Top 8 Best Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives sites 2021

HIGHEST PAYING GOOGLE ADSENSE ALTERNATIVES UPDATED — best tested top paying Adsense alternative ad networks (2020 edition) - How to monetize website w

Try these alternatives to Google AdSense 2020 - highly paid ad networks. If you are one of those people who build big live traffic from the system, then you will earn extra money with the strategies of using fast Adsense and using the best ad networks. If you are still waiting to apply for AdSense approval you would like to see these other highly paid Adsense ways to make money blogging. Here I have listed some of the best paying methods for Google Adsense - CPM Ad Networks to monetize [2020]. These contextual ad networks are the easiest way for publishers to explore and look for alternatives to Adsense for all the reasons to make money online.

More paid Google AdSense alternatives (2021 Edition) -

Many online publishers tend to search; What are the easiest options for making money for bloggers? Is that possible to make money blogging without AdSense? List of Adsense's best ways to earn more money? Recent ad networks pay more to make more money? Any new advertising networks with high CPM publishers' publishers or updated ad networks help to monetize a blog and then ...

Top 8 Best Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2021
Top 8 Best Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2021

As an experienced blogger, I would say that there is little question that Adsense is always at the forefront of almost all bloggers & publishers to make money online. Bloggers and potential professional publishers make a lot of money with Google Adsense. But because Adsense is blocked for some reasons that can be obtained through Google Adsense; there are different Adsense ad networks available that will help you monetize your rich content websites and blogs without Adsense.

If you want to look at simple blogging programs and want to keep your ad revenue separated from other high-paying methods in Google AdSense to make more money for your blog, then you have come to the right page. So far I have reviewed some of the more than 50 hand-picked Adsense for publishers and only some of the easiest and most affordable methods listed here. From my blogging experience, I would like to suggest that you do not limit yourself to just one ad network, rather than try these ad-listed social media programs and check which ones work best with your content and micro-niche blog.

Each ad network offers something different from others to earn more revenue from your ad space with the help of a variety of ad types on your website that can cause you to have more revenue streams. If you think you just did it on a micro-niche blog, go and make money with compatible products even if you didn't get an approved Adsense account.

I have written the highest CPC / CPM ad networks to make money online on Blogging. you will start making money within a few hours of applying for your content. several ad networks are difficult to persuade to approve but require very high CPM values. Since every ad network works differently for different users, I may wish to recommend it especially to newcomers within the blogging industry; not insisting on just one, instead work with multiple advertising networks, and find out which works best for others in your blog, your niche, and environmentally driven traffic.

Anyway, making money with my website and blog content; I have tested several ad networks and here I have only reviewed the highest CPM ad networks to find the right balance for targeted visitors. The rating simply focuses on the high levels of CPM publishers. in the market, you will see publishers making $ 100 a day to $ 1000 a day with CPM / CPC Ad Networks. So stop searching, & get along with exploring more ad networks and suggest visiting the highest paid ad networks. Also, this is another easy way to Adsense for Indian traffic and proven because high ad networks are displayed. These excellent banner ad networks and the best PPC advertising networks allow you to add other revenue sources. The efficiency of Google Adsense is one thing but finding the most convenient CPM ad programs, thematic ad networks, high-level CPM publishers and CPM ad-designed ad networks are equally important.

One of the ad networks that can pay you free money to use their services; like entering for $ 25 free by adding your website.

In particular, these alternatives to Google Adsense for Indian publishers / small websites are designed for web advertising services for bloggers and small publishers with Indian traffic. Without having to deal with it, get the simplest compliment of advertising and working to make money together with your website or blog and find out how you can promote the purchase of all the ads/impressions of these ads through these high-paying networks.

Last seen Media.Net - CPM's Best Advertising Networks. These pay-per-click networks also work best not only for visitors who will click on ads but CPM networks are better when you get a large ad appears. These listed networks are also listed as the best PPC advertising networks. and I'm sure that, after trying out these ad networks you get to bookmark them for your top advertising networks.

Google Adsense High-Performance Adsense networks are too high to build Money Blogging

These are simple and experimental ad networks. you must apply and receive first access from your blog and content published online. I have tested 72 ad networks across all of my sites, and to my knowledge, I now recommend that you make these CPC / CPM / PPC networks more affordable.

Best ways to Google AdSense 2021:

The different AdSense ad networks discussed below are not much larger than Google AdSense, but it all depends on the type of blogging niche and traffic you have on the website. But yes, some great Adsense programs like Adbuff or Media.net can make you earn more money and be ready to drive better results than Google AdSense.

Why would you want to stay on Adsense Alternatives?

