10 Advantage of Email Marketing Boost your Revenue

Advantage of Email Marketing: Hello Friends In today’s article we will talk about 10 Advantages of Email Marketing, which will make it very easy for you to understand why you should do Email Marketing and what are its benefits.

Advantage of Email Marketing
Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing is placed under digital marketing, so if you want to do digital marketing or want to learn, then you have to pay attention to email marketing as well. Our personal experience regarding emails is that if you use this marketing tool, then you start getting results very quickly.

With this, both your connectivity and relation with people become stronger. Which is very important to grow any business. Now if you are also a blogger or YouTuber like us, then you should not ignore Email Marketing at all.

Because by using it you can very easily share the information of your content with the Targeted Audience and you also get the response very quickly.

For example- You have created a blog today and only 1 post has been published on your blog, so the chances of getting traffic on it are negligible. But if you know that the email address of your Targeted Audience is already available to you, then you can get an Instant Response.

10 Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing can have many benefits, but we will only talk about 10 here because they are the most important. Most people are neither aware of the benefits of email nor any information to do this work properly. Because of which he avoids this topic. So if you are from the field of Blogging or YouTube Marketing, then this article Advantage of Email Marketing can be very useful for you.

1. Low Cost

First of all, it is a low-cost marketing tool and if you use Gmail or Yahoo Mail then it is free for you. But there are many restrictions with Free Tools, such as you cannot create Advance Level Emails and send only Limited Emails.

On the other hand, if you go towards Paid Tools, then you get a lot of facilities, from which you can create Attractive Emails as well as track how much response you are getting from that email.

Although you can do these things even through Custom Email, all companies provide the facility to send Limited Email, so you should check the limit of your Custom Email.

We would suggest that you only use Gmail or Yahoo Mail in Status because it is free and people also trust them. Therefore, the chances of you getting the response are also more. When you start making a profit from it, then you turn to Paid Tools.

2. Reach an Already Engaged Audience

You can get the attention of only those people who are currently interested in that topic only so that you get a good response on whatever information you share with them. You can also understand it in such a way that you benefit by sharing information with those who are in need.

For example- If you have a blog, then you would like to have a Traffic Increase on your blog, and let us tell you through email that we have published an article related to Email Marketing on our blog in which we want to increase Traffic on Blog through Email. Some useful tips have been shared.

In such a situation, it is natural that you will read that article. Now imagine if we have sent the same email to 1000 bloggers, then how much traffic can go to our blog instantly. That is why the Advantage of Email Marketing is a very useful topic for you.

3. Deliver Targeted Message

You can understand the meaning of Targeted Message in such a way that creating an interesting email using Images, Text, and Links in fewer words so that people’s interest in your topic increases and they click on your given link.

In other words, there is no limit to writing words in an email, if you want, complete your point in 100 words or use 1000 words. The need is only by reaching your point to others.

We believe that you should create a short message because no one likes to read long emails. Now if you create such an email in fewer words so that the person in front can understand that it is the mail of his meaning and he should click on the link to know more.

4. Drive Revenue

Now you have reached the Targeted Audience and also sent them a Targeted Message, then it is obvious that you need Revenue, for which you can do Blog, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, or Paid Promotion. Due to which revenue starts to be generated.

The easiest thing in this is to use Blog because there you can use a lot of Videos, Images, Text.

 5. Easy to Get Start

The second most important thing about email marketing is that it is very easy to start, you can create your email account on Gmail free using your mobile number and start sending emails to people from day one.

There will hardly be any other marketing tool easier than this. Because if you start blogging, first you have to buy a domain, buy hosting, buy the theme, you will have to buy many types of plugins. On the other hand, if you talk about YouTube, then you need a camera, a mic, a light, video editing software, and most importantly a good computer or laptop.

But even if you use your Android Phone for Email Marketing, you can easily send Emails to people.

6. Easy to Measure

It is very easy to measure emails. If you use G Suite with your Gmail account, then you will know clearly how many people have opened the email among the people to whom you have sent the email.

With this you will know how many people have seen your email and if you convert your links with Bit.ly and use it in your email, then you will also know how many people have clicked on your link.

Here both G-Suite and Bit.ly are free tools and you can use them for absolutely free and measure your email.

7. Easy to Share

Many times people feel that if they do email marketing, then they will have to write an email address first, then the subject, and finally the email. Now if you want to do marketing, then you have to send daily 100 mails and if you send it 1-1, then the whole day will end in this work.

But there is nothing like this in Real, you can send email to 50 people at once from Gmail itself. For which you can use G Suite or you can use BCC Feature. Due to which no one will get your email list and Separate Emails will be sent to everyone.

Along with this, in case you do not get time during the day and you write emails at night, so there is no point in sending emails at night and professionals do not even do this. In such a situation, you can schedule the email, the next day or the day you want and at whatever time you feel is right, your email will be delivered.

Now think for yourself how easy it is to send an email. Yes, here we have told about GSuite and BCC, if you do not know how to do it, then you will find many tutorials on YouTube, take a look and learn.

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8. Reach a Global Audience

Everything is done, but if we do not talk about Reach, then everything will be in vain, so let’s talk a little on this topic too. The most important thing about email is that it is the email address of the person living in any country, you can send an email to him from India or any country.

There is no such restriction that if you send an email from one country to another, it will arrive late or not. Now by taking advantage of this, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website from abroad. This is a very good source of Advantages of Email Marketing.

9. Instant Impact

Today everyone uses Android Phones and the biggest drawback of Android Phones is that you cannot do anything without an Email Id, neither you can use Play Store, nor YouTube nor any other app in such a situation. Its advantage for you is that whenever you send an email to someone and he uses it from his phone.

In this case, he hears a Notification Bell, a Notification also shows that an email has been sent to him. In such a situation, he opens your email and you get Instant Impact on your email.

This means you just sent the mail and you started getting a response within 10 minutes at most. Faster response than this, what else does anyone need? You sent an email to so many people at once, there was no need to work hard, got the response immediately, meaning revenue was also generated. Till now you were coming looking at this facility inside.

10. Easy to Engage with Audience

 Another good thing about Emails is the option of Reply, when you send an email to someone, they can tell you their point of view just by clicking on Reply. Due to which you get a chance to engage with them and you start building a relationship with your user.

If you are doing the right work in real and you have the knowledge of your topic, then you reply to the person in front. Whose positive result is available and they can forward your mail to other people as well.

According to us, its best benefit is found in knowing the need of the customer. When you talk to a user, you get to know in fact what problem he is facing or what kind of content he wants. Because the same problem will happen to others and you can get a better result by fixing it.


We all know about email marketing, if you are a blogger or YouTuber then you must have noticed that many companies always send you emails. But we never send emails to any user. Now you think whether these email sending companies hire employees, use Paid Tools, then they would have benefited from them or not.

While you could do email marketing using Gmail absolutely for free, neither did you have the time limit nor the lack of emails, yet you never tried it. That is why we created this post so that you can get information about the Advantage of Email Marketing and you can connect with your Genuine Users and collect other users.

So that your business, blog, or YouTube channel will grow, that’s why we used the word Boost your Revenue in the title and hope that now we will be able to explain its benefits to you properly.

Now if you have any questions related to this topic, then you can ask us by commenting. If you do Email Marketing, then definitely share your experience. Thank you.

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