
  • You can select a Mobile Template for your site.
  • In the layout section, you will manage the layout of your blog with a simple drag-and-drop process.
  • You can see many places within the layout editor where you will install various widgets as well.
  • In the editing section, you will edit Favicon, blog title, footer, sidebar, etc.
  • You can use Blogger Theme Designer to change the width of the layout and other settings.


So, I hope you're done setting up your blog and customizing it. Now is the time to publish more posts and pages that drive traffic to your blog.

How to publish your article on a blogger blog

Once you can publish your first article (posts), you may want to go to the “Post” tab from your blog dashboard and click on “New Post” or “Create a Replacement Place” to write your content.

You will now see a blogger post editor. Here's what the blog post editor screen looks like -

Now prepare to write a piece of writing in the correct format in the writing section. Blogger post editor is similar to MS Office or Google doc, so it's much easier to work with.

After you finished writing your article you chose the appropriate post title and replaced it with a post title. will make your article more appealing by including headings, subtitles, photos, videos, etc. Now when you're done click the 'COMMENT' button to get your Blog Post live.

Congratulations on your first post! Now you're ready to blog.

Keep it up and start publishing more content on your blogger blog. After submitting good news (or articles), you will apply for Google Adsense approval, otherwise, you can go to another advertising platform. this way you make money with your free blogger blog.

Here are a few things I suggest you consider when you start a free blog at blogger.com


  • Use a premium blogger theme on your blog that can make your blog more attractive with its design.
  • Always try to publish original content and if you use someone else's speech don't forget to return it to them.
  • Add other pages to your blog such as - About, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Exemption, Contact Us, etc.
  • Buy a website and set it up for your blogger.
  • Create public profiles for your blogger blog on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms.
  • You can get an SSL certificate for your blog at Blogspot (Google offers free SSL certificates for the entire site, and you can easily configure it from your blogger dashboard).


So, this is usually my complete guide to How to create a blog on a blogger. If you have any questions or doubts in mind, do not hesitate to let me know by commenting below.

If you find this guide helpful, kindly provide it to share. Your assignment is very helpful in spreading our message and has helped many bloggers like you.