  • Your Adsense account has not yet been approved or is struggling to apply for Adsense Approval
  • Not having enough content to go beyond Google Adsense terms and conditions.
  • Your web traffic is not enough quality to respond to your Adsense.
  • Your niche is not supported by Google.
  • Your Adsense account has been disabled due to infringement.
  • You want to make more money with your Adsense revenue-generating ads.
  • Looking for other ad formats that can get you better results and more user engagement.
  • Your content is not eligible to generate enough Adsense revenue.
  • You do not have a high percentage of traffic from the US / UK that generates ad revenue for publishers.
  • In this article, I have listed several simple Google Adsense payment methods & options you can use on your website/blog to make money.

Check out the top and best Google Adsense advertising strategies for each publisher to make money online:

1. Adsterra - Make More Money with Blogging

Adsterra can be a highly visual advertising network that focuses primarily on encouraging site owners and including newbie bloggers to make more money using their traffic and content. this is often one of the easiest ways to make money, and I insist you try this program, and I am sure you will be amazed at the results.

Ad types:
Standard Banner, Leaderboard, Large Square and Largest Floor, Mobile Banner
[All of these smart ad units respond automatically and optimized for mobile]

The highest prices are CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPM
Real-time reporting
personal account managers
Quick payments made with a large selection of methods

Minimum payment: Publisher payments are processed 2 per month; minimum. $ 100 via PayPal, Bank Wire or Check. It is recommended to use Payoneer.

In addition, Adsterra offers any type of online advertising such as pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, banners. Discover new business opportunities. Enhance your monthly income with the simplest Adsterra Network that pays the most.

2. Ezoic: Increasing Adsense Earnings By 250%

Ezoic is Google's first state-side Adsense partner, trustworthy & the world's largest website optimization platform. you ought to know, the primary largest automated website testing tech platform that Certified by Google Adsense. Ezoic can assist you to increase website revenue from 50% to 200%. it is a FREE program to hitch. you would like to read full Ezoic [Review] – Double Your Adsense Earning with Adsense Certified Program.

It includes all of your best high paying CPC ad networks to spice up your website earnings, so I highly recommending you to undertake it now.

3. Media.Net - Yahoo! Bing Ads for Publishers

Where there is an option to make money online with a blog, there are excellent PPC advertising networks available. Last time we talked in detail about Media.Net Ad Network Review - One of the best ways to make more money from Blogging. would like to see that page. It has provided powerful ad use and provided modern advertising solutions to Web publishers at the highest-paid CPM / RPM pricing base on the emergence.

Minimum payment: $ 100 can be PayPal, Bank Wire or Check.

It is recommended to use Payoneer.

I highly recommend you use Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual ads are enabled by Media.net and increase revenue from your online content.

4. Sulvo: Increase Ad Revenue Instantly

This is the most recommended ad network CPM, CPC & PPC you should try. Sulvo will help you grow your estimated income and help you reach the best place on your current list.

It offers emerging technologies and technologies that encourage you to change each view with the best CPM / PPC prices. they provide a platform that you can count on and give you insight into how to market your content better.

With Sulvo, you are close to watching your inflation at the highest-paid CPM prices than anywhere else. Their technology ensures that you simply get simple CPM by allowing multiple ad networks to bid for ad appearances on your blog site. I, therefore, suggest that you all try the most affordable CPM network, RPM PPC which not only works on desktops other than mobile and also expands your ad revenue faster with Sulvo Surge prices. Minimum payment: $ 50 can be PayPal, Check or Payoneer. It is recommended to use Payoneer to request a $ 25 FREE SIGNUP BONUS.

Ad formats:
  • Adhesive multimedia
  • Sticky cell
  • Adhesive Display
  • Always show
  • Inside the video

Ad size: 300 × 250 centre rectangle, 336 × 280 rectangles, 160 × 600 high-rise building, 300 × 600 wide skyscrapers, 728 × 90 front panels, 970 × 90

  • Your website/blog must be in ZULU
  • Original content [No loot / illegal equipment]
  • No adult content
  • Pages are updated regularly.

Payment Methods:
Payoneer, Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal.
[Recommended to use Payoneer]
Minimum payment limit: $ 50.

5. Adversal - Best CPM Banner Ad Networks

One of the banner ad networks is simple and offers the best mobile advertising costs per idea. Adversal is listed second behind Google Adsense and is one of the easiest ways for Google Adsense to make money online from your blog. Launched in 2003 on the other hand expanded its ad format and added various types of ads including PPC ads, status ads and video ads. you will use Adversal with Adsense ads as well.

