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You have a few seconds to make your first impression even more awesome with your blog. I agree that you may need some great layouts, great photos, and important content but if your blog takes too much time people will click the 'back button on their browser. Even pro bloggers are also asking how to speed up a blogger blog, Why is my blog so slow? Make Your Blog speed Very Fast -

Professional bloggers are always trying to find other ways to speed up Blogger's Blogger platform and want to search; how to reduce blog upload time? how to compress the HTML Code of your Blogger Template and speed up? Why is my Blogger template blog so slow? how to increase the speed of my blogger/blog? how to expand a blogger template and make it upload faster? then ...

Here today, I will share some great tips and tricks that will help you spice up the loading time of your blogger template. The following indicators give you faster page loading time, which will increase your overall page view, resulting in lower linking rates and if linked to monetization then it will improve your product sales numbers and relevant marketing.

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Make Your Blog speed Very Fast

Statistics say people hate visiting and leaving your page if it takes too long to load in the first few seconds. It is therefore very important to speed our blogger blog very quickly. instead of asking how to reduce blog upload time? or how to force a BlogSpot / WordPress blog at high speed; go ahead and find out how to edit Blogger HTML and improve your blogger template with advanced tips and tricks that will help you not only create a blogger blog load faster but also with better user experience, which will ultimately help improve PageRank.

During page speed views and to attract your visitors and call for repeated visits, you should build a faster, more efficient and improved user experience in your blog template. Having a blog with an effective and responsive design theme is not only enough to think about but page load time enables your readers to stay where they are on your site. Your readers will love you so Google. Google also loves loading pages for some time - not only on desktop but also on mobile. Page load time is one of Google's rating features. They also offer developer guides to help improve the performance of your blog.

How can I get this BLOGGER BLOG to upload faster than before?

Before you start improving page speed, check the performance of your website and your current loading time for the following analysis tools:

Make sure you see your speed at least 3 times on the equivalent site listed above and write it down on paper.
[Suggest using Varvy - as shown all here too]. Now visit the steps to follow and follow because it is written.

Before you start:
These tips are not for beginners for the novice blogger or the average blogger designer. It required some HTML knowledge with a view. this can cause your template to be completely damaged and may your brick be built. It is, therefore, requested that you back up your blog layout before starting as possible if you would like to restore the change. I repeat you want to back up your blogger template. And this strategy creates a problem with the default widgets provided by the blogger. If you do not want to use the default widgets and rely heavily on third-party JavaScript or custom JavaScript, you will use this method. Professional users always like to customize their blog template so that they can be created faster and more functional.

Who can use this trick:
  • You must be using a custom blogger template.
  • Not using the default blogger or G + comment system.
  • It does not depend so much on the default widgets provided by the blogger.

What you will get in return:
  • Visitors will be converted to the reader.
  • Readers would like to read your article longer.
  • Create a low decrease rate.
  • Top page views.
  • Google will target your pages because it hates low download templates and high page specifications.
  • IE will load your template smoothly because it crashes most often in the event of .js and external .css files.
  • Mobile page views also go up as uploading takes only a few seconds.

1. Remove the default widgets, JavaScript in Blogger

As mentioned above, go to Varvy's help, and check your PageSpeed ​​score. Also, check out the CSS rendering and JavaScript Usage columns. will display this before using the tips.

Here you will see the unwanted default for .css & .js files that cause problems with page performance and cause load on your blogger template. we will see how to delete those files step by step.

2. Delete unwanted CSS files

This strategy will remove those unwanted blogger CSS files as shown inside the images above. Note, this strategy will cause and change the design of your template and all of your widgets will show up within the listed list. See the below image.

Steps to delete blogger CSS default files:

1. Find the tags:
All your CSS codes
2. Now CUT All your CSS codes' and paste that code as shown below [in notepad file]:
<style type='text/css'>
All your CSS codes
3. And now place that code in your template as:

<style type='text/css'>
All your CSS codes
4. Replace following code

&lt;style type=&quot;text/css&quot;&gt;
&lt;!-- /*
5. Now your new code will looks like below. And make sure it should be there before </head> tag.
&lt;style type=&quot;text/css&quot;&gt;
&lt;!-- /*

<style type='text/css'>
All your CSS codes
Note: If your template already have: &lt;style type=&quot;text/css&quot;&gt;&lt;!-- /* then no need to do above step no.5.

3. Remove Default Blogger widgets.js

If you had seen in the above trick default CSS files has been removed but .js files are still present there in the template.

1. Find:  </body> 

And replace it with following code:
&lt;!--</body>--&gt; &lt;/body&gt;
2. That’s all.

Now check again with the same site and check your default .js scripts has been gone with a higher PageSpeed score.

Result After Applying Tips:
CSS Delivery:
Advanced Tips To Make Blogger Blog Load Faster2

JavaScript Usage:
Advanced Tips To Make Blogger Blog Load Faster

These are the best ways to reduce blog load time and push the Make Your Blog speed Very Fast. Let us know what performance you getting on your template via the comment section below.

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