Quick approval and direct ad integration on your blog make them famous. Adversal pays not only for clicks but also for ad appearances, and CPM prices are compared above the other ad network and is the only reason for that because it is the best CPM Ad Network within the online marketing and advertising market. The dashboard is a new reporting system that visually displays statistics on appearances, clicks, benefits, CPM, CTR for three hours each.

Ad types:
Standard Banner, Leaderboard, Pop-under, Ministitial, Skyscraper and Extensive Skyscraper, Mobile Banner

  • Your website/blog must be in ZULU
  • You need 50000 page views per month
  • Original content [No loot / illegal equipment]
  • No adult content
  • Sites are constantly updated

Minimum payment: $ 20 can be PayPal, Bank Wire or Check. It is recommended to use Payoneer.

In short, I may want Adversal to be labelled low pay and high CPM prices which is why every publisher wants to make and use Advesal. I highly recommend it to all or any publisher who uses Google Adsense and tries Adversal.

6. PropellerAds | Best Popunder Advertising Network

The great thing about PropellerAds is that anyone from anywhere in the world can quickly link their website to the Ad Network and get instant approval.

PropellerAds is a highly paid digital and highly paid advertising network designed for CPM / CPA ads. It was started within the UK, 2012 and is now a fast-growing advertising company, using targeted reach & quality collection; that guarantees a 100% fulfilment rate for your international search traffic and therefore promise the highest level of CPM.

PropellerAds' commitment is to provide reliable performance to advertisers and to provide high value for their publishers. They lead mainly popunder ad networks in a competitive society. Recently I also saw an ad on this network's Facebook page demanding $ 8/1000. As I said, they need a 100% fill rate for all types of visitors from any country alongside various ad formats for all types of publishers to monetize website content.

Ad types:
  • Popunder
  • Mobile Chat Ads
  • Mobile Interstitial Ads
  • Specific links
  • Space
  • Specific Indigenous Ads
  • Box Ads / Push Up
  • Banner ads too

  • There are no Traffic Crash Restrictions
  • Quick approval: you may want to not expect your site to be approved
  • 100% filling rate
  • Premium Advertisers
  • Competitive Prices and High
  • Dedicated Support & Expert Team
  • Globalization: Implementing all types of Ads.
  • Real-Time Online Reporting
  • The excellent and dedicated reporting system

Minimum payment: Publisher payments are made monthly; minimum. $ 100 can be PayPal, Bank Wire or Payoneer. It is recommended to use Payoneer.

7. Advertopia Best CPM AD Network.

This ad network is the same as Adversal. Both offer similar Google ads. this is usually the simplest ad network I have ever seen after the things listed above. Here you will find $ 10 as a publisher signing a bonus for all Publishers. Once you have subscribed, you will receive a $ 10 credit in your publisher account within 24 hours.

Ad types:
CPM, POP, Ordinary Banner, Leaderboard, High Quality and Large Debt, Mobile Banner
[All of these smart ad units respond automatically and optimized for mobile]

  • 100% fill rates
  • High eCPM
  • Quick site approval
  • It works with low traffic too

Minimum payment: Publisher fees are reviewed weekly; minimum. $ 20 can be PayPal, Bank Wire or Check. It is recommended to use Payoneer.

8. Affinity: Earn Big.

This is one of the most popular and popular PPC ad networks. It helps not only to value your content but also to monetize blogging simultaneously by displaying targeted ads that your readers want to know.

Integration helps you have temporary access to its global ad network with 115,000+ advertiser members; which further allows you to expand the content to improve your ad revenue.

Ad formats:
Rich Media

  • Your site content must be in ZULU
  • Original content [No loot / illegal equipment]
  • Someone who is not an adult
  • Sites are constantly updated

Payment Methods:
Payoneer, Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal.
[Recommended to use Payoneer]
Minimum payment limit: $ 50.

Payoneer - Instant and Quick Payments [Free $ 25 Registration)
Payoneer - Quick and quick payments
What a simple and secure thank you to receive or transfer or send money online - Taxpayers have a very simple payment system that allows international organizations and offers the opportunity to restructure the way they receive their money, in a secure way that comforts them the most.

It is a worldwide payment service as a money transfer service. Payoneer enables us to make money online from anywhere on the planet, which is why Payoneer is the best national/international money transfer service. which is why I would like to recommend you to use this secure and best Payoneer app to receive payments on the web. Payoneer is not as popular and successful as Paypal, but it is much better than Paypal.

Payoneer can be a quick and straightforward solution for accepting payments.

If you see any new ad network that pays you high CPM levels you will share it in the comments section below, I would like to add it to my current list when I try it out ...